Apprising Ministries has been bringing to your attention what seems to be an emerging ecumenical evangelical magisterium forming. A couple of its highest ranking officers would have to be Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald, co-hosts of the Elephant Room.

In fact, both will be speaking at Acts 29 Network’s Resurgence Conference R12 along with Rick Warren and Craig Groeschel, a couple of other familiar names within this emerging magisterium:


Lately Driscoll’s been interviewing speakers for that R12 conference. Below he catches up with James MacDonald on his Vertical Church book tour. The intro at the Resurgence You Tube page tells us:

Down with horizontal helpfulness, and up with the vertical manifestation presence of God in the presence of his church. That’s the motto for James MacDonald’s Vertical Church Tour—he even got a tattoo to represent it.

What does that mean? Well, he says, somewhere over the years, the church stopped being primarily about Jesus Christ and the Word of God, and just became about being “helpful”—a lot of three tips for this and four points for that. Today, James is fired up about challenging the church to get back to the cross of Jesus through his Vertical Church Tour. In this clip, he talks with Mark Driscoll about his 40-city bus tour where he’s speaking everywhere from Miami to Anchorage.

James, who pastors Harvest Bible Chapel in Illinois, will also be speaking at the 2012 Resurgence Conference in Irvine next month on resourcing for Jesus and questions about how God wants the church to think about, view, and steward money. (source)

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