Apprising Ministries has alerted you to an emerging ecumenical magisterium that appears to be growing up around a particular group of Seeker Driven and New Calvinist prophet-leaders.

They have found common ground in that from time to time they all receive direct revelations from God through their charismatic/contemplative practices and from their leading multi-site megachurches.

Among this group of self-appointed evangelical spokesmen we certainly find the prophet-leaders who’ve been involved with the both of the two ill-advised Elephant Rooms of James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll.

Many of the same names later showed up at this year’s Acts 29 Resurgence R12 conference with the notable additions of Seeker Driven Brigadier general Craig Groeschel and its General of the Army Rick Warren.

We also find many of the same each year at the Newspring Leadership Conference of Perry Noble; and to kick off this year, a majority of them shared the platform at the Code Orange Revival of Noble’s disciple Steven Furtick.

One of those was Seeker Driven Major General Ed Young, Jr. who would later really go out on the SD war path as you can see for yourself in Southern Baptist Megapastor Ed Young, Jr. Vehemently Attacks Calvinist Christians.

Just a bit ago Ed Young, Jr. tweeted out:


The link takes us over to Young, Jr’s blog and his post Why We Do What We Do where he tells us:


I put this in via screen capture because, like his mentor Rick Warren, his posts have a habit of disappearing. The video is a retrospective of the personal vision God gave to Ed Young, which begins with the following:


Apparently Young, Jr’s been reading too much Robert Schuller and his fable that theology should be more man-centered. We don’t base any theology on a human being; by definition theology is the study of Theos, God.

That aside, to assess what someone’s teaching today doesn’t necessarily require that we look back at that person’s entire history. In Acts 17:11 we’re told how to approach someone’s message concerning God:

Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so. (Acts 17:11)

Often it can be enlightening to look further into a give person’s background as to how they got where they are spiritually; however, that isn’t an absolute prerequisite for understanding what someone is trying to teach you.

Now in the case of Ed Young, Jr. and his Fellowship Church, still affiliated with the SBC, ((http://www.sbc.net/churchsearch/church.asp?ID=8817%2D75062, accessed 12/12/12.)) we do have a chance to view their history, from their respective anyway, in the video below, which he placed within his post today.

You will get to see quite of bit of how a real master of the man-centered Seeker Drive model a la the Purpose Driven Church of Rick Warren would grow his SBC mega self-help center that’s sprayed with Christian terminology.

It’s interesting to note that at about 2:57 in Young, Jr. shares that he and his wife Lisa “were the first pastors, the first staff members of the church” as this SBC plant from was launched:


That Ed Young, Jr. considers his wife Lisa to be co-pastor with him at his SBC church is evident from the summary for the video where it is uploaded to his You Tube page:


As you watch this tribute video it may even remind you of an earlier Steven Furtick Documentary:

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