Apprising Ministries often functions spiritually as a kind of Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition( RSTA) unit along the Internet Front of this Truth War.

Let me tell you that the recently concluded Elephant Room 2 was like a nuclear explosion in the spirit world and its silent shockwaves have damaged more structures than we can yet see. ER2’s most devastating effects have yet to see their full manifestations; pun intended. ;)

The mainstreaming of Word Faith mogual T.D. Jakes and his wannabe, attractional Prophet-Pastor Steven Furtick, will prove to have many adverse effects within evangelicalism. Sadly, it plays right into the hands of enemy forces and their next area of attack upon the wavering heart of the church visible.

Now, those who don’t know what’s going on—and this includes too many “names” around the blogosphere—think the neo-liberal cult within the Emerging Church aka the Emergent Church has died. No, it hasn’t; it’s morphed over to Emergent Village Voice and has come out of the closet with their Process Theology as Liberalism 2.0.

One result of this is the younger sectors of evangelicalism were guided onto the same track the mainline denominations put themselves on circa 1970. Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism was added to a growing charismania, which because the spiritual cyanide of liberal theology had already been injected, would quickly mortally wound them.

Surveying the current battlefield from this vantage point, I’ll warn you that the next area of major attack by enemy forces will be on the pastorate. For example, from just a couple of days ago, consider Yes, Christianity has a masculine feel. But maybe that should change… by highly regarded Emerging author, blogger, and speaker Rachel Held Evans.

Or Feminism and the Emerging Church By Xochitl Alvizo, which I became aware of when it was tweeted out today by Tripp Fuller of the aptly named Homebrewed Christianity podcast and the über-liberal Claremont School of Theology (CST). You may recall that CST is the ecumenical and interspiritual school whose Dean happens to be Dr. Philip Clayton.

If you think there’s no connections in all of this, then you are sadly mistaken; Rachel Held Evans from last month with her friends Tripp Fuller and Bo Sanders: Is God Really Omnipotent? O, and their conclusion is no surprise:

So God is not omnipotent.

Secondly, God is omniscient in that God knows all there is to know – but the future is undetermined.

Thirdly, God is omnipresent in an even more radical way than traditionally thought.

Lastly, God is neither immutable nor impassable – those are concerns of early Greek thought and not from the Christian scripture.

So quit saying God is omnipotent. Jesus was just too loving for that to stick. (Online source)

This kind of spiritual filth came in because evangelical leaders remained silent when the Emerging Church slithered through their Young Adults and Youth groups. Now we can come back to ER2 and it’s Emergent Church 2.0-like track to bring in an ecumenicism through the back door disguised as “a grace-filled” approach to Christianity.

No, it’s a timid tolerance that will be advanced by women in men’s pants and it fits nicely with deceitful spirits with their teachings of demons; one of which is women pastors. The enemy troops are, right now, following the same line of attack they used to kill the mainstream denominations. Leadership of local churches is not a secondary matter.

I tell you in the Lord, once such as these are successful in making women pastors the rule within apostatizing mainstream evangelicalism, waiting homosexual troops will then mount an attack with their support. If you believe I’m wrong; then take a look at what happened within the mainline, and what they’re fighting about even as I write this missive.

As I get set to end this, for now, let me show you close this issue of women—in violation of the clear teaching of God’s Word—is already to the very heart of the evangelical camp. The Elephant Room has helped catapult Steven Furtick into the limelight. I showed you before Word Faith Pastrix Christine Caine Preaches Sunday Morning Sermon For Steven Furtick.

Bad enough Steven Furtick gave this rebel against God’s Word at platform at his Code Orange De-vival, he even turned his pulpit to the heretical pastrix Christine Caine on a Sunday morning at his Elevation Church. You’ll find it interesting to know that Furtick actually planted Elevation Church with North Carolina Baptists, the NC state convention for the Southern Baptist Convention:

(Online source)

Well, what do think, does Steven Furtick have any problem with women in the pastorate? Let’s also keep in mind that Furtick made it crystal clear Word Faith royalty T.D. Jakes Is My Favorite Preacher In The World. So, now that Furtick and ER2 have mainstreamed Jakes, let me remind you again that pastrixes are rampant in the Word Faith camp.

