Through this online apologetics and discernment work here at Apprising Ministries I’ve been leading you around a huge spiritual blackhole, which I originally began covering in Word Faith “Bishop” Jim Swilley Announces That He’s Gay.

That this so-called “Bishop” and pastor of The Church In The Now (CITN) informed us he’s been a homosexual for years, in and of itself, isn’t that big a deal in our time of The New Downgrade And Its Apostles Of Unbelief.

However, as I turned over some rocks, out scurried into the light pastrix Debye Swilley aka Deb Swill:

(Online source)

“Pastrix Rockin Love Goddess Guru Life Coach” Deb Swill happens to be Jim Swilley’s ex-wife, whom he ordained, as well as co-pastor/founder of CITN. So, since she’s still very much a pastrix there, I followed up the aforementioned post with Pastrix Debye Swilley And “Bishop” Jim Swilley In The Now.

Then yesterday I did another article—in what’s becoming a very sordid series—called Revealing Interview With Pastrix Debye Swilley Ex-Wife Of Jim Swilley, which was based upon an August 2010 interview pastrix Debye Swilley.

This interview, as it were, was conducted by ZoeLena Shuster, whose bio tells us:

“Zoë” is the President and Founder of Katapult Enterprises, a dynamic leader in today’s business world, philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, a spiritually enlightened vessel called to speak into the lives of leaders… ZoeLena has always been a multi-talented trendsetter. “Zoë” is also known as “The Confidential Coach”, Life Coaching people from political figures to celebrities, now also certifying “Katapult Coaches” via Katapult Enterprises

[S]he is also the host of Zoe and Friends, a show dealing with sexual topics, cutting-edge success advice, and wellness from a holistic standpoint and universal faith. (Online source, bold hers)

When I saw that Shuster’s allegedly “a spiritually enlightened vessel” spreading a “universal faith,” who’s interviewing an ostensibly Christian pastrix, this then brought them onto my radar screen as I covered the tragic story of the gay “Bishop” Jim Swilley. 

It’s also important here to remind you that pastrix Deb Swill of CITN is also a certified life coach” via Shuster:

(Online source)

So this interview conducted by the neo-Gnostic “enlightened” ZoeLena Shuster on her Blog Talk Radio program Zoe & Friends: sexy. savvy. spiritual.—posted on 8/19/10 as Exclusive Interview With Debye Swilley—takes place between intimate, as in close, friends.

And, I might add, friends who have now read Revealing Interview With Pastrix Debye Swilley Ex-Wife Of Jim Swilley; and sadly, in all too typical a fashion, respond to the Truth with no substance, but by ignoring it:

(Online source)

Well, we’ll get to Shuster’s *ahem* “views” in a moment, but the link she gives takes us to that article of mine, which I just mentioned above. And wouldn’t you know, pastrix rockin’ love goddess Swill tweets back to her life coach guru mentor ZoeLena Shuster:

(Online source)

Ok, now we’ll take a refresher course in Shuster’s “views,” which she and Swill are attempting to use as they supposedly “make a HUGE impact in this world.” But first, let me return our dynamic duo back to this world: 1) They are the “religious people” sharing myths from their own minds, and 2) their spiritually whacked views concerning the love of self (cf. 2 Timothy 3:2) have absolutely nothing to do with God and the Bible. Strap in Starship Trooper 5-4-3-2-1, we’re now reaching lift-off to the outer limits of the Twilight Zone

While chatting with her fellow Gnostic gal pal pastrix Deb Swill gave us a glimpse into the Star Trek theology that is preached at the Word Faith megachurch CITN. She tells us that after CITN moved into their “Mac Daddy” building, “We rally ramped it up a bit, and just really, really stepped into Universal Reconciliation; which is just this whole other level of consciousness in terms of all people.” If you don’t know, Universal Reconciliation is another way of saying universalism ala controversial Word Faith preacher Carlton Pearson.

This really isn’t surprising when we consider that CITN co-founder Jim Earl Swilley is the cousin of Word Faith pastor Donnie Earl Paulk, who just happens to be the son/nephew of the late nafarious Word Faith “Archbishop” Earl Paulk. Donnie Earl Paulk, who’s often billed as D. E. Paulk,  is also “gay-affirming” like CITN and is even “an associate of the controversial preacher Carlton Pearson, who teaches that all people, not just Christians, are born again.”[1] The sordid story coming out of the Word Faith megachurch CITN is now real cause to wonder just how far all this really extends.

As we return now to the Shuster interview, Deb Swill shifts full force into her rockin love goddess guru mode while her fellow guru ZoeLena punches us right into Warp Drive as they tell us:

Shuster: [W]e’re all created—as an extention of the Universe—God—you know, God the Creator, we call Him God, whatever—again—whatever you feel comfortable with; we’re all extension of Creation,…

Swill: Yes. Yes…

Shuster: The spirit that dwells, you know, forever; and where God exists within you; where the Creator exists within you. [to Deb Swill] Do you agree with that?

