As spiritual darkness continues falling Apprising Ministries has been doing what we can to alert the church visible to the increasing syncretism going on within apostatizing evangelicalism.

One clear example would certainly be the wackiness of the Word Faith movement actually garnering support within the mainstream, e.g. Steven Furtick Bringin’ On Word Faith And The Pastrixes.

Many involved with the Word Faith movement believe a false prophet by the name of William Branham (1909-1965) helped to launch it. In fact, to this very day Branham is still considered WF royalty.

Here’s some helpful background on the heretical William Branham:

In his early ministry, he came in contact with “Jesus-Only” Pentecostals. This sect broke away from the traditional Pentecostal movement denying the doctrine of the Trinity. He attended one of their national conventions and was invited to preach. A number of their ministers invited him to conduct revivals in their churches.

He returned home and informed his wife, “Oh, I met the cream of the crop. It’s the best you ever seen. Them people ain’t ashamed of their religion” (Brother Branham, p. 39). Although he was persuaded not to continue the association by family and fellow ministers, Branham was greatly influenced by the “Jesus-Only” Pentecostal movement. He later adopted a number of their doctrinal views.

Branham’s wife and baby daughter died in 1937 from Tubercular Meningitis. He felt that it was because he had not continued in fellowship with the Pentecostals and had missed God’s will (Ibid., p. 47).

In 1946, Branham received what he came to call his “charge” from the recurrent audible voice. While baptizing converts in the Ohio River, he claims it happened. “And just then a whirl come from the heavens above, and here come that Light, shining down…. and It hung right over where I was at. A Voice spoke from there, and said, `As John the Baptist was sent for the forerunner of the first coming of Christ, you’ve got a… have a Message that will bring forth the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ'” (Ibid., p. 71).

Not long after the commission as the forerunner of the second coming of Christ, Branham was visited by an angel. He was told that he was being given two ministry gifts. He would receive the gift of healing and the gift of the “word of knowledge.” Branham came to believe that this angel was the source of all his visions. Branham inquired of the angel why he should believe he was an angel of God. The angel told him that the religious leaders of Christ’s day had called Jesus a devil.

He should not worry about the opposition from family and fellow ministers. Branham had been told by fortune-tellers in impromptu meetings that he had a special gift of God and was born under a sign. The angel assured him that even devils had confirmed that Jesus was the Christ and not to be concerned by the testimony of fortune-tellers (Ibid., pp. 74, 75, 79). (source)

Here below is a short clip of William Branham in action circa 1960. Since then lots has changed in the WF show in terms of today’s way over-the-top theatrics, but you’ll still hear the standard WF healing message:

[mejsvideo src=”https://www.apprising.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/BranHeal.mov” width=640 height=360]

With all this in mind then, I’m now I’m pleased to point you to this project over at Let Us Reason Ministries:

One cannot understand the modern miracle revivals or healing crusades of Benny Hinn, Rodney Browne (laughter), Toronto, Brownsville, or Todd Bentley without referring to the healing revivals of the 40’s-50’s.that were steered and popularized by William Branham.

Nearly all the practices of today’s apostles, Prophets, healers, faith ministries, are being copied. Visits by angels and the Lord Jesus, words of knowledge (telling people where people live and secrets of their lives), new revelations were all part of William Branham’s ministry operation. One can trace portions of  the revivals in our modern era back to him.

The Latter Rain teachings began by Branham and spread to so many. Branham believed he was born with a personal angel that was a gift. But he did not think of it as such until he was converted and went to church. This gave him an answer to a disembodied voice (spirit) that accompanied him from birth and instructed him through life, telling him future events and diagnosing peoples diseases.

The video is filled with audio and video on crucial teachings of Branham (and others that admire him) that show that his angel was in charge of the supernatural taking place.

Understanding Branham’s ministry in the 40’sand 5o’s is key to our day. Once we know about Branham we can identify the strange teachings and practices taking place from the new apostles and prophets trying to bring their mystical (Latter Rain) revival in the church today.  (you can read our articles on Branham in the Latter rain section). (source)

You can order this DVD from Let Us Reason Ministries right here.

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