The below is from the 9/1/11 TBN Praise the Lord program. The three WF pastrixes you’ll see him introduce were featured speakers at his Woman Thou Art Loosed 2011 hosted by the Lakewood Church of Joel Osteen. By the way, that would lead to Megachurch Pastors Joel Osteen And T.D. Jakes Unite And Why You Should Care. Watch for yourself as Jakes introduces three of his favorite WF pastrixes.

Pastrix Paula White, whom Jakes calls “pastor extraordinaire” and Pastrix Cindy Trimm, recently given an award by The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The last is Pastrix Sheryl Brady of The Potter’s House North, whom T.D. Jakes called personally and installed as pastrix:

For you see, T.D. Jakes comes with this Word Faith baggage because it’s simply beyond any reasonanle doubt that he is a WF prosperity preacher. I encourage you to get prepared to become more acquainted with the Trinity Broadcasting Network because all of these pastrix friends of Jakes are regulars on TBN right along with him.

Do people like ER co-hosts Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald really not think Jakes is going to come into evangelicalism and not bring along his spiritual children like pastrix Paula White? I’ll leave you now with an excellent background piece as to what spiritual sewer this Word Faith mythology preached by that above brood of WF vipers actually originated.

O, before I do, did you know that Steven Furtick also moves one step closer to being a regular associated with TBN? Well, highlights from his COD are set to air as an edition of the infamous TBN centerpiece Praise The Lord program tomorrow night:

(Online source)

Now that we have the rise of Furtickism, which is really a unique hybrid of attractional evangelical and quasi-Word Faith motivational properity gospel, you’ll need to understand that’s its roots are actually in New Thought. For the interested reader, I talked more about this a few years ago in Joel Osteen: Apprising His Word Faith Teachings.

So here I’ll simply say that this antichrist spiritual darkness is where the idea of positive confession came from. In The True Father of the Modern Faith Movement you’ll see how the New Thought infected fables of E.W. Kenyon were “borrowed” by Word Faith icon Kenneth “Dad” Hagin and then transformed into the WF mythology that you’re hearing today:

The founding father of the Faith movement is commonly held to be Kenneth Erwin Hagin, the man termed by Charisma magazine as “the granddaddy of the Faith teachers,” and “the father of the Faith movement.”With his country Texan accent and a disarming “good ol’ boy” charm, Hagin’s teachings on faith, healing, and prosperity have been foundational for almost every major minister of the Faith movement. Even the other heavyweights of the Faith movement readily admit that Hagin’s teaching and leadership were the key both to their own success, and that of the movement.

For instance, the heir apparent to Hagin’s throne, Kenneth Copeland, frequently acknowledges Hagin as his spiritual father. Although he briefly attended Oral Roberts University, Copeland points to Hagin as his mentor, not Roberts… According to recent polls and press, Copeland is now the ex officio leader of the Faith movement. Nevertheless, at least in spiritual matters, when Hagin speaks, Copeland still listens…

Not everyone in the Faith movement, however; is willing to concede to Hagin the role of patriarch and founder. Ruth Kenyon Houseworth, president of the Kenyon Gospel Publishing Society, Lynnwood, Washington, contends that her father, E. W. Kenyon, who died in 1948, is the man who really deserves the title, “father of the Faith movement.” Mrs. Houseworth charges that the 18 books written by her father and published by her society have been pilfered, both in idea and word, by the other preachers of the movement…

Hagin may have the reputation of being “the granddaddy of the Faith teachers,” but in the eyes of Mrs. Houseworth, he is just another young preacher who has “borrowed” her deceased father’s writings. Kenyon was 70 years old when Hagin was licensed as an Assemblies of God pastor in 1937 at the age of 20. Hagin himself, however, has gone on record with the claim that he was teaching his message on faith and healing long before he ever heard of E. W. Kenyon…

The accusations of plagiarism by Houseworth and Kennington are absolutely correct. In many instances, Hagin has, indeed, copied word-for-word without documentation from Kenyon’s writings. The following excerpts of plagiarisms from no less than eight books by E. W. Kenyon are presented as evidence of this charge. This is only a sampling of such plagiarisms. Many more could be cited… (Online source)

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