Apprising Ministries told you a couple of years ago that reputed modalist and Word Faith mogul “Bishop” T.D. Jakes, was fresh off his annual stint preaching for Southern Baptist pastor Ed Young, Jr when he was also a featured speaker for Bill Hybels and Willow Creek Church in 2010. ((http://www.willowcreek.com/ProdInfo.asp?invtid=PR34744, accessed 1-1-13.))

Remember, he was yet to have been mainstreamed at ER2 by James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll; so despite his denial of the Trinity at that time, i.e. the very nature of God, there was Jakes right alongside Hybels, Andy Stanley, and some others at The Global Leadership Summit 2010. ((In fact, Jakes had been there in 2004 as well: http://www.willowcreek.com/ProdInfo.asp?invtid=PR25244, accessed 1-1-13.))

I’ve told you before that T.D. Jakes is not a godly man to be admired.  No, he is actually a rebel against the Word of God who regularly teaches, and consorts, with a whole host of his fellow WF heretics, e.g. Elephant Room 2′s T.D. Jakes Praising Paul And Jan Crouch On TBN 7-10-12.

By the way, that appearance on TBN was well after ER2 and his inferred repentance in supposed private discourse between Jakes and MacDonald. You see, those of us who still have reasoning ability recognize MacDonald’s logical fallacy of using an argument from ignorance. ((You can hear MacDonald infer this on the Chris Fabry Show here: ELEPHANT ROOM 2′S T.D. JAKES, PASTRIX PAULA WHITE & HIS UPCOMING WOMEN THOU ART LOOSED CONFERENCE))

Imagine being in a court room and trying to tell the judge that you’re innocent of the charge because you could bring in fifty people who didn’t see you do the alleged crime. We also have the fruit of T.D Jakes’ spiritual prodigy such as WF Pastrix Paula White: As Paul Is To Timothy, So T.D. Jakes Is To Me.

The first segment of the exclusive AM video clip below begins with Jakes praying in a way typical of what you hear from all Word Faith preachers. Next you see Jakes teaching he’s going to be tearing down territorial spirits and then he moves on to supposedly breaking generational curses.

However, what Word Faith adherents such as T.D. Jakes are talking about is:

is a pagan concept that holds certain demonic spirits rule over specific geographic areas.

[S]ome Christians accept the notion of ‘territorial spirits’ as readily as pagans, the only difference being that they believe that such ‘spirits’ should be confronted through authoritative prayer and commands issued ‘in the Spirit’.
– Source: Territorial Spirits, by Charles Hoole, Evangelicals Now, Mar. 1998

This idea is promoted by, among others, adherents ofKingdom Now theology, which holds that Jesus can not return unless and until “the Church” subdues and rules the earth.

The concept’s main proponent is C. Peter Wagner, who has influenced countless Christians — mainly within Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal traditions — to wage spiritual warfare against what they view as ‘spiritual strongholds.’

Many Christians have also been influenced by descriptions of angels, demons, and spiritual warfare in the fictional books of Frank E. Peretti.

Simplified examples of the battle against territorial spirits may include believers praying against the ‘Spirit of Lust’ over Amsterdam’s Red Light District, against a ‘Spirit of Greed’ over portions of Las Vegas, or ‘Spirits of Witchcraft’ over sections of New Orleans. (source, emphasis theirs)

As far as so-called generational curses is concerned, Christian apologist Mike Oppenheimer of the leading OADM work Let Us Reason Ministries is helpful as he explains:

Everyone at one time or another because of circumstances that seemed so bad probably had the thought run through their mind, “am I cursed.” If you listen to some of the popular teachers today it just may reinforce this false thought. With all the books and teachings on Generational Curses, familiar spirits, family curses, that hinder the work of God in a region or country, or ones own family.

One wonders how anyone can survive this onslaught of the enemy from the past. Generational repentance is taught as the method needed to break these curses, spiritual mapping is used to target the strongholds the enemy has had in the family along with a host of other non-biblical teachings. Even people who are poor need to break the curse of poverty, because it is blamed on a curse placed on your family finances somewhere in the past.

If poverty is always a curse, then we have a whole continent[s] that is cursed. Furthermore, we must admit the apostles had a curse, because they were poor. They say so themselves (1 Corinthians 4:11-12; Acts 3:6). Jesus asked the rich man to give away his goods to the poor (Mark 10:21-22). We do not see him break a curse of poverty for people who are poor, in fact the Bible says the poor are rich in faith (James 2:5), which is what is needed to be pleasing to God. In the beginning of the Church the apostles received a large amount of goods and money which they distributed “according to each person’s need” (Acts 2:45).

Romans 15:26: “For it pleased those from Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor among the saints who are in Jerusalem.” When Paul took money from one church to help another, he had nothing to say about a curse of poverty. Why do some people read into Scripture what is not there? I could go on and on and cite many more examples to see the silliness of this teaching, but this should be sufficient to see it is correct.

