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The Paranormal Bible

By Casper!


With an Introduction by Rod Serling

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For millennia alchemists have attempted to gain power over the elements and transform physical reality into immortality.  Religious leaders and Hermetic scholars have long recognized that there are secrets found in mythology and technology that open other spiritual dimensions. Over the past several decades there has been a discussion among missiologists and linguists concerning the proper translation of certain biblical passages into various languages in the entire world. Now, with the Paranormal Bible, translation goes into another dimension!

With the advent of quantum physics, human understanding of spirituality has evolved to a higher level. The divine moment has arrived when technological change is intersecting with theological constructs, creating a synergy that is opening gates to multiple dimensions in the time/space continuum.

The Paranormal Bible is a cutting-edge tool for Time Warp Theology!

A Perfect Companion to the E.T. Bible!


Rewind reality to the past or fast-forward into the future. You can become a conscious traveler into unmapped dimensions of both time and space. Alter your reality via newly devised mystical-meditative techniques embedded throughout the Paranormal Bible text. Critical lessons in the sidebar commentary teach you to develop a new consciousness through which you can manipulate reality and change the future. Become an early adapter! Alter your state of being!

Learn how the Metaphysics of your Mind can triumph over matter!

Culturally Relevant for Cosmic Pluralism!

Using ancient and modern ghost stories, science fiction, mythologies, quantum metaphors, and urban legends, the text references the following spiritual entities:

Phantoms, ghosts, Isaac Asimov, wraiths, The Easter Bunny, vampires, werewolves, space aliens, Alfred Hitchcock, extraterrestrials, haunted houses, nephilim, Yogi Bear, psychics, Joseph Smith, apparitions, Venus, banshees, Ramtha, demons, Carl Sagan, jinns, C-3PO, Hades, the Monkees, the Titans, Hermes Trismegistus, H.G. Wells, Hercules, telepathics, Matthew Fox, disembodied souls, Tibetan monks, UFOs, Ouija boards, androids, spaceships, Jerry Lewis, unicorns, Gaia, witches, Lunar Modules, dragons, Jedi Knights, Alice Bailey, Bigfoot, Arthur C. Clarke, levitators, Bert & Ernie, teleporters, The Loch Ness Monster, mystics, magicians, Casper the Friendly Ghost, poltergeists, Kirlian photographers, Art Bell, Rob Bell, Big Bird, clairvoyants, Karl Jung, astrologers, Goths, Stephen Hawking, transporters, Nintendos, mediums, the NASA Mars Rover, Kabbalists, Santa Claus, alchemists, Batman, necromancers, Edgar Cayce, wizards, transhumanists, R2-D2, witchdoctors, Iron Man and Flubber.

No more Textus Receptus!

Incorporated into the new Paranormal Bible translation are passages from such cross-cultural and quantumly significant sacred films, texts and Cosmic events as:

The Tao of Physics; Coast to Coast AM; The Day the Earth Stood Still; Flipping Pancakes; Hamlet; Pinball Wizardry; Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution; NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship; I Dream of Jeannie; the Iowa Caucuses; Quantum Spirituality; Fly Fishing; Ghostbusters; Iron Chef; The Egyptian Book of the Dead; The Emergent Village; Men In Black; The Elephant Room; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Catalyst Conferences; The Book of Co-Creation: The Revelation; Future Congress; Star Trek: The Next Generation; The Harmonic Convergence; Limits to Growth; Love-Ins; Lost in Space; Exorcisms; Everything Must Change; MythBusters; Let’s Take Dominion Now!; Exploring Off the Map; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; The Saddleback Forum; The Twilight Zone; The Daniel Plan;  A Christmas Carol; War Cry Encounter; The Canterville Ghost; Sandboarding; The Aquarian Conspiracy; Quantum Physics, Music, and the Prophetic; Field of Dreams; Sears Sales Events; Nightmare on Elm Street; Snowboarding; Sesame Street; Kingdom Economic Summit; War of the Worlds; body-piercing; and The Outer Limits.

The Paranormal Bible in PROPHECY!

No more nasty Judgment Day eschatologies! The Paranormal Bible’s unique non-linear quantum timeline feature explores all alternative ancient parallel realities. Learn how to reopen the gates into the original Garden paradise! Why wait till after Armageddon? Engage in alternative future scenarios that link back to past lives. Find your Cosmic Karma! Eat of the Tree of Life now!

  • Discover your Divine Destiny!
  • Unlock your Potential!
  • Achieve Perfection!

Ancient divination techniques will enable you to open strategic portals, gateways into God’s storehouse of wealth and prosperity. Learn how to possess the gates of the enemy! Why wait to enter the afterlife! Experience eternal life by entering into the parallel world of the paranormal! Learn methods of “Negative Energy & Entity Removal.” Prepare for a Cosmic Cleanse!

Be Prepared and Stay Informed!

Commentary by leading scholars in sidebars throughout the text helps to clarify key questions. Topics include:

  • Foreword on Quantum Esotericism by Maxim Kammerer
  • How to deal with Nay-Sayers crying “Warning! Warning!”, “That does not compute” and “Danger, Will Robinson!”
  • Destiny-Driven Dominionism and Cosmic Shifts
  • How to Handle a “Disturbance in the Force”
  • Learning the New Math: Computations for Cosmogenesis
  • Afterlife Alignments: From Over Here to Over There
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome – Permutations in the New Wineskins
  • Visits from Aunt Emma: Help Her Return to the Other Side
  • Portals Schmortals – What to do when the Gates are Stuck
  • How Dreams Can Reveal the Ancient Secrets to Parallel Worlds
  • The Physics of the Pot of Gold at the End of the Chakra Rainbow
  • What to do when Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Advance
  • Post-Singularity Homo Mechanicus
  • Advice for when your String Theory gets Tangled
  • David Bohm and Jacob Boehme Share Secrets of the Universe
  • How to Hold Savvy Seances
  • Meditating to a New Matrix
  • Help! My Ghost Is Acting Ornery!
  • Could you already be Posthuman?

Special Features:

  • New, expanded definition of “ethnos” to include all Cosmic parallel universes and creature-states
  • Multi-lingual paraphrasing adapted to prophetic portals as they manifest
  • A gospel of inclusive quantum simplicity, enveloping all states of being
  • A comprehensive study of ancient alchemical metaphors applied to future cosmic events
  • Paranormal contextualization and redemptive analogies
  • A truly universal salvation message for the coming Singularity
  • Intentionally Dumbed-Down for Dual-Dimensional Dementia!

Discover Your Quantum Destiny!

What the Experts are Saying:

Dr. Cindy Trimm, in the Foreword to Dr. LaVerne Adam’s Destiny: By Divine Design (1st Ed. Online) prophesied: “Quantum scientists have now confirmed what the Bible revealed to us centuries ago, that there are parallel worlds and ‘portals’ that give us access to them all. Using the door as a metaphorical expression, Dr. Adams takes us on a scholarly journey and offers us a destiny altering practical guide to discovering and mastering the secrets for success, happiness and prosperity…. [Y]ou are always only one decision away from living the life of your dreams.”

Leonard Sweet,
 SoulTsunami: “The coming together of the new biology and the new physics is providing the basic metaphors for this new global civilization that esteems and encourages whole-brain experiences, full-life expectations, personalized expressions, and a globalized consciousness.”

David Spangler,
 Reimagination of the World: “When we experience such a quantum of transformation, we may simultaneously feel that the whole of the New Age is happening right now, that we are on the verge of overnight transformation—the fabled quantum leap into a new state of being.”

Singularity is upon us!
Will you be ready for Quantum Evangelism?

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