The other day I told you that when I began covering Word Faith “Bishop” Jim Swilley Announces That He’s Gay here at this online apologetics and discernment work Apprising Ministries we’ve really stepped into a huge spiritual blackhole.

I followed that post up with Pastrix Debye Swilley And “Bishop” Jim Swilley In The Now where I introduced you to Swilley’s ex-wife pastrix Debye Swilley, whom he ordained, and who tells us she’s:

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For you see, “Rockin Love Goddess Guru” Debye Swilley, aka Deb Swill, just happens to co-founder of The Church In The Now (CITN) and remains pastrix there at CITN along with her ex, Jim Swilley. It’s even more sordid than this; as I pointed out earlier, Jim Swilley is the nephew of the Word Faith heretic “Bishop” Earl Paulk.

In the coverage by Charisma magazine of Paulk’s passing we read in Earl Paulk Dies After Long Cancer Battle:

“For whatever good he may have done, my uncle had a serious problem with sexual addiction, and never owned it, and never really took any responsibility for it,” Paulk’s nephew, Bishop Jim Swilley, pastor of Church in the Now in Conyers, Ga., said in a blog posting Sunday. “He died in disgrace, and, unfortunately, will for the most part only be remembered for the scandals.” (Online source)

Ok, I also showed you from the news report Earl Paulk Mentored Bishop Eddie Long that:

WSB Radio has learned another Atlanta minister with a sordid sexual past mentored Bishop Eddie Long as a young preacher. Ole Anthony of the Trinity Foundation, a watchdog organization which monitors clergymen like Long, says the late Bishop Earl Paulk mentored Long as a young pastor.

When WSB Radio asked Anthony about Long and the three lawsuits filed by three former members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, said he was shocked. “But his mentor was Earl Paulk,” said Anthony. (Online source)

This information is pertinent here for at least one very important reason, “Bishop” Eddie Long is a friend of the gay “Bishop” Jim Swilley and endorses his book 20/20 vision: Changing Your Life by Changing the Way You See Things along with other well known Word Faith luminaries, and TBN shills, “prophet” Kim Clement and one Dr. Mark Chirrona:

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This will become even more important as this article progresses below. Pastrix Rockin Love Goddess Guru Deb Swill informs us she has now finally become a certified life coach,” whatever that is:

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Swill’s link “Blowin’ a Fresh Wind Of Life” takes us to something called Katapult Enterprises where the About section informs us that the founder and president of this organization is:

(Online source:

ZoeLena Shuster’s organization is where Pastrix Love Goddess Swill trained, and is now one of their coaches:

(Online source:

It’s important background for you to know these women, not only work together, but they are also intimate friends. Now I’m going to point you to an interview conducted by “spiritually enlightened vessel” ZoeLena Shuster “The Confidential Coach” on her Blog Talk Radio program Zoe & Friends: sexy. savvy. spiritual. that was posted on 8/19/10 as Exclusive Interview With Debye Swilley.

As you listen to Pastrix Love Goddess Coach Guru Deb Swill, who’s allegedly a Christian minister, you’ll not hear even one mention of Jesus; just a bunch of centered on the self  pep talk about becoming “whole” because “we’re all just an extention of the Universe”; an “extention of Creation,” or whatever one wishes to call it. We’re right back to the “universal faith” of Star Trek theology.

Pastrix Debye Swilley aka Deb Swill tells us in the interview, now that she’s divorced and on her own, she’s “just completely open to the Universe, whatever the I Am wants.” Interestingly enough, part of what this thing wanted was for its “Christian” pastrix Debye Swilley has to do with namaste:

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Simply, namaste refers to the mystic belief that there is a divine spark i.e. God already within each human being. So, apparently the Universe/I Am wanted its Pastrix Love Goddess Coach Guru Swill to get a tattoo of namaste on her right forearm, which she tells us means, “of course, that which is sacred in me, honors that which is sacred in you.” Leaving aside the issue of tattoos so we don’t end up wrestling with the serpent here, as I just told you, this is the mistaken belief that God already indwells everyone. You most commonly see this foolish idea referred to as “the spark of the divine”; and this patently false doctrine, which is a denial of the need for regeneration, is even gaining much acceptance right now within the very mainstream of squishy evanjellyfish.

