Beyond question the dubious duo of Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster and his spiritual twin, Southern Baptist minister Dallas Willard, are most responsible for the growing infestation within evangelicalism of critical thinking skills-numbing corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM).

For at least the past six years now online apologetics and discernment ministries like Herescope, as well as here at Apprising Ministries, have warning about the spread of this spurious CSM of the cult of Foster-Willlardism.

You may also remember that none other than Living Spiritual Teacher and Emergent Church guru Brian McLaren[1] told you they were “key mentors” of the Emerging Church.[2]

So what do people think these mentors were teaching the leaders within the sinfully ecumenical neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church? A mentoring that would help shape these apostates who have now gone on to develop a form of quasi-universalism in their new version of Progressive Christian theology under their spiritual circus “big tent” Emergence Christianity.

This same rotten spiritual fruit of CSM can also be seen to have ushered in the ecumenical movement within the now mortally wounded mainline denominations; whose own non-gospel of universalism is now being argued for inside the walls of mainstream evangelicalism e.g. by former Emerging Church rock star icon Rob Bell in his Love Wins mythology.

We can also see this uber-inclusivism has led to increasing syncretism within the visible church and a weak-kneed Rodney King philosophy of can’t we all just get along? In addition to all of this, a developing charismania is arising where more and more well known evangelicals—such as SBC Lifeway-sponsored Bible teacher Beth Moore—regularly speak of direct encounters outside of Scripture allegedly with God.

Below you’ll see her teaching four questions that supposedly insure you’ll know when you have one of these alleged encounters of Plura Scriptura. The clip is from her appearance yesterday on the Life Today program of Protholic James Robison. We’re told this teaching on “Spiritual Discernment” is actually:

part four of the series, Beth lays out questions to ask when differentiating the voice of God from our own internal impulses. (Online source)

I’m not going to go through her teaching and instead focus your attention upon this idea that Beth Moore claims to know these four questions “to ask when differentiating the voice of God from our own internal impulses.” Now, as Robison introduces her to come teach us spiritual discernment, he tells us:

Beth is teaching on spiritual discernment. And if there is something I see quite obvious missing in the lives of many Christians and in many church settings it is the spirit of discernment, being able to discern the spirit, the spirits, and what’s going on and even exercise wise judgment.

I think Beth is excellent in the way she approaches all biblical truth and all concerns, and this is a major concern and it is a major importance. So welcome Beth and “Spiritual Discernment.” (Online source)

So, Robison feels it’s “quite obvious” that “the spirit of discernment” is “missing in the lives of many Christians.” Ok; but I wonder, does he see it missing from his own? If Beth Moore’s 4 question checklist is so Biblical, then how come James Robison And Rick Warren Are Working To Reverse The Protestant Reformation? That’s certainly not the Lord’s doing.

How about Moore herself? She tells us yesterday that her daughter Melissa is “very emotionally charged. Everything is big. Every feeling is huge.” Then she reveals:

I’m kind of like that. When I feel it, I feel it!… If it is a God thing, then I love it! I love it!
(Online source)

Ok; the question I now have is: Is the following vision “a God thing?” It comes from her classic Believing God (BG) Online Bible Study, which is still promoted to this day on the website of Lifeway—the publishing arm of the SBC. Beth Moore tells us of a literal vision she claims that God gave to her:

Previously in Did God Give Beth Moore This Vision? I walk you through what she said in own testimony. As I told you before, it’s beyond any doubt that: 1) Beth Moore is talking about the universal Church, i.e. the Body of Christ; 2) she’s also claiming extra-biblical revelation via a literal vision that she testifies God showed her, and 3) it supposedly enabled her to see the Church “as Jesus sees it.”

There’s simply no way around it. Keep all of this in mind now as you watch the next video clip, which is taken from a section after God Himself allegedly gave Beth Moore a literal vision that afforded her the ability in a “particular dimension” to see the Body of Christ “as Jesus sees it.” Now watch as Moore illustrates the vision concerning “something different” she sees “God doing” in the Church, i.e. “the body of Christ.”

You’ll see she does include the apostate Roman Catholic Church among her Christian denominations:

Well, it would seem that Beth Moore needs to rework her questions; that was not of God. She needs to repent.

End notes:

[1] Brian McLaren Admits Ken Silva Was Right and has declared himself a progessive i.e. neo-liberal Christian.

[2], accessed 1/19/12.

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