As an online apologetics and discernment work Apprising Ministries has among its activities monitoring trends within the visible church to apprise and assist you in knowing what’s going on as well as what it means.

One of these right now is the evangelical community wooing Word Faith mogul T.D. Jakes—long reputed to be a modalist—which I touch upon e.g. in James MacDonald, T.D. Jakes, And Postmodern Obfuscation.

You may recall in Gospel Coalition Council Member James MacDonald Insists Perry Noble Didn’t Lie I showed you the video evidence which shows Seeker Driven Prophet-Pastor Perry Noble on March 20, 2011 state that sometimes he does try and anger people in a church service using shock value tactics.

Then 21 days later you’ll see P-P Perry Noble, one of the blustery Popes Of The Carolinas along with his disciple and fellow Prophet-Pastor Steven Furtick, tell James MacDonald in his Elephant Room discussions that he does not do such things.

As he often does, in his post Highway To Hell, Phil Johnson gets to the heart of the matter:

frankly, whether he lied or not strikes me as the most trivial of all the questions those two video clips raise. Stop and listen to what Perry Noble is saying! If he is indeed telling the truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth, the admission he makes in that first video is every bit as ugly and outrageous as a lie. Here’s a man who is supposed to be a shepherd to the flock of God, arrogantly boasting that he looks for ways to anger and offend Christians who are more conservative than he is.

He hits on a particularly offensive idea. In this case, it’s a stunt so carnal he doesn’t even bother to argue that it has any redeeming spiritual value. Then he and his elders “pray” together to “seek the Lord’s direction” about it—and decide to go ahead and do it? Yikes. If that doesn’t offend every synapse in your brain, you must be devoid of love for Christ’s church.

If James MacDonald thinks the big problem with Noble’s statement was the “contradiction,” and if he is more troubled by the critics’ “tone” than he is by Perry Noble’s swaggering self-congratulation, then MacDonald is not going to be a very helpful mentor to Perry Noble.

I’ll say again: the public “mentoring” of bad-boy pastors by men who have earned a degree of respectability is a Really Bad Idea. If you’re a famous pastor who truly wants to be a help to a young foul-mouthed narcissist rock-star pastor, it would be better to do it privately and withhold your public affirmations of the punk pastor until he gains enough maturity to actually meet the biblical requirements for eldership. (Online source)

Johnson is dead-on-target; and yet James MacDonald tells us:

hear me, I LOVE PERRY NOBLE. He is a long-suffering servant of Christ, and I praise God for his passion to see people reached with the gospel. (Online source)

The problem here is that the Seeker Driven CGM gospel of the changed life preached by these “young foul-mouthed narcissist rock-star” Prophet-Pastors like Perry Noble and Steven Furtick, who’s already far surpassed his mentor, is creating scores of false converts.

Still-born “Christ-followers” who think they’re saved, but in reality, remain unregenerate. In closing this, for now, I show Perry Noble doing his best today to prove Phil Johnson correct as he tweets:

(Online source)

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