Here at Apprising Ministries we occasionally use humor and satire to communicate the craziness going on in the evangelical world. Well, sometimes real life is loonier than anything we could ever make up.

A case in point is the current posting at Tom Horn’s RaidersNewsUpdate.com website. We have covered Tom Horn in a serious vein, and we also have done numerous satires on the man and his fascination with “Nephilim.”

For example: Interplanetary Aliens To Converge On Hollywood and Tom Horn Predicts Earth To Be Invaded By Peanut M&M Munching Nephilim and The Serpent Seed & The Nephilim Horn takes his obsession with ancient mythology and science fiction and attempts to blend it with biblical eschatology, an apparently profitable endeavor.

His wild fantasies and bizarre speculations are fodder for satire. But on a more serious note, it is a concern that so many read this stuff and get way off track from the simplicity of the Gospel. Here’s Horn’s latest.

And, in a satirical vein, we have to ask about this planet “Krypton” mentioned: Could Superman have been a Nephilim?

A Review Of One Of The Books In The New David Flynn Collection — Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles Of Mars

Flynn was an advocate of the Gap Theory, a school of interpretation that sees a gap in time between God’s original act of creation in Genesis 1:1 and a continuation of the process in succeeding verses. It was popular in the late 1800s because it accommodated science’s geologic age scale nicely.

While that doesn’t seem to be Flynn’s primary justification for the theory, it does provide a convenient place to assign the fall of satan and other wicked angels. Now we come to the second shocking interpretation. That fall was from a destroyed planet — alternatively named Rhab, Asteria and Krypton — and from its closest planetary neighbor — Mars.

The theory of a doomed planet that exploded, resulting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter has been around for a while, but Flynn is one of the first to identify it as an abode of angels. By now you may be wondering what does this have to do with us today.

Flynn feared that NASA, which was largely founded by Mystery School devotee Jack Parsons, will soon reveal the secret of ancient life on Mars, instead of explaining it away like it did with the Face on Mars. (source, bold mine)

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