Apprising Ministries continues to survey the rapid decline of Christianity within the church visible.

As such I want to get you ready for a mainstream *cough* Protestant evangelicalism where God is becoming a real chatterbox with individual dreams and personal revelations.

One quick exhibit before the Stupid Christian Item Du Jour below. Take for example this following short clip from the Steven Furtick Elevation Church documentary This Is How We Change The World.

You’ll read that “at age sixteen,” Prophet-Pastor Steven Furtick “caught a vision for his life to plant and pastor a church.” Now we would assume they’re saying it was from God.

This seems clear as Furtick’s wife then tells us about “all of the strengths that he has; that are spiritual in hearing from God, and getting a vision, and casting that vision.”

So where once God frowned upon divination, apparently now He’s pretty excited about Vision Quests. And part of P-P Furtick’s vision quest is to scale the mountain of Word Faith heresy.

Consider the following from WF Pastrix Nicole Crank in her Thoughts on a Very Super Sunday:

Steven Furtick and Keith Craft came to town for our Super Sunday night. Corporate communion, prayer, ministry, a message of biblical proportions by Steven, and words of encouragement.

A virtual whirlwind of what is possible through God just was coursing through the room… Keith Craft ended the night with an altar call.

Steven, David and myself all finding ourselves on stage with the worship team as the room spun with arms lifted high and voices lifted up in an offering to God to give Him control.

A moment when things shift… (Online source)

Wow, a shift and now God was in control of a blab it and grab it prosperity service. Well, here’s the story of another shift. I received the following email promoting Journey Of Hope For Man: Dusk: God’s Chosen Donkey.

Turns out it’s the “first book” by Carolyn Budd-Goertzen’s “Donkey Chronicles.” It seems this was when she caught her vision “[i]nspired by a vivid dream” and so the series:

brings to life the world of ancient Israel and the love of Joseph and Mary in a magical tale narrated by the humble donkey, Dusk, divinely ordained to help the couple on their journey to Bethlehem, Egypt and beyond.

Um, well, I guess if we accept these Prophet-Pastors are catching their visions, then we can’t rule out dreams by authors about divinely ordained talking donkeys. After-all, you remember Balaam, right?

We also find out that “[a]fter she woke from her dream” Budd-Goertzen writes:

“I felt I had been transported back in time. It was as if I had been in a full Technicolor movie. I fell in love with Mary, Joseph, Jesus and their little donkey, Dusk, and all of the friends that were a part of their lives. She then began to do extensive research on the customs of ancient Israel and the Jewish people.

The first of her trilogy The Donkey Chronicles, Dusk covers the period from well before Jesus’ birth through Jesus and Mary’s departure for Cana. Book two follows with the story of their move to Capernaum and Jesus’ meeting and choosing His disciples and it culminates with the Resurrection. Book three begins at Pentecost and tells the story of the travels of the disciples and the birth of the Church.

“From a dream to the real world of hope. If you surrender like a child and enter the dream that Carolyn Goertzen had of a donkey named Dusk…then you will be rewarded with a delightful experience of faith. It is really the story of this colorful woman’s rich experience of her Beloved. This is a magical story that will delight the innocent and young of heart, but it is the classical, powerful story that gives hope today to our troubled world. You will laugh and you will cry and you will want to hear more.”-
Fr. Bill Comerford, C.Ss.R.

Welcome to your nightmare. Sleep on leaders of evanjellyfish…

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