Apprising Ministries continues shining light upon the Word Faith movement as it slithers further into the mainstream of contemporary evangelicalism. It’s much deeper into the Seeker Driven camp than many know.

For example, Southern Baptist Ed Young, Jr. Advancing Wicked Works Of Word Faith “Pastors.” Below is two-time Elephant Room 2 veteran, Seeker Driven prophet-führer Steven Furtick, as another quick illustration.

Just a bit ago Furtick tweeted:


“Pastor” Joseph Prince is an up-and-coming Word Faith heretic who’s a staple at TBN. Here he is teaching Word Faith mythology while praising the late Kenneth Hagin, thought to be the father of if WF, and exegeting his life:

At the time of this writing Steven Furtick himself is preaching his own hybrid Seeker Driven quasi-Word Faith mythology at the annual apostasy-palooza Hillsong Conference, itself a gathering spewing uncut WF heresy:


Of course, today Rick Warren, a mentor of Furtick, had to tweet that he’ll be on hand at Hillsong’s conference next year:


However, that’s really not surprising at all, because below you’ll see that Rick Warren has already shared the platform with these Hillsong heretics back in 2006:

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