In the Apprising Ministries piece Opening Debrief Of Vertical Church Tour Of James MacDonald I told you that MacDonald’s right now on a rampage that the church is way off-track. He’s right, Christendom’s in apostasy.

However, MacDonald is co-host of the ecumenical Elephant Room along with New Calvinist (an oxymoron) Mark Driscoll; and e.g. ER has helped open the door for prophet-leader Steven Furtick into Reformed circles.

Now let’s consider that just the other day we would even witness Steven Furtick As Televangelist At Lakewood Church Of Joel Osteen and Steven Furtick Thanks Word Faith Heretic Joel Osteen For Inspiration.

At ER2 James MacDonald assisted in giving nefarious WF prosperity preacher T.D. Jakes as pass right into the mainstream of evangelicalism when he was allowed to essentially say, “I’m a trinitarian-modalist.”

Little wonder when later this year we would see Elephant Room Curator James MacDonald Celebrates 35 Years Of T.D. Jakes. I would argue that MacDonald himself has become one of the reasons the church is off-track.

Leaving that lunacy in the Lord’s Name aside, here I’ll point you to the following audio clip from the September 17th edition of Fighting for the Faith by Christian apologist Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio.

You may know that James MacDonald is in the midst of a book tour for his Vertical Church (VC). Rosebrough had the chance to personally attend one of MacDonald’s VC events in Indianapolis just the other night.

Below using actual audio from this event Rosebrough walks us through more of MacDonald’s errors:

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