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The Nephilim Bible

Transhumanoid Version 1.0

By Gobble D. Gook

For years there has been a discussion among missiologists and linguists concerning the proper translation of certain biblical passages into various languages in the entire world. Now, with The Nephilim Bible, translation is for another species!

The Nephilim Bible is the first trans-species Bible for cross-planetary mission work. Its redemptive analogies are based on ancient Noahide legends. Texts are synchronized with universal lore and fables that span history and cultures.

Adaptable to all Sasquatch and Wookiee species!

Destiny-driven dynamic equivalencies in this sci-fi translation will facilitate an expansive post-gospel era. Suitable for any emerging elements.

Could you be a Nephilim?

Each bible comes with a DNA testing kit. Discover your true family tree. Cross-referenced with Reptilian Brain testing performed in the laboratories of the Daniel Plan doctors.  Results are entered into the Peacepedia databank for post-generative follow up.

Convenient and Portable!

Nephilim Bible lesson modules download onto any binary interface enabling linkups with all varieties of astral  and paranormal communication vehicles.

Quantum textual variances will adapt to the full cosmic spectrum of alpha-omega brainwaves to equip any species of user.

Special Features! The interactive Hollywood module permits instant access to the latest science fiction narratives, each of which will be immediately integrated into the text of The Nephilim Bible!

Full-blown metanarratives for any cosmic situation!

Suitable for satellite linkups, stellar travel, astral projection, remote viewing, bilocation, flying saucers, star wars, Joel’s Army training, intergalactic journeys, mythic quests, fallen gods, seeker seances and time travel.

Note: The Pacifist-Aggressive Warfare Spirituality (PAWS) component neutralizes the Nephilim’s reputed aggression. Turns Nasty Nephies into Nice Nirvana-purposed beasts.

Join our Galaxy Quest for Missional Nephilim!

An electrically charged 24/7 prayer simulcast uplinks the Nephilim translation from Roswell, New Mexico, creating open portals for auras and auroras. Spread the Nephilim gospel message to the whole galaxy! Contribute today to this massive intergalactic ministry at

Our patented Proton Alpha-Belt Portals process (PAP) makes converting and capturing Nephilims easy! A spellbinding seeker-sensitive quantum sound lures Nephilim into harmonic convergence wormholes where they are mesmerized into compliance.

Special feature: Be the first on your block to own a Nephilim Nanny! The Nephilim Bible comes with training in housebreaking. Once fully converted, you will have the most amiable and docile creature! Housekeeping and laundry duties training also included.

Bonus! Profit from divine providence! Buy nutritious Nephilim Noodles at and earn money while you minister to these dastardly creatures. These gigantic entities reportedly consume vast amounts of people! Their diet obviously must change. Get in at the ground level of the multi- level startup company NOW! – before the Nephilim return on Dec. 21, 2012! This eco-friendly company delivers a fully Vegan diet to these extraterrestrial carnivores – the earth-healthy and pro-people  alternative!

Don’t be unprepared!

In case of full-blown alien invasion – our Nifty Nephilim cross reference module fully interfaces with the E. T. Bible!

Endorsed by Flash Gordon

Published by Domergent Enterprises

Download NOW!  – before the Mayan prophecies kick in!

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