CITN pastrix Swill tells us that while she was working for an airline in her late teens she had “an encounter with God,” after which, her whole “destiny changed.” What happened was, she ended up moving back to Atlanta in the early 80’s when she was “a punk rocker.” There, in time, some of her friends invited her to a church that had been going on about a year or two in nearby Conyers, which at the time was called “Word of Faith.” It turns out this church was pastored by Jim Swilley, who had just gone through “a divorce.” Deb Swill then tells us that through a “mutual friend” she and Jim Swilley “became friends”; and in time, their relationship would grow more serious because they “just had a really cool chemistry.”

Interestingly enough, while informing us that she had married into a “fourth generation” obstensibly Christian ministry family, Deb Swill tells us of a chat she and God had, which began when she told Him, “Ok, I don’t really get any of this stuff they’re talking about; You’re gonna have to tell me–and He totally gave me the example of David.” Further, Swill explains how David tried to take on Saul’s armor, which didn’t fit him; so apparently God told her, “you just work with what I’ve given you.” So that’s when she allegedly realized, “I was called to Jim Swilley”; but not to the family’s opinions, etc. When asked by ZoeLena Shuster about where she and Jim were doctrinally back in the day Deb Swill says, “First of all, Jim has always preached a very grace message.”

She makes it clear Jim Swilley has never been a fire and brimstone preacher and has “always been about love and grace.” At 15:00 into this interview Shuster asks her friend Swill about the evolution of doctrine at CITN, which now meets in the “Mac Daddy” building. She wonders, “Haven’t there been some changes belief-wise?” Deb Swill quickly goes through various changes in size, and buildings, before Shuster reminds us that CITN has all kinds of different people attending; and then she says to Swill, “and you’re really progressive.” Finally, Deb Swill gets around to the “evolution in revelation” explaining that “Jim has always been totally in tune with grace, and mercy.”

You need to know that each time this idea of this so-called “grace message” is mentioned the idea is conveyed that somehow Swilley was ahead of his time in that area. Well now that Jim Swilley has annnounced that he’s always been a homosexual, it becomes clear that we’re talking about the antinomian perversion of grace we see e.g. the largely Biblically illiterate and bawdy bunch who’ve crowned themselves Outlaw Preachers, and is now slithering up around gay-affirming “pastor” Jay Bakker in the sinfully ecumenical neo-liberal cult of the Emerging Church. Next we find that the message of CITN is actually universalism:

Deb Swill: We rally ramped it up a bit, and just really, really stepped into Universal Reconciliation [i.e. universalism ala Carlton Pearson]; which is just this whole other level of consciousness in terms of all people. You know what I mean, it’s just really, really, pouring it out there. And we did take a hit for that; I mean, we took a significant hit for that-

ZoeLena Shuster: (interrupting) Yeah, I mean really, um, Debye, every pioneer, every great man or woman; um, you know, that’s done anything significant is usually faced with great adversity. And usually, the greater the call, the greater the adversity, we all know that. So surely, in the process of changing people’s mindsets, breaking down religious spirit, there had to be some great adversity. What are soem of the things that, you know, you guys had to overcome?

Swill: Anytime, anytime that you are attempting to live authentically, organically, um, you’re going to be challenged on every (unintelligible). You know, because that’s what the world is crying out for, honestly. And people are not– typically in religion–not taught to think for themselves. I have to say, one of the most beautiful things about Jim Swilley, um, is that he teaches people to think for themselves. Don’t take what he says for law, or whatever…you go search it out for yourself… This is his philosophy, and I love it so much; I’m gonna prepare a buffet…he says you come, and you pick and choose what you need that’s gonna nourish you. (17:50-19:26, Online source)

Later, after a commercial for the Katapult organization where, conveniently you can book these “life coaches,” ZoeLena Shuster tells Deb Swill, “let’s break it down”; and as they do, we get a crystal clear picture—not only of the philosophy of what these two would coach us in—but also, the Star Trek theology spewed by pastrix Debye Swilley at CITN. Shuster says they’re now going to talk about “Self-awareness,” and just what it is they mean, when they use this particular term. Better buckle-up now, we’re about to reach lift-off. About 30:25 into this interview, Shuster informs us that as a “coach and a counselor” she tries to encourage and teach people to become, “Whole” in “their mind, their body, their spirit.”

