DO MER GENT (də mər’jənt) n.

[(DOM, from DOMIONION n. – 1400–50; late Middle English  < Middle French  < Medieval Latin *dominiōn-  (stem of *dominiō ) lordship, property, ownership); (EMERGENT n. 1350–1400; Middle English  (< Middle French ) < Latin ēmergent-  (stem of ēmergēns ) arising out of, present participle of ēmergere  to emerge). Lit. Emergent Dominonist]

  1. A person who is adopting the tenets or practices of Dominionism for evolutionary, mystic, and/or progressive purposes.

      2.   A person who believes that Dominionism is a necessary component of emergence theory.

      3.   A person who is incorporating tangible Dominionism aims into new theological constructs.

      4.   A leader who manipulates doctrine in order to further Dominionism as a theological base.

      5.   One who is gradually emerging as a Dominionist.

      6.   An Emergent leader who is teaching Dominionism.

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