Apprising Ministries wishes you to know that white smoke has now appeared over the Baltimore Convention Center as Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been elected the new SBC pope president.

You might recall from my earlier piece Dr Ronnie Floyd Teaching WF Fables from Robert Morris that Floyd has been Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas for 26+ years.

Christian Post reporter Stephanie Samuel now further fills us in concerning Floyd’s election:

Southern Baptists elected Arkansas Pastor Ronnie Floyd on Tuesday to be the new president of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

Floyd was elected by messengers during the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2014 Annual Meeting, beating out SBC presidential nominees Dennis Manpoong Kim of Maryland and Jared Moore of Kentucky. Over 3,000 messengers voted and Floyd won on the first ballot, receiving 51.6 percent of the votes.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological seminary, had praised the Arkansas pastor, whom he nominated, as “dependable” and “faithful” and someone who will “lead all Southern Baptists and lead them well,” during his nomination address to messengers prior to the voting.

Floyd’s election is an apparent approval of his focus on church growth and international missions. (source)

The election of Ronnie Floyd, and the decision to bring in sinful ecumenicist and Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren as Keymote Speaker for the SBC’s 2014 Pastor’s Convention, would appear to me to signal that the SBC may also be heading into a more Seeker Driven and ecumenical direction as well. ((Note also that James MacDonald was also a keynote speaker at SBC’s PC14 along with his fellow Evangelical Ecumenical Magisterium (EEM) member Rick Warren.I’ve pointed out, e.g. in Evangelical Ecumenical magisterium Member Steven Furtick with an Ode to Self, that ever since the ignominious Elephant Room (ER) of MacDonald, and his partner in spiritual crime Mark Driscoll, we’ve seen the participants—and their various comrades—uniting. So, for a couple of years now I’ve been discussing with you what sure appears to me to be a new self-appointed EEM comprised of likeminded prophet-pastors that’s been growing up around that ER of MacDonald and Driscoll.))

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