Apprising Ministries first covered disgraced Word Faith revivalist Todd Bentley back in the 2008 piece Todd Bentley Is Absolutely A False Prophet, A Phony, And A Fraud.

The last time I mentioned him was in August of 2012 in Todd Bentley Told Stay Away From The UK where I pointed you to Erin Benziger, associate editor of the Christian Research Network.

She informed us that:

Todd Bentley is known for his outrageous and sometimes violent methods of “healing.” It was concern over this style that led to a call for Bentley and his tour to be denied entrance into the UK. Wicks was not the only one to express concern, and it has now been confirmed that the UK is refusing Bentley entrance into the country. (source)

Afterward on his website Todd bentley would lament:


Now it seems that this story has taken a decidedly nasty turn as we can see in Outrage as banned preacher Todd Bentley calls death of former Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks “the Lord’s justice”.

Chris Baynes of the UK’s Croydon Guardian reports that Bentley:

who was banned from the UK after a campaign led by Malcolm Wicks has provoked outrage by claiming that the late Croydon North MP’s death was divine retribution.

Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley, 36, was blocked from entering the country in August after Mr Wicks wrote to Home Secretary Theresa May to draw attention to his violent ‘healing’ practices.

Mr Bentley, who had been due to bring his world tour to the Croydon Conference Centre on August 21, claimed he could cure cancer by kicking sufferers in the face. (source)

As you’ll see below, Todd Bentley has, indeed, been known for his “healing” through violence, which he claims was actually ordered by God Himself:

Well, as it turns out the aforementioned Malcolm Wicks, who led the campaign to keep Todd Bentley out of the UK, has since died after succumbing to cancer on September 29.

Baynes then tells us that now Bentley is making the claim that, for opposing him, Wicks was actually struck down by God a la Ananias and Sapphira (cf. Acts 5:1-11):

Footage has now emerged of Mr Bentley telling followers that 65-year-old Mr Wicks’s death on September 29, after a battle with the disease, was “the Lord’s justice” for his opposition.

In the video, Mr Bentley says God had told him in a dream after the ban that “something very significant” would happen on September 29.

He says: “One thing that is significant about the whole thing is the Lord’s justice. On September 29 I was preaching in Ohio when I got a report that the man who lead the campaign against us in England had died suddenly of cancer. This was a clear release of God’s presence and power. The fear of the Lord is going to come.”  (source)

As you might imagine, after this self-serving insensitivity (to be charitable) from Todd Bentley many people are, quite rightly, angry about it. Baynes now continues:

Mr Wicks’ former political colleagues condemned the video posted on Mr Bentley’s website as “abhorrent”.

Tony Newman, leader of Croydon Council’s Labour group, said: “This sick and abhorrent behaviour is just further confirmation of why Malcolm and others called for this individual to be banned and I hope that he is never allowed to set foot in this country again.”

Churches in his constiutency have also condemned Mr Bentley’s preachings. Rev. Russell Lawson of St Alban the Martyr church, South Norwood, said: “I would certainly not condone this man’s comments at all.

“All Anglicans and everyone who comes to our church would be appalled by these comments.”  (source)

We can certainly understand why people should be appalled. In closing this, for now, Apprising Ministries brings you this following exclusive video clip below so you can see Todd Bentley making the comments in question.

In you didn’t know, the man you’ll see on stage with Bentley is New Apostolic Reformation “Apostle” Rick Joyner. He is the fool largely responsible for “restoring” Todd Bentley back to ministry. ((You can see the video in TODD BENTLEY TOLD STAY AWAY FROM THE UK))

Notice carefully that this false apostle absolutely agrees with Todd Bentley that God struck down Malcolm Wicks for opposing him. As we pick up Todd Bentley’s fable he’s just been talking about a “shift in the Spirit.”

For those of us versed in Word Faith mythology, this language is quite commonly used as these false apostles and prophets begin to share their delusions about what they claim the Lord is supposedly showing them.

Sure enough, in typical WF fashion, Bentley goes on to explain to us that we’re about to enter into a “new season” that he dreams is “really going to be an awesome time of the presence of God, the power of God, miracles.”

Bentley informs us that “something significant for me” happened on September 29th. He says that he doesn’t claim to be “a dreamer,” but supposedly, does “get revelation” which he claims comes directly from God Himself.

So, according to Bentley, when he does dream he absolutely knows for certain that “it’s really the Lord.” As I point you now to the following video clip Todd Bentley begins talking about a dream God allegedly gave to him.

