Previously in Perry Noble Says You’re A Jackass here at Apprising Ministries I told you that Noble, one of the Popes Of The Carolinas along with his disciple prophet-pastor Steven Furtick, says that the Christian who wants to go deeper into God’s Word is a “jackass.”

In the video clips below, where you’ll see how these pastors beat their sheep, Perry Noble also quotes John Maxwell telling us the following pietistic foolishness that supposedly “most Christians are educated way beyond their level of obedience anyway.”

You may recall the following tweet from Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren, who has himself now been pronounced “doctrinal and sound” by Dr. John Piper, concerning Noble and Furtick:

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Well, they got the ideas about teaching their churches from Warren, who tweeted yesterday:

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As you’ll see now, Rick Warren’s charges learned his lesson well:

Right around the time PDL Pope Warren tweeted, Perry Noble began whining about his critics:

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Sounds impressive; but 1) the Seeker Driven prophet-pastor’s playbook tells them to never address criticism directly; and 2) it can just as easily be said, if one doesn’t pay heed to their godly critics it will result in their missing correction from the One Who loves and promises to be with them.

Then a bit later Noble would also tweet:

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Really; how does Perry Noble know that? Answer: He doesn’t. So I replied in yet another attempt to give Noble the counterpoint:

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In closing this, for now, let me remind you what criticism was on the table and prophet-pastor Perry Noble was whining about. You see, early yesterday I put up a video in the Apprising Ministries piece Dung In The Elephant Room: Perry Noble where Perry Noble is actually caught in a lie.

Now, the language you’re about to see used by prophet-pastor Perry Noble is coarse. I’ll do my best to respect Christian dignity here; however, you need to understand that Noble speaks at evangelical conferences where he instructs other pastors how to be pastors. That’s why I have to cover this.

In fact, not only do Gospel Coalition Council members James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll not correct Perry Noble, watch as Driscoll actually smiles when Noble uses this language. At :13 in below on March 31, 2011 Noble says:

When we get together [his staff]; we don’t just get together and go, “how can we p**s a lot of people off? I know, Highway To Hell, that’ll do it.” We pray; we seek the Lord, we’re asking, we’re beginning for His direction.

It’s not just me going, “I think I got a good shock effect thing this Easter.” It’s, we really come together with a purpose that we really feel that God wants us to do in the service.

Resisting the urge to wrestle with the serpent, we leave aside that prophet-pastor Noble want us to believe God wanted the song Highway To Hell played for an Easter service:

The heart of the matter here is that 11 days earlier on march 20, 2011 watch below as Perry Noble quite specifically says the pastors attending his Unleashed church leadership conference that he sometimes does try and p**s people off with what he does in a church service:

So in the end, pouty potty-mouthed prophet-pastor Perry can whine all he wants to about those gunky-headed critics, but the evidence is quite clear that he’s really not so noble after-all.

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