Our cosmic correspondent Nephy Lim just sent in this late-breaking news report!

An intergalactic gallery of gargantuan, genome-challenged giants, extraterrestrials, Wookies, gods, Nephilim, Watchers, Anunnaki, alien astronauts, transhumanoids, Jinn, technorobotic androids, creatures and blobs are now traveling through the Proton Belt for the purpose of invading Planet Earth—specifically Hollywood!

These space entities have formed a Federation of the Phantasmic for the purpose of challenging earthlings to embrace their alien counterculture. “There’s no better place than Hollywood,” asserted Nephy Lim. He described in glowing terms how Hollywood would be the unique location on Earth where these critters would feel completely at home.

“We can walk down the street and no one will even blink or look twice!” Nephy bragged.  “This ain’t your momma’s Looney Tunes!”

He reported that there are plans underway for Hollywood producers to utilize these exotic creatures in the latest film projects. “This invasion is basically a grand audition session,” Nephy stated. He also claimed that this would reduce the stunt industry by half since these creatures can do their own stunts with their supernatural powers.

Nephy also claimed that Hollywood is already on board for the extraterrestrial agenda of conquering Earth on December 21, 2012. “We’ve heard from numerous producers that they intend to film live the return of the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl. And there is great excitement about the return of the god Thor! The next installment of The Avengers will have a cast of real live superheroes!”

Nephy reports that his minions are already networking with Os Hillman of the Seven Mountain Mandate who has been busy networking with Hollywood to build the Media, Arts and Entertainment mountain. “Why not?!” exclaimed Nephy. “We both have the same agenda to take over the planet!”

When asked to comment on this upcoming invasion, Nephilim expert Tom Horn expressed dismay that it would not be taking place at Roswell, New Mexico. He said that he would need to recalculate his formulas that were based on SETI, pi X33, and Masonic and Mayan prophecies. “I am probably missing a secret code or two,” Horn admitted. Horn said he was grateful that there was already a bible available for these alien creatures.

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