A transcript follows below:

[mejsvideo src=”” width=640 height=360]

Todd Bentley: I had a profound visitation from the Lord in a dream. And in this dream I remember being at Morningstar. In fact, I was in a conference setting—just like this. And an individual—before I could walk out of the room—ran up to me, and he grabbed me, and he said, “Todd, mark your calendars.” That’s what he actually said. He said, “Mark your calendar.” And I looked at the man and I said, “I’m sorry, you got the wrong man. Maybe you should go to Bob Jones, or Rick Joyner, Bobby Conners, or one of the other prophets, because I don’t work by charts and times, and calendars, you know, what’s happening in Israel and this day, or this festival, or The Feast of Tabernacle [sic], or Pentecost, you know, you know, I don’t operate like that, you know.”

And so, I rebuked the man. And the man was from Cuba; is one thing I noticed. The man was from Cuba but living in Puerto Rico. And it was significant to have to do with one of the greatest revivals that’s going to happen in Cuba and Puerto Rico. And the fact that we were right here in Morningstar was significant, because this represents the prophetic movement; and a lot of what God is doing—not only here—in a lot of great prophetic places and churches and ministries and prophets all over the world. But for many years Morningstar has been on the cutting edge, pioneering—and I believe coming into a new season again—of pioneering a lot of what is happening in the prophetic movement. So, that’s been the ministry here; before our time.

And so, the fact that we’re in this venue, which has a lot to do with the international, you know, anointing that’s here, and the restoration. But in this dream when I said to the man, “God doesn’t talk to me like that,” he said, “The Lord said, ‘this time, mark your calendar September 29th; it’s the day of new beginnings. Everything is going to become new; something is going to be released.’” And I woke up from the dream and I thought, “Lord, I don’t even—I don’t know what it is. All I know is, there’s this shift, like a divine plumb-line that is going to come September 29th, and something is going to happen that is very significant.”

I didn’t know if it was for the world; I didn’t know if it was for an individual, I didn’t know—I knew it would be for me in some capacity, but I didn’t have the full revelation at that time. And so, I’ve been waiting for that day to come, September 29th. In the meantime, many of you that have followed our ministry and prayed for our ministry—and we just thank you for that—are aware in the last six weeks or so, that we had a world tour that we were going to be over in England, and some of those countries over there—Wales, Ireland, in the UK—we love England, we love the UK. I don’t know if we have anyone here visiting, but we just absolutely pray for revival; we believe a great revival is happening and is going to come in England and in the UK—great destiny—and I need to really say that.

But we came against some resistance; and I know it wasn’t the Lord. But it got the media and a lot of people around the world—especially over there in the United Kingdom—newspapers and different things like Huffington Post and The Guardian and BBC and all these major media outlets, which we haven’t really seen; the media have such an interest in what we were doing since the height of the revival in Lakeland Florida when it was at it’s strongest. That was the real—really the last time there was such a media frenzy. And one of the controversies, that was all over, is one of the headlines that made the newspaper over there in London was “faith kicking evangelist that kicks a woman in the face to cure cancer.”

And it kinda made all these newspapers and they started—it went viral—they started picking up all these stories about, you know, unorthodox methods of healing. And that this man has a violent ministry, and started to portray some things in the media; and it was surprising to me how quickly it became front page news in all the newspapers and started spreading all over the world. There was an individual that was an MP in England—

Rick Joyner:  A Member of Parliament.

Bentley:  Yeah, a Member of Parliament; outside of the city of London in a place called Croydon, which was one of the areas where they were going to host us for four days in one of the city halls that we had there. And there was some people that heard we were coming. And, you know, Rick’s always said over the years I probably had a gift of controversy. And I think we’ve helped the devil out sometimes more than we needed to. But never the less, some of these things in reports, you know, got to one of these individuals that was involved in gov—for over 20 years—one of the highest men that was a part the Labour minister [sic] at one time over there in London.

Anyways, he got some reports from some people in the city that I was coming. And they begun to look at my background, my testimony, and begun to look at some things that were on the Internet, of course, and got very concerned that this kind of an individual was going to come into their country and come into their city. And so, he led a campaign—a ban—that made it up to the highest levels of government in England. And they, make a long story short, banned us from the country. Not denied a visa—there was no visa process—there was no, it was just an outright ban, from the highest level of government.

In fact I picked up my telephone 12 hours before I was going to get on my flight to spend this month in the UK, and when my telephone rang and I answered it, it was the court, reading out in the court, in England, right up to the highest level of government, and basically saying, “you, you, we don’t want your threat to British society. And we don’t permit you—you’re banned—without any appeal; there can be no process.” In fact a lawyer that thought, “Well, you know, that’s not the case. There’s always a process.”

[He] started getting involved and took up our case. And then finally came back to us just a week or so ago and said, “Yeah, I’m sorry; but in this instance there really is no process. This is from the highest authority. This is like getting all the way to the President. This is from the top.” And I just, you know, saw it as such a resistance, because really what we’re standing against is healing, and miracles, and signs, and wonders. And it made the headlines—especially over there in the UK. So I said, “Well Lord, we put it in Your hands. W e’re going to pray for the government in the UK. We’re going to bless England. We’re going to love them.”

