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Maya 2012 promotional advertisement

People trying to make money are ginning up the hoax, he said. “The worst thing is they really do frighten children, and it’s evil to make up lies to scare children,” he said. “I have at least one e-mail a day from a kid who says he can’t sleep. Some are threatening suicide. I heard about two sets of parents who talked about killing their children and themselves before the date, and a girl hanged herself in England in the fall, worrying over 2012.”[1]

The post on USA.gov says NASA scientists have received thousands of letters from people convinced that the world will end on Dec. 21, based on a misunderstanding of the ancient Mayan calendar that’s been promulgated in doomsday message boards online.[2]

Who would have believed it?! Evangelical Christians caught up in New Age religious scenarios about the return of the legendary figure Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, and other imaginary space aliens and humanoid god-like creatures returning on 12-21-12?!

We first wrote about this Mayan legend on Herescope, June 8, 2011, “New Age Date Setting.” This was a republishing of an old 1987 article from The Trumpet, a discerning periodical from the 1980s.

We noticed that there was a large and growing group of evangelicals, including some mainstream leaders, who were getting on board this old Mayan prophecy and revivifying it – most notably by reformulating it into extrabiblical prophecy.

We published Doomsday Datesetters 2012 on June 10, 2011 to explain what this was all about, and identify the key proponents of this newly emerging eschatology. We wrote:

Not since Y2K has there been such a global frenzy over predicted massive and universal doom. This time, the fever pitch is considerably higher due to the number of ancient and modern prophecies, prophets, and phenomena guiding the way—all pointing to the year 2012….

Most of these dire forecasts come from occult, pagan, astrological, astronomical, and extra-biblical sources, such as the I Ching (Chinese book of divination), the ancient Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecies, the 2012 Solar Maximum, the Zohar, Nostradamus, UFO crop circles, and even Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere (earth’s new evolutionary cycle).[2]

By far, the most popular comes from the ancient Maya who base their predictions on an astronomical event tying the precise day that the earth and sun align with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, to the day their long calendar ends: December 21, 2012.[3]

The more we researched the more we learned about a growing group of prophecy “experts” who were flagrantly gleaning their teachings from the leaven of Apocryphal, Pseudepigraphal, Mythological, UFOlogical, and even occult sources. Among the leaders of this 12-21-12 hoopla was a prolific author and well-known evangelical speaker, Tom Horn.

Coinciding with this new prophecy was the rise of something called “Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare” which is supposed to be a hyper-spiritual warfare method to fight off these purported invasions of intergalactic creatures.

We observed:

These themes and ideas permeate the writings of Tom Horn. In The Gods Who Walk Among Us, Horn laid a similar foundation based on these “territorial spirits,” “principalities,” and “demonic beings.” He moves on to connect these entities to other extra/multi-dimensional beings (UFOs/ETs), the Apocryphal “Watchers” and their children, the “Nephilim.”…”

[B]ehind the empty idols were the living dynamics of idolatry, and spiritual objects of heathen adoration, the daimonia (demons) of the Bible. Since the Bible clearly defines idolatry as the worship of demons, and since demons are eternal personalities that desire the worship of men, it is fair to conclude the characterization of such deities as “Zeus,” “Amun-Ra,” “Demeter,” and “Isis,” were simply the classical names attributed to specific fallen spirits. In other words, Apollo was a real personality; Osiris was a genuine underworld fiend; Hecate actually lived, and still does!…the same spirits of antiquity, including Zeus, Athene, Dionysus, and others, continue to express themselves within modern paganism….[4]

In the same article we quoted many other similar passages from Tom Horn’s book Forbidden Gates about conducting spiritual warfare against these pagan deity and space alien creatures supposedly returning to earth. We noted how it was connected to the spiritual warfare antics and follies of C. Peter Wagner, his New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and IHOP movements.

In the Spring of 2012 we wrote a lengthy series of articles looking at this whole issue in-depth. Again, we hoped that calling attention to such wild and zany misapplications of biblical prophecy that perhaps people would come to their senses and recognize that there was a real problem.

We warned that there was an entirely new ESCHATOLOGY (last days scenarios) arising that blended the Bible with these pagan sources. Below is a list of articles that detail the evangelical leaders caught up in this prophecy heresy:


Part 3: The Emerging ENIGMA Bible

Part 4: False Eschatology Arising!

Part 5: Quantum Teleporting Through Time

Part 6: Quantum Geomancy and Cryptic Mystic Math 

Part 7: Quantum Prophecy 

Part 8: A Quantum Cosmic Christ

Part 9: Quantum Mysticism Goes to Market

The Harbinger: A Review and Commentary

Discernment Ministries held a conference in July, “Quantum Mysticism: 2012 & Beyond” where we presented scholarly research warning about this coming new eschatology and how it was corrupting the doctrine of the Gospel of Salvation and the Church.


Sad to say, there are many watching and waiting for the 12-21-12 “prophecies” to be fulfilled. The New Agers are headed off for the Mayan Pyramids in anticipation of the 12-21-12 events. The advertisement at the top of this post includes the subheading: “With Special Entrance Inside Chichen-Itza, the Great Mayan Ceremonial Center and One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, 
at the exact time of the Winter Solstice!”

