Apprising Ministries has been documenting the blurring of doctrinal lines and the growing acceptance within mainstream evangelicalism of full on Word Faith prosperity preachers like reputed modalist T.D. Jakes. This sick syncretism has been heading our way for a long time now.

Following is an AM exclusive video clip from the Sep 13, 2006 Trinity Broadcasting Network Praise the Lord program hosted by Jakes. One of his guests was Southern Baptist pastor Ed Young, Jr, who is at least a Major General in the Seeker Driven attractional church-planting camp.

Interestingly enough, both Young, Jr. and T.D. Jakes would be featured speakers at the Code Orange De-Vival of their devotee prophet-pastor Steven Furtick at the beginning of this year. Ed Young. Jr. and T.D. Jakes have helped produce these new breed hybrid quasi-Word Faith/attractional preachers.

WF prosperity preacher T.D. Jakes begins this sickening mutual admiration society by telling us that extravagant SBC pastor Ed Young, Jr. is “one of the great jewels in the Body of Christ.” Jakes says he has “amazing, incredible respect” for Young, Jr. because he’s a “trend-setter” who’s so “blessed the Body of Christ.”

Jakes tells the “great pastor” that he thanks the Lord for him and his Fellowship Church (FC). It’s interesting to note Jakes mentions “we’ve been over there in fellowship with you.” Keep in mind now, this is bak in 2006 when T.D. Jakes was still, almost universally, considered a Oneness Pentecostal, i.e. a modalist.

Yet Ed Young, Jr. nods his head acknowledging that he has been in Christian fellowship with this heretic. Jakes asks Young, Jr. to fill us in concerning what’s going on at his Southern Baptist megachurch. Young, Jr. begins by explaining that sixteen years ago (circa 1990) he and his wife started FC “with about 150 people.”

Then Young, Jr. turns his attention to his admiration of Jakes’ own megachurch, the Potter’s House, which Young, Jr. says is “on the cutting edge of creativity.” Then he jumps the rails of anything resembling the actual mission of a Christian church and begins an ode to human ingenuity that Young, Jr. claims God blessed.

Jakes then lavishes praise upon Young, Jr’s “amazing” FC and its facility; he says that the members he talks with from FC  tell him “you never know what to expect from Sunday to Sunday.” Is that really what we should expect of our local church—an unpredictable show? Yet that’s the main calling card of these attractional social gatherings.

This praise from T.D. Jakes seems to inspire Ed Young, Jr. who launches into a rather postmodern paradoxical [read: conflicting] discussion concerning innovative ideas, tradition, confusion and order in the local church. For example, after lauding the importance of using confusion, Young. Jr. then says, “creativity emerges out of order.”

Basically, you’ll hear the Peter Drucker/Leadership Network paradigm for pragmatic church growth. Finally, at 4:22 you’ll witness Southern Baptist megachurch pastor Ed Young.Jr. essentially kiss the ring of T.D. Jakes, one of the most notorious of all of the Word Faith prosperity heretics. Quite telling when you consider this is 2006.

You might wish to have an air sickness bag handy as Young, Jr. literally gushes about Jakes:

[He] is the greatest preacher Ihave ever heard. (audiences cheers and applauds) Bishop…you are the poster child for creativity. The best I’ve ever heard.

The storytelling, how you’re so Bibically based, how you’re non-linear and yet linear—how you weave in the plot, and at the end—boom! I mean,

I have a collection of this guy’s tapes in my office. Whenever I get down and depressed, I just pop in Bishop! (Jakes laughing)

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