And when God closes one door, He opens another. And the door was opened and we went into Norway; we went into Finland; we went into Austria, and Germany, and we went into Rome. And then we went to Jerusalem. And God just opened wide the rest of Scandinavia and central Europe. And we saw some of the most incredible, notable, remarkable miracles take place; in just those few weeks that were over there in Europe. God really opened some doors. And really showed up in power; and thats the way that it is. When one door closes, God opens another door. And I think—is there anything you [Rick Joyner] want to say?

Joyner: [unintelligible, motions for Bentley to go on]

Bentley: I think one thing that’s significant—the whole thing—is the Lord’s justice, is a word that we have in our spirit. And I’m going to share a testimony with you thats very sobering, and very alarming. And I think we’re going to take a moment and pray for some people today—in government in England—in the UK. And we’re going to pray for a gentleman’s family. But September 29th, I was preaching in Ohio. And just before midnight, I got a report that the man that led the ban and the campaign against us in England died suddenly of cancer; on September 29th.

Joyner: Remember the Lord said, “Mark your calendar.” Now this is an important revelation.

Bentley: And I almost—even just sharing the story with trepidation—I-I-I, started weeping. And I thought, “Lord, this man had been battling with stage 4 cancer. And led the campaign. And all the news reports were ‘faith kicking evangelist that cures cancer.’ And it was all against, whether there’s been anybody who has really been healed of cancer.” And I thought, “Lord, I’ve never been banned from a country.” I’ve never been, you know—this is like Smith-Wigglesworth kind of things—and I don’t have time to address all the controversy. I’m sure there are people who are going, “Yeah, what about that? Did you kick a woman with your biker boot in the face? What about those, you know, people that you punched and slapped and kicked?”

And, you know, the untold story is [that] out of the 13 isolated incidents, in faith healing ministry in the last 15 years, where I’ve operated in the gift of faith—which I would call like Smith-Wigglesworth—every one of those cases were healed. And that none of the individuals on the other side, had any problem at that time; nor has our ministry received one lawsuit, for any kind of violent ministry. You’d think that if we had this ministry that was really hurting people, we would probably have a few arrests. Or a few, you know, police—or something. But in 15 years we haven’t had one individual that’s ever claimed an injury, brought a lawsuit; but, you know, you don’t hear the other side of the story. B ut never the less—

Joyner: You hear a lot of rumors that there are lawsuits and all this. Not true.

Bentley: Yeah. And when the Lord gave me the dream I had no idea what was coming because the only promise that I received was, in the ninth month, September; 2-9. And I kept thinking about the Scripture Haggai 2:9. And it was in the ninth month that God gave the promise that “the greater glory—the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former house.” And all I know is God saying, “staring September 29th there’s something of the realm of My glory, My presence and power that’s going to show up and all things are going to become new and the church is going to be able two years from now look back and mark that from that day there was a clear release of God’s presence and power.”

And I had no idea—[turns to Joyner] and I’d like to just take a moment, if we could. Can we take one minute and pray for this gentleman by the name of Malcolm Wicks that died on September 29th of cancer. I-I really believe that his family needs our prayers. And we just need to take a moment right now and say, “Lord, let Your glory—You turn all things together for good. We want Jesus to be lifted up and glorified; and we just want to take a moment right now and bless and pray for God’s outpouring in England; for the revival that’s going to happen in England, and in the UK. And we wanna thank You Father, right now, for a sovereign move’ a sovereign outpouring of grace and power.”

“And that we wanna ask, right now, Father for those that are grieving—what a loss it is oh God—and we need to pray for those that are in authority, Lord. And so we wanna pray today for every individual that was affected by this man’s life, and this man’s death. We pray that they would have the revelation of Jesus Christ in their heart; that You could reach them oh God, that You can make Jesus real the them Holy Spirit. We pray today that they would have the comfort that heaven brings; that they would have the revelation that heaven brings, that they would have the healing that heaven brings, in Jesus’ Name. And we—Father, we pray that the greatest revival in Europe—that it would come out of England—that it would come out of the UK, God; and that that government would come into revival Father. We pray for them today; we bless them today, in Jesus’ Name.”

Joyner: [clears throat] It said, “Mark your calendar.” Now, I think this represents the major opposition. This was the biggest opposition I’ve seen—a whole country banned somebody—a preacher of the gospel. Now, look at some of the crazy people that get in that country. Terrorists, and I mean—but this—mark this day. God is removing opposition from His people. He is going to take the opposition out of the way. And listen, we need to let the pure and holy fear of the Lord come upon us too. I tell you, it is going to be extremely costly to get in God’s way; for what He’s about to do. We need to take this with the utmost seriousness. And, we don’t want anybody dying. We don’t want Ananias’ and Sapphiras. This is serious business.

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