You know, after I initially posted this at Christian Research Net, which is an outreach of Apprising Ministries, I started to get a little concerned. Maybe I was wrong; so, I do hope I wasn’t too subtle here in my title and that people won’t end up missing what I’m trying to say. Ah well, maybe one of these days I’ll learn to say what’s really on my mind.

No one is happy that Bentley may be experiencing marital problems, however, with him out of the spotlight perhaps people may come to their senses and not react so emotionally. Here’s the defining issue; in their recent story “Thousands Flock to Revival in Search of Miracles” concerning Todd Bentley and his counterfeit “revival” that went on in Lakeland, FL ABC News, not surprisingly, points out:

When asked to present evidence of the healings, Bentley promised to give “Nightline” the names and medical records of three followers who would talk openly about his miracles. He never delivered. Instead, his staff gave “Nightline” a binder filled with what he says are inspiring miracles, but with scant hard evidence. It offered incomplete contact information, a few pages of incomplete medical records, and the doctors’ names were crossed out… (Online source)

This is completely opposite of miracles e.g. we see in the inspired texts of the New Testament which God did through Christ Jesus and His apostles. Hello people; “Mr. Reality on line two; says it’s time to wake up now.” As a pastor I feel led of the Lord to put it like this: Todd Bentley is absolutely a false prophet and whatever power was present at his revival was not from God but from Satan.

And further, in addition to any real manifestations of demon deceptions—and they are quite real—Bentley is also a phony and a fraud using staged tricks of other Word Faith showmen like Benny Hinn. Todd, may you actually hear from the Lord and use this time to repent of your mockery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…before it’s too late.