But you, draw near, sons of the sorceress, offspring of the adulterer and the loose woman. Whom are you mocking? Against whom do you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue? Are you not children of transgression, the offspring of deceit, you who burn with lust among the oaks, under every green tree, who slaughter your children in the valleys, under the clefts of the rocks?  

Among the smooth stones of the valley is your portion; they, they, are your lot; to them you have poured out a drink offering, you have brought a grain offering. Shall I relent for these things? (Isaiah 57:3-6)

Climbing In Bed With Idols And Spiritual Harlots Is Spiritual Adultery

In the section of the Be Still…And Know That I Am God DVD called Cloud of Witnesses: Contemplative Figures Throughout History, i.e. so-called “Christian” mystics, SBC Bible teacher Beth Moore gives us some very revealing information concerning a growing rebellion against Sola Scriptura within “Protestant” evangelicalism.

Her misguided words reveal it really is as I’ve been saying while doing my best to sound the warning here at Apprising Ministries; there is indeed a quickly growing apostasy absolutely rampant within what is essentially the Ecumenical Church of Deceit (ECoD) of a postevangelicalism. Since I have apparently missed a few memos within the SBC, I hadn’t realized until recently that those letters now appearently stand for “Slowly Becoming Catholic.”

Be that as it may, in Be Still (BS) Beth Moore says:

You know, one of the things that time gives us is that it erases the lines in between people so many different sections of the people of God. Because many years later it doesn’t matter any longer that this person was of this practice in the Christian faith and this person of another.

Time somehow blurs those lines and we are profoundly moved by the historical narratives of all their lives, of so great a cloud of witnesses; that we can look back on and see what kept them running the race, what kept them running toward the face of Christ at the end of that finish line.[1]

Remember now, the above section of BS is one that’s dedicated to the praise of neo-Gnostic quasi-Christian mystics of the Counter Reformation exalted e.g. by Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster—and who were practitioners of apostate Roman Catholicism. Yet this extremely popular SBC Bible teacher Beth Moore tells us that time somehow “erases the lines.” Well, she’s referring to the Reformation; during which time many of Christ’s beloved children were brutally murdered at the hands of Popes from the Roman Catholic Church.

O, but now “time” has somehow done away with all of this; no, it most certainly hasn’t. Rather, it is the work of spiritually spineless professing Christians, who are themselves right now covered in the blood of these martyrs, who are doing so through the neo-Gnostic practices of this Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM). The spiritual glue for these compromisers is this CSM with its crown jewel, a form of meditation in an altered state of consciousness commonly known as Contemplative/Centering Prayer (CCP).

In fact, this is precisely what this BS DVD is teaching. This is, right now, becoming a growing problem in the Southern Baptist Convention; as you can see in Alabama Baptist Convention (SBC) Encourages You To Learn Lectio Divina From Apostate Tony Jones and James Robison And Rick Warren Working To Reverse The Protestant Reformation and Houston, We Have A Problem At Second Baptist Church. Sadly, the venom of the CSM of this cult of Foster-Willardism is even seeping into the Reformed camp at large as well.

As long as God chooses to sustain AM and me, as a former Roman Catholic, you can count on it that I will have a lot more to say about this ongoing reversal of the Lord’s Reformation in the days to come. I just told you in Evil Pro-Homosexual Agenda And Its Vision “Church” that the neo-Gnostic delusions of CSM—combined with increasing charismania—is bringing about a new “theology by liver shiver” where doctrine is being decided by what someone feels God is saying rather than by what the Bible tells us God has said.

Below is a little demonstration of Beth Moore’s own liver shiver theology:

I’m not questioning Beth Moore’s sincerity at all; however, just because something gives you goose bumps and makes you feel good, it doesn’t then automatically mean the teaching has come from God. The fact is, lots of things give lots of people—even those in false religions—goose bumps. Yet this kind of thing is becoming a real problem in evangelicalism as virtually every other sentence or two out of the mouths of e.g. Rick Warren or Beth Moore is “God told me” this or “the Lord said” that to me. Prepare yourself for dueling revelations.

