By Nephy Lim

In a late-breaking story, Tom Horn of RaidersNewsNetwork issued a press release today announcing that he has discovered a hidden plot by the nefarious Nephilim to enter earth’s atmosphere and gobble down every single Peanut M&M on the planet.

Horn referred to an historical account of Forrest Mars, Sr., founder of the Mars Company, who invented the idea for M&Ms.

“Obviously Mars was from Mars,” Horn asserted, “and his idea to create this candy was based on hiding the real chocolate under a hard coating.

This is clearly a hidden coded message. And the Nephilim got the message – attack, bite and devour!”

According to Horn, the mysterious Nephilim creatures have intense cravings for earthly peanuts covered in chocolate, but noted that due to space travel restrictions they needed something practical that “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” Horn states that the Nephilim have even named their space vessel “M&M’s: The Lost Formulas.”

Horn warns that the Olympics could very possibly be the scene of the Nephilim invasion, citing a Wikipedia entry that stated an abundant supply of Peanut M&Ms during this time:

Also from May 2012, for an unspecified time, Peanut M&M’s are being produced in the UK in a limited edition “Red, White and Blues only” pack. This is in support of the Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Olympics. The trademark ‘M’ remains white on the white candies. The commercial promoting this has Yellow donning various outfits of British stereotypes to try and get into the limited edition pack.

“The Nephilim read Wikipedia,” Horn asserted staunchly. He cited as evidence a report by his friend, UFO Nephilim expert  LA Marzulli, that there was a UFO spotted over this Olympics!

“The end is near! Hang on to your Peanut M&Ms!” Horn warned. In case of a nasty Nephilim attack, Horn offers supplementary chocolate coated peanuts at his SurvivorMall website. Claiming his formula contains a secret patented anti-Nephilim deterrent , Horn named them “Peanut N&Ns.” Horn admits, however, “They still have that definite UFO shape to them!”

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