This just in from Internet News headquarters, where our motto continues to be: If it’s news; it’s news to us.

Dateline Anywhere USA; hey, maybe even Your Town. A breaking story: The evangelical community’s gone nutso.

Well, ok, maybe that’s not news, but what follows below just might be bubba:

Nephy Lim, our own Extraterrestrial Nephilim Correspondent, has just released a bombshell report that resolves two longstanding unsolved mysteries in one stupendous revelation.

According to Nephy, CROP CIRCLES are caused by BIGFOOT! 

Nephy claims that indigenous Sasquatch and its related kin such as Bigfoot, create the CROP CIRCLES! And that These CROP CIRCLES these are actually LANDING PADS for the return of the vast army of ETs to Earth!

In explaining this, Nephy Lim divulged yet another stunning revelation: “Bigfoot creatures are Interdimensional Beings that have the unique DNA that enables them to become INVISIBLE! Which is why hardly anyone ever sees them. These Transhumanoid Sasquatch march around fields, stomping down crops, creating the crop circle formations.”

Nephy claims that he can easily spot these CROP CIRCLES from outer space and that they serve as LANDING PADS for Extraterrestrials migrating back and forth between Earth and the Sky.

But there’s more! “These CROP CIRCLES are actually PRAYER CIRCLES! Bigfoot Species hold mystical ceremonies in these CROP CIRCLES,” Nephy announced, “Here they invoke their distant cousins – the Ninja Nephy Jedi Warriors – to return to EARTH.”

It seems that Nephy has once again been reading L.A. Marzulli’s blog, which has been exposing the details about Crop Circles and the return of space aliens. On Oct. 2, Marzulli had reported that:

Coast to Coast Tonight!

I will be discussing the Nephilim mound conference, the demonic activity reported throughout Newark, in relation to the mounds, and the “coincidence” of one of the largest crop circles ever found in North America appearing in a corn field the week of the conference. [HERE]

On Oct. 18, L.A. Marzulli (of Future Congress, the Oregan Sasquatch Symposium, and Maya 2012) discussed Crop Circles appearing in Chilicothe, Ohio with Jeffrey Wilson on Acceleration Radio.[HERE] “He found one of our Prayer Circles!” Nephy exclaimed, “and he knows what we are doing! We were being outed anyway, so I decided to tell the whole story. Everyone believes in us these days. We’re popular!” (Nephy was referring to a recent UK survey that says more than 33 million UK citizens believe in exterrestrial life.)

However, Nephy is quite upset about some other data that has recently been divulged. An image of a space alien appeared next to a Crop Circle in Winchester, England on Aug. 14, 2002. And a similar Crop Circle appeared in Roswell, New Mexico on July 4, 1947. [HERE and HERE] Nephy claims that these “memorial materials that Tom Horn put together” on the now-deceased paranormal researcher David Flynn” about alien crop circles is divulging his own Nephilim trade secrets!

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