Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren just can’t seem to stay out of the news; but then again, who said he tries to. For example, there’s this announcement the other day from Biola University (BU), corrupted by Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism, and which is supposedly “a leading Christ-centered university in Southern California.” ((http://bit.ly/1jzcrxm, accessed 5/27/14.)) We find out that Rick and Kay Warren to Receive Honorary Doctorates at Biola University Commencement:

Saddleback Church co-founder and author Kay Warren will give Biola University’s Spring 2014 Commencement address on May 23. She and her husband, Rick Warren, pastor and co-founder of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., will both receive honorary doctorates at the evening undergraduate commencement ceremony. (source)

As you can see in my 2011 piece Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism Invades Evangelicalism with Rick Warren and Kay Warren Leading the Charge, the Warren’s fit right in with BU’s spurious CSM. ((I covered this e.g. back in 2oo8 in Managing Editor for Biola Magazine Confirms Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism at Biola. I showed you a more specific example in J.P. Moreland of Biola University on God as a Chatty Cathy where you’ll see Dr. J.P. Moreland, “the Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of TheologyBiola University teaching the occultism of subjective CSM.)) By the way, if you didn’t know, Rick Warren does already have an earned doctorate from the spiritual black hole known as Fuller Theological Seminary. Actually, Warren’s mentor for his doctrinal thesis was New Apostolic Reformation spiritual wing nut, “Apostle” C. Peter Wagner. ((I’ve covered this previously, e.g. in Rick Warren on Mentors like C. Peter Wagner.))

Would you like to see what type of mentor Rick Warren has had in C. Peter Wagner? Well, here’s NAR Grand Poobah Apostle Wagner in action teaching dominionism, ((For more in-depth coverage of this dastardly doctrine I refer you to What is Dominionism? From that article, we find that a good working definition of dominionism would be: The belief that we (mankind) have a mandate to build the “kingdom of God” on earth, restoring paradise, by progressively and supernaturally transforming ourselves and all societal institutions, through subduing and ruling the earth by whatever means possible, including using technology, science and psycho-social engineering; and then and only then will a “Christ” manifest his presence on earth.)) which is a very key doctrine of the NAR cult:

[mejsvideo src=”https://www.apprising.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/WagnerDominionism.m4v” width=640 height=360]

It turns out that there’s other news regarding Rick Warren as well as I previously told in SBC Pastor’s Conference 2014 with Rick Warren, Francis Chan. and James MacDonald. This is because Warren is to be a keynote speaker for the SBC Pastor’s Conference 2014—Show Us Your Glory (PC14) coming up June 8-9 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore. MD. Like I said in Rick Warren on Roman Catholic EWTN Network, it’s beyond any shadow of a doubt that Warren is one of the most recognized pastors aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention, which is reputed to be the largest Protestant denomination in the United States. ((According to Thom Rainer, who is the president and CEO of the SBC’s LifeWay Christian Resources: http://thomrainer.com/2013/03/26/the-15-largest-protestant-denominations-in-the-united-states/, accessed 5/27/14.))

You may also recall how I’ve shown you, e.g. in Rick Warren And Teachings Of Demons, that for years now Warren’s really been leading a charge within evangelicalism for full Christian fellowship to be restored completely to the apostate Roman Catholic Church (RCC). However, rather than being rebuked for his sinful ecumenism by the leadership within the Protestant SBC, Rick Warren has actually been rewarded by them with this prime time opportunity to teach their pastors. So, as a former Roman Catholic, and an SBC pastorfor nowI thought I’d gather together for you here some of Warren’s conflicting comments concerning the Protestant Reformation.

Lord willing, in the coming days I’ll be bringing you some more of the Wisdom of Warren, regarding the abominable Roman Catholic Church itself, that he could share with your SBC pastor’s in just a couple of weeks at the SBC’s PC14. As I’ve pointed out many times before, the RCC is a satanic organization that long ago condemned the very Gospel of Jesus Christ itself. Unfortunately, ignorance of Church history mars much of the mainstream evangelical community and they don’t remember things such as I just showed you the other day in The Roman Catholic Church is now a Christian Denomination?

