Apprising Ministries told you in Ed Young, Jr With Elephant Room 2′S T.D. Jakes On TBN’s Praise The Lord that he is at least a Major General in the Seeker Driven attractional church-planting camp.

His Fellowship Church is still is considered affiliated with the apostatizing Southern Baptist Convention:


The point being, even though he is growing a bit long in the tooth Young, Jr—son of two-time former SBC president Dr. Ed Young—still has much influence within contemporary evangelicalism.

When Ed Young, Jr. speaks the young prophet-führers such as Steven Furtick, whom he spawned along with other SBC pragmatists like Rick Warren, listen closely and follow his lead.

From what I’ve seen Ed Young, Jr. really is a sorry example of a Christian pastor who is heavily compromised and infected by Word Faith heretics like Jakes. Watch below as Young, Jr. virtually kisses Joel Osteen‘s…ring:

Against this nauseating backdrop I’ll tell you that Ed Young, Jr. made a huge tactical blunder today with the following two tweets:



I have a feeling Ed Young, Jr. will come to regret his decision to draw our attention to his message Cool-Aid, Pt 4, from which the exclusive Apprising Ministries video clip is taken. You will be shocked at what you hear.

As a Christian who holds the Biblical doctrines of grace and as a Southern Baptist pastor I am absolutely disgusted by this blatant attack upon Christians and with his gross ignorance of Calvinism and Reformed theology.

Not that there really are such, but if there were, this would be a good time for leadership within the Southern Baptist Convention to call Ed Young, Jr. to repentance and order him to apologize for this pitiful display:

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