One quick example; in the introduction to one of her books Moore muses:

I wrote this message to the best of my ability under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,… One of the peculiarities about this assignment is that God also required me to fast. He would not release me to eat until the very end of each day after all writing for that day was accomplished. Sometimes He would not release me until the end of the next day.

Never before has He asked me to do such a thing while writing a book. Many authors may fast in advance of a project but we feel we need the brain food during the actual process. This time God would not permit any such approach. To tell you how adamant He was, the one time I thought I’d be fine to eat breakfast; my thoughts became completely warbled and confused until midafternoon.

The requirements of this message were so unusual and intriguing to me that I couldn’t help wondering why. Finally God gave me understanding and I realized that He was applying the principle Christ introduced in Mark 9:29 (KJV).[2]

God was apparently quite the li’l taskmaster; but it’s pretty hard not to see Moore’s speaking of direct personal revelation she’s allegedly gotten from God Himself. It’s also important to note here that the work of Beth Moore has received quite a boost from the aforementioned ecumenicist James Robison because every Wednesday she appears on Robison’s LIFE Today—TV program:

Now take a look at the book Moore recommends this past Wednesday December 14, 2011 for her followers:

(Online source)

Now this isn’t guilt-by-association, this is guilt-by-endorsement. Moore is recommending Sarah Young who is telling us that she has received direct revelation from God and Jesus. I have this book and it’s supposedly, “Devotions for Every Day of the Year.” Here’s today’s entry where Jesus Himself is said to tell us:

That supposedly conservative Southern Baptist Bible teacher Beth Moore would recommend her readers buy this book ought to be cause for serious concern about her discernment. In his review of Jesus Calling Tim Challies gets to the heart of the matter concerning this kind of liver shiver theology:

As I have spoken to others about the book, I’ve heard some people say that this book is written as if Jesus is speaking to the reader. But it’s important to know that Young makes a far more audacious claim—this is Jesus speaking, through her. The messages he has given her, she now passes on to us.

This is a very good time to pause and consider this claim. Sarah is claiming some kind of new revelation from God. She is saying that God speaks to her and that she then passes these messages to others. Immediately we need to ask what she believes about the Bible. Is she claiming that these messages are equal to Scripture? That they trump Scripture?…

Young begins to share those words of God as daily devotionals, saying “I have continued to receive personal messages from God as I meditate on Him. The more difficult my life circumstances, the more I need these encouraging directives from my Creator.”

James Montgomery Boice once said that the real battle in our times would not be the inerrancy or infallibility of Scripture, but its sufficiency—are we going to rely on the Bible or will we continually long for other revelation? In Jesus Calling we see this so clearly. Young teaches that though the Bible is inerrant and infallible, it is insufficient. It was not enough for her and, implicitly, she teaches that it cannot be enough for us…

Jesus Calling is, in its own way, a very dangerous book. Though the theology is largely sound enough, my great concern is that it teaches that hearing words directly from Jesus and then sharing these words with others is the normal Christian experience. In fact, it elevates this experience over all others. And this is a dangerous precedent to set. I see no reason that I would ever recommend this book. (Online source)

Well, quite obviously, Beth Moore does not agree with this sound Biblical position expressed by Tim Challies. In closing this, for now, I’ll tell you from years of studying hyper-charismania and mysticism that the professing Christian neo-Gnostics who dabble in divination become increasingly ecumenical; and if, like Rob Bell, they practice it long enough they drift into a universalism aka Love Wins mythology.

See for yourself as Beth Moore uses contemplative-speak concerning “a true lover of God” to lavish praise upon this person who “spoke about practicing God’s presence.” One wonders why she apparently felt she needed to obscure the fact she’s speaking of apostate Roman Catholic Carmelite mystic Nicholas Herman (1614-1691) aka “Brother Lawrence.” The drift of Beth Moore is clearly evident.

Really; by what criterion can someone who died a slave to a false gospel be considered a true lover of God?

End notes:

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