Here are several key quotes from New Age websites promoting the Mayan 2012 events:

“With respect and humility, we should kneel before the presence of Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl. By so doing, we will begin to awaken our cosmic consciousness, allowing Hunab K’u to enter the sacred temples in our bodies!”[5]

Synthesis 2012
We now have more than 35 TV crews from International media, photographers and documentary film crews descending on Chichen Itza to deliver the Mayan message of peace and the music of our tribe to the Planet. This is our Woodstock! The visibility of this community will catapult on to the global stage on 12/21/12. This is our moment. Please support all of us in bringing this message of love, hope and optimism to lift the spirits of the Planet. Now’s the time.[6]

Mayan Calendar Dates 
Although scholars may debate whether or not December 21st, 2012 is the exact ending date for the Mayan Calendar, we choose to celebrate this time of transition at Chichen Itza on this date because it is also the Winter Solstice and the Galactic Alignment. We invite you to come celebrate and co-create with us for 3 days of music, dance, ceremony and intention-setting for this bridge of transition to the golden age of the 5th Sun at our 2012 festival.[7]

We have 35 film crews and news photographers from all over the world – France, Germany, UK – descending on Chichen Itza to cover the last day of the Mayan Calendar and sacred ceremonies at Synthesis 2012. 5 documentary film crews, too, including the Transformational Festivals film. And a group of Hollywood pros shooting our Broadcast quality live streaming video broadcast. If you are looking for an incredible global SPONSORSHIP opportunity for your Technology, Green, Eco or Spiritual product, this is it! It’s the World Cup of the new age. A 25 second spot is just $250 ($1000 a minute.)[8]

LA Marzulli, one of Tom Horn’s associates who we have written about previously, is an invited speaker along with notable New Agers at the Chichen-Itza pyramid for a “global gathering” called Maya 2012 which says it is for “personal and planetary transformation.”

The description of Marzulli’s talk states:

Marzulli will be presenting on the possible connection between information that is found in the ancient book of Enoch and the legendary Quetzelcoatl. He will explore the similarities, that may in fact, connect these two seemingly dissimilar entities that appeared on earth thousands of years apart.[9]

The Maya 2012 event is described as:

Day 9 – Dec. 21: Today is the Winter Solstice! Power Places Tours has been granted special permission to be inside Chichen-Itza for three hours early in the morning at the exact time of the Solstice, when the site is closed and otherwise off-limits to the public! A special sacred event and ceremony will take place. Final meeting and gathering and celebration this afternoon and evening![10]

Marzulli put up a blog post asking for money to help him attend this Maya 2012 event. In a recording, he pleads for donations $12,000) so that he (along with Richard Grund and Russ Dizdar) can make the trip the Mayan Pyramids to engage Quetzalcoatl in a form of hyperspiritual warfare.[11]

Marzulli has insisted that space aliens and hybrid creatures already exist among us. He believe that space “Alien soldiers exist” and that “ET is here and is pat of the Military/Industrial Complex.[12] He believes that there are “Black Eyed Kids” that could be “Nephilim Hybrids,” writing that “the hybrids are here and they are manifesting.”[13]

Below is an offensive image of this heresy captured from his blog post on the subject:

Marzulli also gets into the strange and bizarre. On Oct. 2, Marzulli had reported that:

Coast to Coast Tonight!

I will be discussing the Nephilim mound conference, the demonic activity reported throughout Newark, in relation to the mounds, and the “coincidence” of one of the largest crop circles ever found in North America appearing in a corn field the week of the conference.[14]

On Oct. 18, L.A. Marzulli (who attended the evangelical prophecy summit, Future Congress, and was scheduled to attend the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium) discussed Crop Circles appearing in Chilicothe, Ohio with Jeffrey Wilson on Acceleration Radio.[15] He also showed up on the docket at the Nephilim Mounds conference in Newark, Ohio in September 2012.

Finally, to underscore the extreme New Age implications of all of this Maya 2012, visit Barbara Marx Hubbard’shttp://birth2012.com and read how “For three days culminating with a planetary Birth Day on December 22, millions will join worldwide in major events, a global webcast, acts of love, and unifying spiritual practices.” December 22, 2012, the day after these Mayan events, is said to be “the planet’s first Birth Day and ‘day one’ of the great shift to a sustainable world.”

It is a classic New Age planetary vision that includes all of the major players:

Renowned “planetary midwife,” futurist, and author Barbara Marx Hubbard is acting as our visionary voice, traveling the world to engage people in the movement. She has partnered with me on activating this vision. Her new bestselling book Birth 2012 and Beyond explains the vision in detail.Some of the world’s biggest names in science, sustainability, peace, and evolutionary consciousness, including Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Huston, James O’Dea, Lynn McTaggart, Jack Canfield have been confirmed as the Global Welcoming Committee for this global event.[16]

Crazy Times
As things develop, we will post more information on the before and after of this 12-21-12 mass hysteria.

To illustrate the absurdity and unbiblical nature of all of this 12-21-12 hoopla, some of the members of the Discernment Research Group worked with Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries to come up with satire.

We invented a fictitious space alien creature, Nephy Lim, an Alf-like, dumpy, inept sort of ET who intends to take dominion over the earth. “Nephy” watches the latest antics of the 12-21-12 watchers and has his own version of how he intends to conquer the earth that day. Here is a list of Nephy Lim satires:



For related reading on the rise of these heresies in the evangelical world, see DECEMBER 212012 NETWORK MAKING MONEY OFF PARANOIA?

Stay Tuned….

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