As an online apologetics and discernment ministry (OADM) Apprising Ministries covers a growing array of apostasy as the Lord continues sending spiritual blindness across professing Christendom in the U.S. One source which has fueled this in the past couple of years is the Elephant Room 2 council of Evangelical Ecumenical Magisterium members James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll.

In ER2 they would bring in Word Faith prosperity heretic and reputed modalist T.D. Jakes. Then they proceeded to lob him a few softball questions concerning Jakes’ views concerning the cardinal doctrine of the Holy Trinity; and as a result, he was essentially allowed to affirm both of these positions simultaneously.

They completely ignored the WF preaching of Jakes and would basically pronounce their blessing upon him. Although James MacDonald Was A Bit Late In Mainstreaming T.D. Jakes within evangelicalism as a whole, ER2 did open a door for Jakes to slither into the young, restless and reformed camp; and with him other WF preachers as well.

All of which is yet another illustration of just how much ground the WF movement is gaining within the mainstream of evangelicalism. As such, things like this, sadly, have now become relevant. If you didn’t know, Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez is:

president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), the nation’s largest Christian Hispanic organization representing more than 40,000 churches,… He is an Assemblies of God Ordained Minister since the age of 23. Rodriguez also serves as Senior Pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center in Sacramento, CA (source)

The NHCLC website also informs us:

CNN named Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, “The leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement”. The Wall St. Journal identified him as one of America’s 7 most influential Hispanic Leaders, and the only religious leader on the list.

Meanwhile the San Francisco Chronicle described Samuel as one of the 6 Leaders of the New Evangelical Leadership. Charisma Magazine Identifies Rev. Samuel Rodriguez as America’s most influential spirit-filled Christian Leader in the political sphere.  By God’s Grace, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez stands as one of America’s Leading Christian Voices. (source)

Here’s another area that raises very serious concerns about Rev. Samuel Rodriguez as it appears:

Although Rodriguez tries not to flaunt it, he cannot hide the fact that he is a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), a movement that is transforming historic Pentecostalism and is playing an outsized role in American politics by building networks that span across denominations and churches. (source)

I’ll introduce you further to Rodriguez another time; however, for now let me tell you that the following comes from a message entitled “The Breakout Kings,” which Samuel Rodriguez delivered  at the 2012 ManPower conference. You may already know that this event is put on annually by T.D. Jakes.

Watch now as Rodriguez, the “leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement,” pays his homage to the heretical Jakes and tells him that the 40,000 church strong NHCLC of Samuel Rodriguez is “honored to partner” with Jakes:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

Then, after you view the following, you’ll know why Rodriguez is quick to partner with T.D. Jakes; he sounds an awful lot like Jakes as he preaches the very same, centered on the self, Word Faith prosperity-type nonsense as his approving hero does:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

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