It is not my intention to address any specific teachers philosophy on this subject but in general look at the common teaching shared by them all. Today, the teaching of curses it has been popularized by Neil Anderson, Joyce Meyers, Marilyn Hickey, Larry Huch, Benny Hinn, Cleansing Streams and many more. You will find that 90% of their teaching on curses is from the Old Testament, Why? Because you cannot justify this teaching by New Testament! There are some who have written books and devoted their whole ministry to taking care of a curse that is not mentioned in the New Testament.

In the New Testament, in Jesus’ ministry He cursed only one thing– the fig tree, saying, “Let no fruit grow on you ever again,” and the fig tree withered (Mt. 21:19; Mark 11:14). He also spoke about curses from people. In the only reference in the New Testament where He tells us what to do if someone cursed us, Jesus said, “Bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you” (Luke 6:28). He did not give us fancy methods, or special words on how to break curses.

He taught the believers specifically how to deal with curses without any superstitious teachings that would bring fear of an evil that would occur to them. BLESS THEM. In other words– do good to them by your actions; try to reach them. Jesus did not give a supernatural spiritual solution but a very practical one– do what they would have done by someone who is their friend and cares for them. (source)

In this particular section of the video to follow we couldn’t have a clearer demonstration of a master myth-maker as T.D. Jakes whips up the crowd and tells the poor fools under his hypnotic spell exactly what they already wanted to hear a la 2 Timothy 4:3-4:

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

After the flock he’s deceiving calms down you’ll hear Jakes talk about honoring disgraced “Bishop” Eddie Long as an alleged great “man of God.” According to Jakes, Long is set to be “hurled into his destiny” and he tells the crowd Long is their “spell-breaker,” with some of his message in “tongues.”

Jakes then lays hands on his good friend Eddie Long and prays over him. After which, just as the premier WF showmen such Benny Hinn would do, Jakes gives Long the slight shove upon his forehead and down he goes. We’re supposed to be impressed with Jakes’ power as Long is “slain in the spirit.”

While Long lays prostrate on the floor some in his court come and place coverings over him. Meanwhile Jakes returns to whipping up the faithful into an even higher fever pitch promising them that they’ve now been set free from various bondages as well as from territorial spirits and generational curses.

After the Master Myth-Maker senses that the fickle flock has come back down to a simmer Jakes tells them he didn’t really come there to Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (NBMBC) to “sell books.” Although he does manage to drop that his book at the time was “number 10 on the NY Times best seller list.”

So, while Jakes then proceeds to do a long commercial for that book—even claiming God literally spoke to him while writing—Jakes reiterates that *wink* he’s not there to sell books. But even so, he says:

Here’s my concern. I’m afraid that the world’s gonna get the principles that God gave me for the church. And the church, who won’t read, is gonna miss what God gave me for you.

I want you, over the next few weeks before I get here [for an upcoming conference], to get the jump on the rest of the people that are coming; to get this word [in his book] in your heart, and in your spirit. If you normally don’t read—I don’t care if you read three pages a night, a chapter a week—I don’t care if you put it in your bathroom, read it while you’re sitting on the toilet—I don’t care what you gotta do.

God gave me something for a year and a half God’s been taking to me about what’s going on in our house. We gotta stop these curses. It’s killing us. It’s killing us! It’s killing us!

You see, the faithful really needs these principles that came by direct divine revelation to T.D. Jakes; and they just happen to be in his book. Jakes continues:

I beg you; I plead with you, don’t let the world get these principles, without the church getting them first…curses are coming in because the devil is after the seed of the woman. He’s after your seed. He’s after your sons, your husbands.

Wow, no pressure there to have to purchase his book, huh? Jakes then makes it clear that he is NBMBC’s grandfather because their pastor Eddie Long is one his spiritual sons. Jakes again reminds the flock that he’s now moved out the territorial spirits and broken off their generational curses. Very impressive work, no?

Jakes informs them that when he comes back he’s going to have to teach NBMBC a “new language” so that they won’t make any negative confessions and allow the spirits to come back. Then in the very last segment you’ll see “Bishop” Eddie Long himself confirming that T.D. Jakes is indeed his spiritual “daddy.”

This is the kind of spiritual buffoonery that quasi-Word Faith/Seeker Driven cult of celebrity megapastors like two-time ER vet prophet-leader Steven Furtick and Major General in the Seeker Driven attractional church-planting camp Ed Young, Jr. are so enamored with as they praise T.D. Jakes. ((For example, see STEVEN FURTICK: T.D. JAKES IS MY FAVORITE PREACHER IN THE WORLD and ED YOUNG, JR WITH ELEPHANT ROOM 2′S T.D. JAKES ON TBN’S PRAISE THE LORD))

Considering that they’re part of the ecumenical evangelical magisterium, behold their Word Faith future:

[mejsvideo src=”https://www.apprising.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/JakesLong2004.mov” width=640 height=360]

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