In Pastrix Paula White Set To Be Crowned Queen here at Apprising Ministries I first began covering what turned out to be a rather odd story, which actually broke during Super Bowl weekend.

There we found out that Florida Courier was carrying a story indicating that “Rabbi” Ralph Messer was supposedly going to crown White queen “during a Super Bowl Sunday service” at New Destiny Christian Center, the other “church” where she is pastrix.

I hadn’t really intended to spend a whole lot of time with this kind of lunacy in the Lord’s Name; but I need to cover the story because of it’s connection to the Elephant Room 2.

ER2 essentially ended up to be a spiritual version of scripted docudramas known as Reality TV. You’ll see clear evidence in There’s More To The Resignation Of James MacDonald From Gospel Coalition that a major reason why MacDonald resigned from TGC was to embrace Word Faith mogul T.D. Jakes as his Christian brother.

The overwhelmingly positive response to ER2 has now virtually made Jakes a mainstream evangelical. As such, people now need to understand that Jakes’ WF associations can now legitimately be introduced into evidence as we begin to examine his Christian character and teachings.

James MacDonald made the decision to act as defense attorney for T.D. Jakes and put him on the witness stand in ER2. As we now begin our cross-examination of Jakes we find him below lavishing high praise upon Pastrix Paula White as she tells us he is her spiritual mentor:

Briefly, in Word Faith Prosperity Preacher Eddie Long Crowned King I showed that “Rabbi” Ralph Messer heads up a quasi-church called Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® (STBM):

(Online source)

The truth this “inter-faith” STBM is a rather confusing mishmash; in addition there’s strong evidence suggesting Messer denies the Trinity as a modalist himself. Even so, the report of Paula White possibly being crowned Queen by Messer gained enough legs that Christian Post reporter Nicola Menzie would end up covering it.

In Paula White to Be Crowned Queen? NDCC Pastor Denies Link to Eddie Long’s ‘Rabbi’  she told us:

Paula White, senior pastor and “Apostolic Overseer” of late Zachery Tims’ New Destiny Christian Center as well as Without Walls International Church, has denied any connection to a rabbi seen in a widely-circulated video “crowning” Eddie Long king in an elaborate Torah ceremony at his Georgia megachurch. (Online source)

Apprising Ministries then brought you White’s public denial in Looks Like No Queen Coronation For Paula White:

(Online source)

Now, as it concerns the character of pastrix Paula White, whose mentor is Word Faith prosperity teacher T.D. Jakes, let’s look a bit more closely at her statement. As we do, we note:

In the past, Pastor Paula has interviewed Rabbi Messer on her television show.
(Online source)

This is certainly true as you can see by the following from Messer’s You Tube Torah TV channel:

(Online source)

However, here’s where White’s statement concerning Ralph Messer becomes quite questionable:

She does not endorse him in any way, and she will not be participating in any events with him. Any suggestion to the contrary is totally false. (Online source)

Well, she may not be participating in any events with Messer in the future, but she has most certainly endorsed him in the past. Consider the fawning over Messer by pastrix White while she introduced him during one of his trips onto her program a couple of years ago. White calls him:

one of the leading experts—internationally known foremost, greatest teachers God has raised up for such a time as this—of the Torah, Rabbi Ralph Messer.

In the real world we call this an endorsement. Watch for yourself:

Then over at Paula White’s own website, right now, we will find Feast of Trumpets with White and Messer. You’ll see where White says Messer is “no stranger.” In fact, as she goes on with her introduction, White even refers to Messer as her “dear friend” with “an apostolic and evangelistic anointing” below:

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Beyond any reasonable doubt, that was also an endorsement of “internationally acclaimed Bible teacher, speaker, and minister-rabbi” Ralph Messer by T.D. Jakes’ spiritual daughter pastrix Paula White. So, the evidence does begin to reveal that White’s being a bit disingenuous in her statement above.

I’m afraid it gets even worse for White. You’re going to see”Rabbi” Ralph Messer in her Without Walls church talking about The International Center For Torah Studies in Denver, Colorado and Paula White Ministries and Without Walls “doing a joint effort together” below:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

We’re also about to witness something else, which proves to be quite interesting. Watch now as Messer performs his scroll-wrap ceremony with his dear friend Paula White. By the way, this was on her own TV program three years before Messer’s coronation of former King, Eddie Long—himself a good friend of T.D. Jakes.

We do wish to note that White would later say she had forgotten about this incident, which only makes this spiritually seedy situation all the more shadowy. While she isn’t called Queen, White obviously has absolutely no problem with Messer below:

Let’s think this through now; pastrix Paula White has a dear flamboyant friend like Robert Messer, whom she’s often worked with. It simply stretches past the point of credulity to believe that he’d put you through such a ridiculous ceremony as we just witnessed and then you’d have no recollection of it.

As far as pastrix Paula White’s penchant for appearing to be less than forthright, we remind you of Benny Hinn and Paula White Side By Side concerning an alleged affair. Their remarkably similar statements didn’t exactly come across as truthful; then they disappeared only later to reappear in an altered form. Why all the obfuscation?

I think we have reason to ask: Is this something White was taught? Returning to T.D. Jakes, a pattern seems to be emerging. For years T.D. Jakes has, at best, been very vague concerning his beliefs about the nature of God. At worst, Jakes has also seemed to come across as disingenuous as to what he actually believes about the Trinity.

As I close this, for now, in addition to being Word Faith royalty there’s no doubt that T.D. Jakes is also a very successful business man. It’s very likely that he’s well versed in doublespeak. We see what looked like an example in ER2 where Jakes essentially said, “I’m a trinitarian-modalist.” It seems his charge pastrix Paula White’s learned well.

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