I first mentioned “hipster” pastor Carl Lentz aka the “Apostle of Cool,” here at Apprising Ministries in my article NYC Hillsong Hipster Pastor Carl Lentz Hedging On Homosexuality, which was even quoted the other day by Alex Kocman of Charisma magazine in his report Hillsong NYC’s ‘Apostle of Cool’ Carl Lentz Waffling on Homosexuality.

Later I’d write a follow up on Lentz, co-founder and lead pastor of Hillsong NYC (HNYC), entitled Pastor Carl Lentz Using Bait And Switch With Homsoexuality? In the first piece I showed you that Lentz is being unclear (at best) concerning the deviant lifestyle of having sexual relations with another of the same sex, i.e homosexuality.

Then in my second article I offered why he appears to be doing so. It’s a common tact with these evangelical megachurches to employ a bait and switch technique to supposedly bring people to Christ. The vision-casting prophet-pastor promises in his sermon something people in society are looking for, money, self-esteem, a better sex life, etc. ((I described how the prophet-pastor operates e.g. in Indoctrinating Children into the Cult of Steven Furtick?))

After luring people into his mega social club with said bait, the hipster pastor then switches and includes a little bit of a pitch to become a “Christ-follower.” The implication being, it’s cool to follow Jesus now as you can still have the things the world desires because He has a wonderful plan for your life; and then afterward, He’ll will take you to heaven.

Of course, someone like Carl Lentz would deny this is what he and Evangelical Ecumenical Magisterium member Judah Smith are doing. However, the evidence quite clearly shows that this is exactly what they’re doing. I say, a modern fulfillment of this:

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

Now, you might ask, “Wait a minute, what’s Judah Smith got to go with this?” I’ll show you in a moment; but first, these kinds of megachurch playpens prove very adept at attracting celebrities like Justin Bieber, hence the reason these Seeker Driven megachurches are also known as the “attractional” model. One can be of the world, and yet still, well, be in the world.

You see, what’s missing in the SD/attractional model is the Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ Name. ((This article gives you a good working knowledge of the spiritual bankruptcy of the Seeker Driven message:, accessed 6/9/14.)) So, as a result, celebrity “Christ-followers” fit right in. Ok, now to Judah Smith; you may recall that I first told you about this Seeker Driven figure a few years ago in Charismatic Quasi-Prosperity Preacher Judah Smith.

Smith, a Hillsong Church favorite, ((Smith’s been preaching at Hillsong Church since at least 2010 as you’ll see here: Passion 2013 Speaker Judah Smith Sings Taylor Swift And Talks Sex.)) is co-Lead Pastor at a charismaniac megachurch called The City Church of Seattle along with his wife, pastrix Chelsea Smith. ((This is an example of Smith’s preaching: Judah Smith’s Passionate Taking God’s Name In Vain.)) Of course, he comes complete with the blessing of EEM member and General of the Seeker Driven Army Rick Warren:


Then a couple of years ago I showed you Judah Smith With Justin Bieber’s Swag Coach Ryan Good and a quasi-Christian video Smith did with Good. This brings us to the report Justin Bieber Baptisted by Pastor Carl Lentz After Usher, Scooter Braun Defend Singer for ‘Racist Video’ Controversy where we’re informed:

Justin Bieber has been baptized by Pastor Carl Lentz in New York City after controversial videos from the singer’s past were recently leaked online.

According to TMZ, Bieber was seen being baptized by the “Apostle of Cool” Pastor, Carl Lentz, in a bathtub after previously studying the Bible with him for an entire week.” (source)

Carey Lodge of Christian Today adds:

While Justin Bieber has become well-known for boozy nights out and getting in trouble with the law, he reportedly spent this weekend rather unusually for a pop star – getting baptised.

According to gossip website TMZ, the 20-year-old spent the past week studying the Bible with Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz before being baptised in a friend’s bathtub. He apparently chose the unique location after being unable to find a church where the ceremony could be conducted privately.

It follows a week of controversy for the star after two videos surfaced showing Bieber making racist jokes and substituting the lyrics to one of his hit songs with racist slurs.(source)

It’s important to note here that BREATHEcast News Reporter William Rameau does inform us:

Two videos were recently leaked online where Bieber made a number of jokes that some are calling racist. The jokes were made in regards to African-Americans and joining the Klu Klux Klan. However, it has emeged that the videos were made a long time ago – the first video was made when he was 14-years-old, and the second when he was 15-years-old. (source)

Which is about how long Justin Bieber’s been talking about being a Christian; so, the baptism would appear to be a bit late. ((There is talk that Bieber was baptized as a child:, accessed 6/9/14.)) Bieber’s apparently been playing at being “Christian” for quite some time. ((For example, last year Bieber referred to Judah Smith as “my pastor”:, accessed 6/9/14.)) As Lodge also brings out:

Despite his bad-boy image, Bieber has spoken about his faith numerous times, and enjoys a close relationship with Lentz, as well as lead pastor of The City Church, Seattle, Judah Smith, who apparently texts the him Bible verses each day.

The three have shared pictures of their time together on social media, and Bieber even posted a video of one of Lentz’s sermons on his Twitter account, where he has over 52 million followers. (source)

Well, here’s the thing; if you’re going to be a pastor to the stars like Smith and Lentz, then the celebs you teach are the fruit of your labor. The notoriety cuts both ways guys. Just about a year ago in Christ.Culture.News we saw Justin Bieber Discusses His ‘Savior Jesus’ With Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz where we found:

Justin Bieber shared a photo of him hanging out recently and talking about Christianity with Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz and his buddy Ryan Good…

Pastor Carl Lentz shared the photo himself, writing:

“Sure do love my friends @ryangood24 @justinbieber ..discussing things such as: sometimes it SEEMS like although all us ‘Christians’ live in GLASS HOUSES, people (especially social media “Christians”) still develop an uncanny propensity to be olympian level expert rock throwers and criticism/foolish judgement is far to prevalent..the TRUTH is that Jesus outweighs em all.. there is so much GOOD, so many GRACE FILLED/KIND/HUMBLE people in this world that our job is to simply ‘tune out the noise’ from the world and ‘turn up the volume’ on the voice from is GOOD when you can hear from GOD! #occupyallstreets #churchinthewild #leavemymanJBaloneandcleanupyourownife #shouldkeepyousobusy #loveyoueitherway #twerk?”

Lentz is apparently defending Bieber from online criticism, as he was sure to add some key hashtags, like “Leave my man JB alone and clean up your own (l)ife.” Although he “love you either way” and…something about “twerk(ing)” for whatever reason. (source)

Frankly, it looks to me like charismaniac cult of celebrity pastors Carl Lentz and Judah Smith are looking for some of the same attention as the celebrities they hang with. Well gentlemen, now you’ve got it.

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