By Bud Press of Christian Research Service

It appears that the August 4, 2012 article published in London, England’s MailOnline has grabbed the attention of Todd Bentley, self-proclaimed prophet who claims the ability to heal by the power of God.

The article warns the reader about Bentley’s violent techniques with the sick and dying, and calls for Bentley to be banned from conducting his tour in England towards the end of August 2012 (Todd Bentley Controversy).

Bentley, whose popularity hit rock-bottom after the ill-fated Florida revival in 2008, commented on the article to his Facebook followers on August 5:

Uk friends and partners. Please do not believe everything you read in the Media. It is a true misleading report. Hope to see you soon.

Despite Bentley’s attempts to play damage-control and deceive his followers as he has many times before, detailed articles and videos of Bentley’s violence towards the sick and dying are readily available on internet websites, blogs, and YouTube.

Yet, according to the MailOnline article,

Mr Bentley said: ‘Kicking people in the face is not a practice of our ministry and I do not see this happening in the UK.’

Truly misleading, due to the fact that kicking, slapping, and punching the sick and dying was and is Todd Bentley’s trademark. Worst yet, he claims that “God” instructs him to do it.

Our friends in England would do well to avoid Todd Bentley altogether, as well as other fake faith healers and false Christians, all of whom present a clear and present danger to the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of men, women, and children worldwide.

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HT: Deception In The Church

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