Apprising Ministries begins by bringing you a salient tweet today by pastor Steve Camp:

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If you wish more information on this, you can fill in the rest of the back story in James MacDonald, T.D. Jakes, And Postmodern Obfuscation.

The important thing to keep in mind here is Camp is correct: The Gospel Coalition, of which both MacDonald and his ER2 co-host Mark Driscoll are members, appears to condone this violation of God’s Word.

Now you may recall that in James MacDonald, You Do Realize This Is About The Gospel, Right I pointed you to Collateral Damage in the Invitation of T.D. Jakes to the Elephant Room by TGC member Thabiti Anyabwile.

Therein Anyabwile was critical of ER2 giving Word Faith prosperity preacher and reputed modalist T.D. Jakes a forum. But then the other day we see the following tweet from James MacDonald:

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So, we’re really not quite sure what happened there. We also have MacDonald’s fellow TGC member Mark Dever Out Of The Elephant Room? However, to the best of my knowledge, there’s really been no explanation.

It would seem to me that if Dever pulled out, and as far as I can tell we don’t know, he should say why. He was one who had to have agreed to be there initially and it was announced publicly; why he left should be as well.

Then today, apparently in response to Steve Camp’s tweet above, T.D. Jakes decided to tweet the following:

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Leaving aside that someone making this a “goal” stretches past the point of credulity, this sentiment of Jakes would sure seem to satisfy fellow ER participants like James MacDonald:

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And Seeker Driven prophet-pastor Steven Furtick:

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Unfortunately, the Seeker Driven/Word Faith camp—which now even seems to be rooting within the YRR sector—sees itself as above criticism. Even so, I felt led of the Lord to try and explain to T.D. Jakes:

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For example, I’ve put more than enough evidence of Jakes’ modalism in T.D. Jakes And The Trinity and have even written him with advice, which he never answered. However, he did reply to my tweet today:

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You know, we in the developing mission field of online apologetics and discernment ministry are often accused of having unsavory attitudes. But how long it is going to take until more people finally see just how surly these cult of celebrity prophet-pastors truly are.

I also really wonder how presenting primary evidence from T.D. Jakes himself concerning his ministry and beliefs, e.g. in Instruction For Word Faith Preaching and Elephant Room, T.D. Jakes, And Pastrix Sheryl Brady, makes me but a “policeman of press clips.”

So I then informed T.D. Jakes:

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The fact is, I’m a pastor-teacher doing my best to faithfully discharge my duties through the various means Jesus has given me. Well I say, perhaps those who continually keep dismissing godly critics are actually the self-appointed one trying to fulfill their own visions.

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