Among the issues Apprising Ministries covers is how even the heretical Word Faith movement continues heading toward acceptance within the mainstream of evangelicalism.

Unfortunately, as apostasy spreads like an Oklahoma wild-fire, with timid leaders scared of their own spiritual shadows, we now find ourselves in a nauseating New Downgrade No-Controversy.

So, unless you’ve been living in a cave you know that Gospel Coalition Council member James MacDonald has invited notorious blab it, grab it Word Faith modalist T.D. Jakes into his Elephant Room 2.

I also recently showed you in Dung Droppings From The Elephant Room: Greg Laurie that ER’s goal is to form a new unified tribe. Now, you might say: Ok Ken, um, what has any of this to do with Beth Moore? Well kemosabe, I’m glad you asked. The answer is found in Beth Moore To Speak For Hillsong Church.

Unfortunately, too many people are listening to themselves and not God so they actually think this “unity” being forged right now by the spiritually spineless and scared of its own shadow evanjellyfish is actually God’s will. Those with eyes to see and ears that hear know that this spiritual tower of Babel isn’t God’s will at all.

You may recall that in Beth Moore Recommends “Jesus Calling” Book Claiming Direct Divine Revelation, we see the largely pretending to be Protestant evangelical community continues its pilgrimage back to the legalistic spiritual bondage of apostate Roman Catholicism and its evil author the Church of Rome.

In addition, recently I pointed out in James Robison And Rick Warren Working To Reverse The Protestant Reformation that both of those men associated with the Southern Baptist Convention—supposedly the largest *cough* Protestant denomination in the United States—hold the Roman Catholic Church is a Christian entity.

But how does this involve Beth Moore you may wonder? Well, she appears on her friend James Robison’s TV program every Wednesday. Ah, but you might say: That’s guilt-by-association; we don’t know that Beth Moore agrees with Robison. I concur; to a point. I’ve not seen her say anything regarding Robison’s heretical view.

That noted, followers of Beth Moore who’ve written me and commented on articles concerning her mystic/contemplative/charismatic bent are largely missing the point in their attempt to defend her. You need to know I’m the source from which the recent videos have come. Now I’ll tell you a few things to clarify why.

First of all, I don’t hate Beth Moore; she seems to me to be a very genuine and nice person, and I don’t question her Christian commitment. Secondly, I am also SBC, for now, and happen to be a former Roman Catholic whom God chose to deliver from the religious bondage of the Church of Rome into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

So, when I see the current evangelical fad of practicing Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM) slithering through the SBC now, e.g. Southern Baptist Convention Using More Counter Reformation Contemplative Spirituality, it catches my attention. CSM is nothing more than a reimagined Roman Catholic mysticism that flowered in Rome’s monastic traditions.

As I’ve began warning, in pieces like Southern Baptist Kay Warren Promoting Devout Roman Catholic Jean Vanier and The Push For A Roman Catholic Denomination And The SBC’S Russell Moore, there appears to be a move by some big names within evangelicalism to try and get people to believe the RCC is really but another Christian denomination.

Frankly, that is the view of many in evangelicalism at large; however, I’m mostly concentrating on SBC names at this time. So, we now call Beth Moore to the witness stand. Please know that Glenn Chatfield did cover some of this very well years ago. However, I wasn’t able to get hold of the materials myself until recently so I could speak personally to the issues.

With this in mind then, the clips of Beth Moore that follow come from my copy of her 2002 series Believing God (BG), which as you can see below is still promoted by Lifeway—the publishing arm of the SBC:

(Online source)

Being that this LifeWay-sponsored BG Online Bible Study is from 10 years ago, we are safe to assume that the SBC feels that what you’re about to hear from Beth Moore is in line with this evangelical Protestant denomination. This even though the SBC supposedly frowns upon charismatic practices—such as receiving direct personal revelations from God.

However, apparently in the case of Beth Moore the Slowly Becoming Catholic has long ago given her a pass. In this video clip below it is an incontrovertible fact that Moore is describing a literal vision she claims that God gave her:

[mejsvideo src=”https://www.apprising.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/God-Shows-Beth-Moore-A-Vision-Of-The-Church-In-The-Dimension-Jesus-Sees-It-flv.mp4″ width=640 height=360]

Let me now walk you through what she just said:

Transcription: “… to beg to differ with people that are ten times smarter than I am. But I want to say to you I see something different than that. I see God doing something huge in the body of Christ. I do not know why I have had the privilege to get to travel around, see one church after another…one group of believers after another, interdenominationally, all over this country, but I have gotten to see something that I think is huge.

And I’ll also suggest to you I am not the only one. And tonight I’m going to do my absolute best to illustrate to you something that God showed me out on that back porch. He put a picture…I’ve explained to you before I am a very visual person…so He speaks to me very often putting a picture in my head.

And it was as if I was raised up looking down on a community, as I saw the Church in that particular dimension– certainly not all dimensions, not even in many, but in what we will discuss tonight, the church, as Jesus sees it, in a particular dimension.” (Online source, emphasis mine)

That’s Moore’s testimony; those are her own words. If one is unbiased, the following should now be crystal clear: 1) Beth Moore is talking about the universal Church, i.e. the Body of Christ; 2) she’s also claiming extra-biblical revelation via a literal vision that she testifies God showed her, and 3) it supposedly enabled her to see the Church “as Jesus sees it.” There’s simply no way around this, period.

It’s very important that you keep all of this in mind now as you watch the next video clip, which is taken from a section after God Himself allegedly gave Beth Moore a literal vision that afforded her the ability in a “particular dimension” to see the Body of Christ “as Jesus sees it.” Now watch as Moore illustrates the vision concerning “something different” she sees “God doing” in the Church, i.e. “the body of Christ.”

You’ll see she does include the apostate Roman Catholic Church among her Christian denominations:

[mejsvideo src=”https://www.apprising.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Beth-Moore-Gods-Vision-For-The-Church-Includes-The-Roman-Catholic-Church.mp4″ width=640 height=360]

Well, it would seem that Beth Moore has also been elevated to the status of her fellow Southern Baptist, PDL Pope Rick Warren, in being able to decree and declare that the Protestant Reformation is officially over. Now for the key questions. First of all, do you seriously think that God actually gave this vision to Beth Moore?

Secondly, why is she still being promoted within the Southern Baptist Convention? Where are the leaders within the SBC calling Beth Moore out for this blatant false teaching, which she attributes to God? And lastly, just exactly how far off track does Beth Moore have to get before the broader evangelical community stops holding her up as a good role model?

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