In that article I cited the History of the Doctrine of Justification from Dr. John Gerstner (191-1996) that begins by reminding us:

“The doctrine by which the church stands or falls.” So said Martin Luther about justification by faith alone. John Calvin agreed, calling justification by faith the “hinge” of the Reformation.

Dr. Gerstner then correctly informed us that:

It was not until the Council of Trent (1545-1563) that justification was officially confirmed as a process based on human merit derived through divine grace. This was the article in Session VI, Canon 7 of the Council of Trent which led the Roman Catholic Church away from the orthodox teaching on justification. (source)

The doctrine of justification is critical to a proper understanding of the Gospel; and simply put, speaks to how God declares an unworthy sinner pardoned because of the finished work on the Cross by Christ Jesus. ((This transcript of a message by Dr. S. Lewis Johnson will prove helpful in understanding the critical importance of justification to the Protestant Reformation: http://sljinstitute.net/the-theology-of-the-reformers/the-legal-or-forensic-character-of-justification/, accessed 5/27/14.)) Finally in regard to the Wisdom of Dr. Warren concerning the Protestant Reformation, let point you once more to Warren’s Christian Post piece The Five Stages of Renewal in the Local Church. Prophet Rick Warren proclaimed:

I believe God is preparing the church for another reformation. The first reformation focused on what the church believed; this one will focus on what it does.

For too long we’ve separated the Word of God from the work of God. As the church, we’re called to be the body of Christ – the whole body…

A great spiritual awakening is on the horizon… Exciting days are ahead of us!… (source)

Ok, for the sake of argument, let’s allow this prophecy by Rick Warren from 2008; as we could make a case that there has been a “reformation” of sorts. However, it wasn’t of God because what we’ve actually seen is a de-formation with the visible Christian community. Ah, but I digress. PDL Pope Warren was right when he said, “The first reformation focused on what the church believed.” Indeed; and Protestants—not separating the Word of God from the work of God—went with what Scripture says concerning the Gospel, while the Church of Rome placed her anathema upon it. And I showed you from official Roman Catholic sources, yet again, that The Roman Catholic Church Hasn’t Changed its Condemnation of the Gospel.

However, years ago in Rick Warren Reversing the Reformation (RWRR) I demonstrated to you that Warren has also made his own personal position quite clear concerning the apostate Church of Rome, Satan’s best counterfeit of the Christian faith, when he told the Pew Forum, “The small group structure is the structure of renewal in every facet of Christianity — including [Roman] Catholicism.” ((http://www.pewforum.org/2005/05/23/myths-of-the-modern-megachurch/, accessed 5/27/14)) But in RWRR you’ll also read that, at the same time out of the other side of his mouth, Rick Warren is telling us, “the First Reformation, begun by Martin Luther, was about the creeds (doctrine). Our doctrines were established by the First Reformation.” ((As cited by self-appointed Rick Warren apologist Richard Abanes here: http://bit.ly/1fVRmOm, accessed 5/27/14.))

And so, the question we need to ask here is: Which Rick Warren are we to believe? The one who says the Roman Catholic Church, with her false gospel, is part of the Body of Christ; or, should we instead listen to the Rick Warren who tells us, “Our doctrines were established by the First Reformation.” For you see, these statements are actually diametrically opposed; because the Lord’s Church Reformers like Luther and Calvin et al most clearly called the Roman Catholic Church apostate (and worse). ((See e.g. Martin Luther said the Roman Catholic Church is Apostate…and…worse… and John Calvin: Pope Standard-Bearer of a Wicked and Abominable Kingdom.)) So Biblically, we would really have to refer to Rick Warren as being, at best, double-minded (cf. James 1:8) when it comes to the Church of Rome.

And yet this is the type of Wisdom of Warren that the SBC has decided is a great idea to expose your pastors to.

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