By  Apprising Ministries special correspondent Erin Benziger of Do Not Be Surprised…

When did we start needing movie trailers for sermon series? Stupid question. I suppose that happened around the same time that the sermons became more about entertainment than about the clear teaching of God’s Word.

That said, Elevation Church offers us a sneak peek into their latest sermon series, beginning August 27. At the Elevation Church website, you can view the trailer for The Prodigy in Me. That’s right, the prodigy in you.

When we think of a “prodigy” we think of someone or something great, amazing even. Words like “extraordinary” and “talented” pop instantly into our mind. Interesting that this trailer, then, would lead one to assume that there is something great and wonderful in all of us, yet Scripture tells us that we are dead in our sin unless we are regenerated by the Holy Spirit through the work of Christ.

Ah, so perhaps this sermon will tackle the Holy Spirit within those who have been saved. Perhaps it will discuss how the ability and even the desire for holy living comes through the regenerating and sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

How the only way we could be considered any sort of “prodigy” would be by seeing the righteousness of Christ in us, rather than the filthiness of ourselves, for “we” could never be extraordinary but Christ exceeds even that. But then, that sermon would have to be directed at believers, which would be odd for a church that has told it’s attendees that if they “know Jesus,” then Elevation Church is no longer for them.

Giving Elevation the benefit of the doubt, there is one final angle to suggest. Perhaps this sermon will discuss how we are all, every one of us, great prodigies when it comes to sinning. Oh yes, every man is remarkably talented when it comes to sin, and each of us excels in our very own area of transgression.

Perhaps this message of man’s total depravity and total inability to do any good, let alone to save himself from eternal damnation, will send shivers of conviction through the spines of each “Elevator.” Then perhaps it will necessarily be followed by the great and glorious proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That the perfect, sinless, God-man came to earth, was beaten and murdered and buried, and rose again three days later in magnificent victory over sin, death and Satan. With only a 57-second trailer to go on, I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see and eagerly anticipate learning more about the prodigy within each one of us.  

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