As you may know, a large part of my work in the Lord here at Apprising Ministries is to monitor Intel along the Internet Front, make it available to you, and to assess trends within the larger visible church.

One of these is the embrace of Word Faith prosperity preachers, which is going to be a real push by those falling victim to the delusion of Rodney King theology passing as Christian doctrine in too much of the evangelical camp.

We get an idea of just how far it’s already spread e.g. in Wishful Thinking About Women Pastors From Dr. Jack Graham? This Elephant Room 2 vet, and former president of the SBC, follows Brian Houston on Twitter.

A while back Jack retweeted Houston:



Really; it’s rather telling when Jack Graham thinks Brian Houston’s someone to learn leadership from when his church is in open rebellion against God’s form of church leadership with Houston’s wife as pastrix Bobbie. ((http://myhillsong.com/senior-pastors-eldership, accessed 1-11-13.))

Well, remember their mentor, the late Rodney King, pleading: Can’t we all get along? Hillsong Church is also a Word Faith prosperity preaching outfit as well; a veritable haven of heretics is featured at their yearly conference.

Even so, evangelicalism is so far into apostasy now that Houston’s rapidly gaining ground within it; as evidenced by his recent time preaching at Saddleback Church of Rick Warren, a 5-star General of the Seeker Driven Army.

We’ve also seen Seeker Driven Second Lieutenant Judah Smith, a Passion 2013 speaker, tweeting earlier this year to “Bishop” Houston:


Then there’s Seeker Driven Colonel Perry Noble, who influences scores of pastors at his leadership conferences, who’s emboldened now to more publicly share his Brian Houston infection tweeting just today:


The syncretism of Seeker Driven megachurch pastors with these Word Faith prosperity preachers is as clear as the lineup for the upcoming Hillsong Church Conference 2013:


Evangelical leadership ignores such warnings at their own peril. Actually, there’s really nothing that they can do to reach these SD/WF hybrid megapastors anyway because, for them, there is no such thing as a godly critic.

“Bishop” Brian even gives us a perfect example of this from his own tweet yesterday:


His hubris aside, you’re about to see that this was not always the case with Houston himself. Back in November Brian Houston tweeted:


Since he’s suposed to be a Christian pastor, and having become very weary of this cult of celebrity “leadership” slithering throughout the church visible, I sent the below to Houston:


Somebody needs to tell these prophet-leaders they have it backward. Jesus is the Great Shepherd that we pastor-teachers encourage the sheep to follow. So, He’s up front and the pastor is in behind the flock as they follow Him.

Following is Houston’s reply. I would venture to guess he didn’t exactly spend much time ruminating upon what I suggested. Unfortunately he tweeted it, then blocked me, and immediately deleted it, making it impossible to reply.

I share this via the email notification I received that evening:

Hmm, I curious; so, does this now raise me up to his vaunted platform or has it lowered him to my meager one?

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