In this time of growing apostasy within the church visible, as an online apologetics and discernment work helping to pioneer this much-needed field, Apprising Ministries continues on in our coverage of the falling away of the evangelical community with its new traditions of men (cf. Mark 7:9).

One of them in our pouty postmodern centerd on the self generation is turning the love of God into an idol in order to 1) try and escape having to make actual doctrinal stands and 2) to continue on unaccountable to Scripture with whatever given bromance one is currently involved in.

Unfortunately the fruit from something called the Elephant Room (ER), put on by Reformed Gospel Coalition Council member James MacDonald is beginning to have a bad odor about it. One of the people involved in the discussions was pouty prophet-pastor Perry Noble.

Yesterday in Perry Noble Whines About Critics…Again I reminded you that Noble happens to be one of the blustery Popes Of The Carolinas along with his disciple prophet-pastor Steven Furtick, who also shared his Seeker Driven spiritual skubalon in the ER as well.

What I showed you yesterday was the reason why Noble was drawing criticism in the first place was because he was actually caught in a lie concerning his methodology in some of his approach to his own pragmatic Seeker Driven ecclesiology. So, here’s the evidence once again.

At :13 in the video below on March 31, 2011 in the ER Perry Noble says:

When we get together [his staff]; we don’t just get together and go, “how can we p**s a lot of people off? I know, Highway To Hell, that’ll do it.” We pray; we seek the Lord, we’re asking, we’re beginning for His direction.

It’s not just me going, “I think I got a good shock effect thing this Easter.” It’s, we really come together with a purpose that we really feel that God wants us to do in the service.

The heart of the matter here is that 11 days earlier on march 20, 2011 watch below as Perry Noble quite specifically says to the pastors attending his Unleashed church leadership conference that he sometimes does try and p**s people off with what he does in a church service:

No way around it; first Noble says he sometimes uses shock value effect to anger so-called religious people [translation: those who would hold him accountable to God’s Word]. Then 21 days later Noble declares something polar opposite and says he does not do what he clearly said earlier he did.

The reason I brought you the video evidence is so that you could watch Noble’s mocking gestures, the delighted look on his face, as well as hear the tone in which he told the audience—to cheers and applause no less—sometimes he does intentionally try and anger people in a church service.

So, did Perry Noble lie; James MacDonald emphatically declared today: Perry Noble Didn’t Lie!!!

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