Apprising Ministries has been showing you that new ecumenical evangelical magisterium (EEM) member, prophet-leader Steven Furtick, has been greatly influenced by Word Faith prosperity preachers T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen. Consider Steven Furtick: T.D. Jakes Is My Favorite Preacher In The World,

Then there’s Joel Osteen Has Influenced Steven Furtick Longer Than You May Know; and if that wasn’t bad enough, now there’s Prophet-Leader Steven Furtick Descends Down To Word Faith Heretic Rod Parsley. Well, you’re about to see in this exclusive video clip below that it is worse than we may have known.

For you see, Steven Furtick will tell us that he has a Word Faith “ritual” about which he is “superstitious.” What is more, he’ll go on to tell us that he wants to teach it to us; and it involves a classic Word Faith fable. That is, because God spoke the universe into being, so we need to speak His Word into/over our lives as a creative power.

You might recall how I told you that Steven Furtick Calls Joel Osteen A Great Man Of God. Well, you’re about to see that his hero teaches the exact same quasi-Robert Schuller WF shtick as Furtick in the video clip. Here’s Joel Osteen from his article It’s Time to Use Our Words to Declare Good Things:

It’s time to use our words to declare good things! Speak blessings over your life and your family. Throughout the day, say things such as, “I have the favor of God. I am strong and healthy. I’m well able to do what I need to do.”…

Did you know that what you say about yourself has greater impact on you than anything anybody else says about you? Many people are overly critical of themselves, saying, “I’m so clumsy. I can’t do anything right.” “I’m so overweight. I’ll never get back into shape.” “I never get any good breaks.”

They may not realize it, but they are cursing their future. Those words sink into their minds. Before long, they develop a defeated mentality, low self–esteem and diminished confidence. Worse yet, those negative mindsets can interfere with God’s plan for their lives.

One of the best ways to break free from such strongholds is simply by speaking words of victory. Every day, look in the mirror and declare, “God’s Word says I am strong. God is fighting my battles for me. I’m excited about my future.”…

Maybe you are lonely because you don’t have a lot of friends. Instead of complaining, start declaring, “God is bringing great people into my life. I know He loves me, so I can risk loving others.” Speak blessings over your life, and as you do, you’ll go out with more confidence, you’ll be more congenial and, in turn, you will attract new friends…

It’s not enough just to think it; you need to hear it, because what we constantly hear ourselves saying we will eventually believe… Yes, it is true! That is what faith is all about. The world says you need to see it to believe it, but God says you must believe and then you’ll see it. You must speak it by faith…

Find the Scriptures that apply to your situation and then declare them. This is especially important in areas in which you continually struggle. Do not let another critical word come out of your mouth about yourself. Instead, take a few minutes every day to bless your life, to declare the victory.

Understand, it’s not enough to avoid saying anything negative; you must go on the offensive and start making positive declarations over your life. Remember, your own words will have more impact on your future than anything anybody else says about you.

Friend, if you’ll do your part and speak words of victory, God will pour out His favor in exciting, fresh ways in your life, and you will live the abundant life He has in store for you. (source)

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