Swill: Yes. Absolutely… God works all things together, He does.

Shuster: Right.

Swill: All things, not just good things; not just ba—you know, He works all things together; so, the Universe works all things together—the I Am does.

Shuster: Yeah.

Swill: Your higher level of Consciousness will work all things together; and so, it’s like you just begin to, um, dig deep. (Online source)

O, I have no doubt at all that these two dreamers dug deep alright; but that pantheistic theology above sounds much more like Deepak Chopra than it does Jesus Christ. The love-fest of self continues as the spiritually unlawful firm of Shuster and Swill sell The Law of Attraction aka The Secret:

Swill: Well, anything that you desire, you’re going to begin to attract; because… [you’re] walking in Wholeness

Shuster: Right.

Swill: [Y]ou know it when you experience it…if someone’s trying to…walk in the Wholeness of who they are, it’s like automatically, they’re centered with the Universe at large, and, and the attraction—you know, the whole Laws of Attraction—the Secret—you know, we’ve heard that. (Online source)

They’re welcome to their foolish beliefs, but they are not even to be considered in the remotest sense as being in line with the historic, orthodox, Christian faith. And then the self-ishness escalates:

Swill:  And when you’re walking in a higher frequency, or a higher level of consciousness,…you really begin to walk in a confidence; just knowing.

Shuster: Yeah.

Swill: That if—and when I’m Whole it’s all—it’s all good—there is no good or bad, it’s all good.

Shuster: You hold your peace. (laughing)

Swill: God works all things together, He does.

Shuster: Right.

Swill: All things, not just good things; not just ba—you know, He works all things together; so, the Universe works all things together—the I Am does.

Shuster: Yeah.

Swill: Your higher level of Consciousness will work all things together… (Online source)

As you can see below, courtesy of the current CITN E-Bulletin, the sermon series upcoming next month at the Word Faith church self-help center CITN is precisely this same love of self spewed above:

(Online source)

If you believed the delusions of Deb Swill, why wouldn’t you love the Self; after-all, you are Divine. Look again: As an extention of the God-self/Creation, when you’re Whole (one with the Universe), the God/Universe/I Am aka “your higher level of consciousness” works all things together; i.e. keeps you “rightly aligned.”

You may recall this earlier tweet from CITN “Christian” pastrix love goddess guru Debye Swilley:

(Online source)

*Cue voices chanting, “Om, we all live in a Yellow Submarine” to ring out* Huh; wha? When we’re in “that place” where “the whole Universe” lives inside of us, “there’s only 1 of us?” Who knew, the Beatles’ John Lennon was actually preaching Christian doctrine in The Walrus when he sang: “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” Holy goo goo g’joob Batman! Then I must be the eggman. Sense a mocking tone here, do ya? Yeah, me too. Swilley is definitely mocking God’s Word while pretending to speak for Him as one He supposedly sent as a pastor.

But the Bible tells us people like this actually — have made shipwreck of their faith (1 Timothy 1:19); if Debye Swilley ever even had saving faith in the first place. However, what’s also at stake here is the eternity of souls who believe stuff like the Universe/I Am wanted its Pastrix Love Goddess Coach Guru Swill to get a tattoo of namaste on her right forearm. As I said before, simply, namaste refers to the mystic belief that there is a divine spark i.e. God already within each human being, which is the mistaken belief that God already indwells everyone; as in “a spark of the divine.”[2]

Now we hit the bottom line: Pastrix Debye Swilley and her gay ex-husband Jim Earl Swilley are preaching lies to people at CITN in God’s Name. The truth is, affirming precious LGBT people—for whom Jesus died—in their sin, teaching universalism, and that we are one with some impersonal force working through the Law of Attraction, is not the Gospel of the one true and living God of the Bible. Sadly, the Swilley’s are found here:

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

With all of this in mind then I’ll close this, for now, by giving you the video where “Bishop” Jim Swilley announces to CITN that he is a homosexual with his second ex-wife Debye Swilley in audience. If we love such as these, deceived and deluded by the Devil, then we will pray for God to lead them—by His grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ’s finished work on the Cross alone—into the glorious Gospel of repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ Name. As you watch this remember, but for the grace of God, we would still be as lost as those you’ll see in the following video.

And beause Word Faith super-stars like Eddie Long, Kim Clement, and Dr. Mark Chironna are long-time friends of Jim Earl Swilley, we now also have good reason to wonder how widespread these heresies are slithering within that movement, which finds its way into the public via the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Watch live streaming video from bishopjimswilley at livestream.com


[1] http://tiny.cc/wovap, accessed 11/5/10.

[2] I refute this patently false idea Biblically in Understanding The New Spirituality: God Indwells Mankind.

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