As a regular reader of Apprising Ministries, you’ll know that it’s certainly no secret Word Faith pastrix Christine Caine is very close friends with quasi-elder Beth Moore, who is heavily promoted by Lifeway, the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. ((http://www.lifeway.com/n/Product-Family/Living-Proof-Live/?type=events&CID=RDR-LivingProof, accessed 6/7/14.))

As a matter of fact, the picture above was tweeted out yesterday by Caine, who’s been a pastrix with Hillsong Church, Australia (HC):


You can see below that Christine Caine is still a functioning member of the Hillsong mothership; in fact, she’s actually HC’s main arm advancing Brian Houston’s WF preaching into the mainstream evangelical camp:


That graphic comes from the website advertising the upcoming apostasy-palooza Hillsong Conference 2014 (HC2014), which features head HC heretics, “Senior Pastors” Brian Houston and his wife pastrix Bobbie. Notice also that the “Apostle of Cool” Carl Lentz is involved with HC2014 as well. 

Among the special guests for HC2014 Sydney we find Church Growth Movement guru Bill Hybels, Louis Giglio of the Passion conferences, and vision-casting prophet-pastor Steven Furtick, a real favorite of HC. ((For example, Steven Furtick was at HC2012 as I showed you in Steven Furtick, Hillsong Heresy Conference & Rick Warren.)) Below is the HC2014 promo for the conference, which touts unity and is subtitled We Gather Under No Other Name:

Returning to Christine Caine’s tweet, she’s visiting her comrade Beth Moore at the Stockton, CA stop of Moore’s Living Proof Live series. ((http://www.lifeway.com/Event/Womens-Event-Living-Proof-Live-stockton-ca?intcmp=LivingProofLive-MTX-Text-ScheduleStockton-20130731, accessed 6/7/14.)) The schedule is busy enough that Moore has had to take a break recently from her Wednesday’s with Beth on Life Today TV (LTT) of James Robison.

Filling in for Moore has been her friend Christine Caine. ((http://lifetoday.org/life-today-tv/guest-directory/christine-caine/, accessed 6/7/14))  In addition to being friends with Moore, Caine also joined her as a featured speaker for James Robison at his Awaken Now conference last year. ((I discussed this conference previously e.g. in No Tears For Lost Roman Catholics, Beth Moore?)) Concerning this recent quest hosting for Beth Moore by Christine Caine, a spokesperson for Robison’s LTT tells us:

We have been blessed to have one of America’s premier Bible instructors, Beth Moore, share each week. With her own ministry growing, time is precious in her schedule with regards to speaking and family and we understand that.

We are delighted to have Christine Caine presenting a series of teachings during our Spring Mission Feeding emphasis and know she will be a blessing to you as well.

Thank you for watch Wednesdays in the Word and taking advantage of this time each week to received from God’s Word through anointed teachers like Christine and Beth.

Such is the continued blurring of lines within the evangelical community. In closing this out, let me remind you that Christine Caine began to gain more prominence in the mainstream of evangelicalism a couple of years ago as Evangelical Ecumenical Magisterium (EEM) member ((I explained e.g. in Steven Furtick Debuts on Trinity Broadcasting Network amid Financial Concerns that the EEM comprised of notable multi-site megachurch pastors seems to have sprung from the Elephant Room conferences of James MacDonald and his co-host  Mark Driscoll.)) Steven Furtick had her in for his Code Orange Revival. ((http://www.christianpost.com/news/christine-caine-at-orange-code-god-doesnt-believe-in-expiration-dates-67275/, accessed 6/7/14.))

This led to Word Faith Pastrix Christine Caine Preaches Sunday Morning Sermon For Steven Furtick. In addition, Caine’s also been a featured speaker for Louis Giglio at a couple of his Passion conferences as well. In fact, just this past year we would see John Piper To Preach With Hillsong Pastrix Christine Caine At Pssion 2014.

In On Contemplative Spirituality And Charismania I warned that spurious spirituality is slithering deeper into evangelicalism. Here’s another example of how evangelical charismatics like John Piper and Beth Moooe are helping usher Word Faith charismaniacs like Christine Caine into the mainstream of the church visible.

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