In the Apprising Ministries piece Wretched: Steven Furtick Sounding Like Word Faith Preacher Todd Friel of Wretched Radio is right when he says:

Steven Furtick [is] looking more and more like a Word Faith preacher all the time. Here is a little nugget called “Tapping the Full Potential of Your Power” from his series Grapes and Giants. That’s right Grapes and Giants:

Steven Furtick:“You have been chosen for a great journey. But it will not be easy.”

Todd Friel: “Ah so I am going on a journey. I can bring my four wheeler. I see how this is all working.”

Furtick: “You will face many challenges along the way. You will come up against Giants.”

Friel: I wonder if David was involved in this little snippet.

Furtick: “But you must remember the promises. You will taste the fruit of the land and all its riches.”

Friel: “Huh that is a promise to Israel. Are we Israel no? Answer no.”

Furtick: “You will experience blessings and battles. You will be victorious. You will overcome.” (source)

Friel finishes by asking a couple of key questions, “Anybody wondering about the trajectory of Steven Furtick? Anybody where he is going these days?” If not, you should be. Furtick, a veteran of both of the Elephant Rooms, is exhibiting an obvious descent down from mainstream evangelical into quasi-Word Faith preacher.

It really begins to become noticeable almost three years ago now when Steven Furtick Calls Joel Osteen A Great Man Of God. Then we have Furtick inviting a number of WF preachers to take the platform at his Code Orange Devival and culminating with his proudly announcing that T.D. Jakes Is My Favorite Preacher in The World.

Sadly, now we see Steven Furtick is stepping down that ladder yet another rung as evidenced e.g. by Elephant Room’s Prophet-Führer Steven Furtick Begins Bromance With Word Faith Heretic Rod Parsley. Sure enough, yesterday Furtick would tweet:


About a half hour later Rod Parsley would respond:


Whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, the fact is, Parsley is correct: Steven Furtick really is one of the most influential leaders among young evangelicals. Just consider this for a moment; Furtick already had enough pull to land T.D. Jakes for his COD earlier this year.

Then a few minutes after the above Rob Parsley retweeted Steven Furtick’s initial message and would even add a little something of his own:


It would seem Parsley saw their meeting as something God orchestrated and will supposedly reap some “eternal benefit.” Since God is sovereign we know He allowed it, but I will offer that it’s not for the reason these two most likely think it is. This is further evidence of the de-evolution of the visible Christian community.

Evangelical leaders ignore these coming associations at their own peril; nothing good will come from it. In closing this, for now, here is Word Faith “preaching machine” Rod Parsley. Anyone who thinks this is a genuine pastor sent by Christ seriously needs his spiritual head examined:

And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. (2 Peter 2:3)

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