Shuster continues on in her mythology that supposedly this brings about “Self-awareness, which in turn, causes self-confidence.” Shuster then asks supposed Christian pastrix Deb Swill what she would say to someone who “wants, so badly, to walk in complete Wholeness.” So, do you think that, maybe, we’re about to get something resembling the Gospel of Jesus Christ; um…no, not even from the same planet. Hang on there Starship Trooper, we’re about to take a rocket-ride right into the very outer limits of the Twilight Zone:

Shuster: Where do they begin?

Swill: Well, first of all, you always have to remember, there is always somebody more beautiful, more-you know, more intelligent, more gifted—

Shuster: Skinnier. (laughing)

Swill: Thinner; taller, whatever it is, you know, that-you know, you have to remember that.

Shuster: (unintelligible)

Swill: Even when I speak, sometimes I’m like, you know, you can girdle it, you can tuck it, you can botox it, you can plastic surgery it; or whatever, but it—at the end of the day, you are who you are.

Shuster: You have to love who you are.

Swill: Yes; and that’s the center, that’s the beginning. That’s ground zero. Really embracing who—

Shuster: (talking over each other) Accepting who you are.

Swill: Yes. Looking in the mirror; saying, “Ok, ah-it is what it is. It really is what—if I ever write a book, that’s what it’s going to be called, “It Is What It Is.”

Shuster: (laughing) You’re gonna write a book.”

Swill: I know I am.

Shuster: You are.

Swill: You’ve spoken that to me, and I receive it. You know, but really owning that, and recognizing, cuz to me the most beautiful, beautiful, person in the world is not just most physically attractive, or whatever it, it has to do with knowing who you are; not, not, feeling superior in any respect, but just owning it. Actually, the more you know who you are, it’s like it allows you to be, um, more humble and submitted, and you’re just confident. You just exude this confidence. And so, for anybody who says, “O my gosh, where do I begin; where do I start?” Go back to ground zero, and-and, just really begin to just go through wha-whatever, whoever, your essence, everything that you are and just say it’s, it’s—perfection is not what you’re trying to achieve, Wholeness is.

Shuster: Yes. Yes.

Swill: And becoming Whole within yourself spirit, soul, body; that’s what matters.

Shuster: And I think, you know, just to break down spirit, soul, body; we have our flesh, we have our soul, and we have our spirit—man; but we know there’s, you know, man or woman—whatever it is—we call it the spirit man. But so, our flesh is blood, wants sex, wants to eat, needs to be fed, needs to work out, needs to be taken care of, cuz it’s our temple, right, flesh. Then the soulish realm, the mind, so our mindset, very,very, important that we put some focus on changing our mindset. Our mind, will, and emotions; our will because we’re all created—as an extention of the Universe—God—you know, God the Creator, we call Him God, whatever—again—whatever you feel comfortable with; we’re all extension of Creation, so we have our own free will to make our own choices.

Swill: Yes. Yes.

Shuster: And even though, you know, I believe Destiny is from the foundations of the earth, we can delay Destiny by our choices.

Swill: (agreeing in the background) Absolutely.

Shuster: So we have the flesh, then we have the soul, we’ve got, you know, people need to be aware of soul-ties; of things, you know, soulish realm, mi-mind, will, and, ah, emotions. You know, not being moved, ah, by our emotions. But truly being—once you get through all that junk, it’s like—then we  can truly be led by the Spirit. So people listening may like, “Well, what’s the Spirit, Zoe?” (both laughing) “What’s that all about?” Ok, so, the pit of you; like where you get butterflies in your tummy. The very core of you. People will say, you know, from New York, they’ll say, you know, “My gut instincts.”

Swill: (in background) Yes. Yes.

Shuster: (laughing) You know what I mean, your gut. Your discernment is what we hear, you know, in, you know, church circles. Oh, the discernment, discernment; ah, intuition—the core of you—the very essense of who you are, is right in the pit of you. The spirit that dwells, you know, forever; and where God exists within you; where the Creator exists within you. [to Deb Swill] Do you agree with that?

Swill: Yes. Absolutely.

Shuster: Ok; so when someone comes intowhat they come into Wholeness—and they’re walking in, um, as who they’re created to be, they start to attract abundance.

Swill: Yes. Yes.

Shuster: And what area, Debye, tell people—what areas are they gonna start attracting abundance in?

Swill: Well, anything that you desire, you’re going to begin to attract; because—that’s the thing—it’s like, um, when you—Wholeness bring—the world is so fragmented, and so disjointed, and so dis-eased, so to speak, that when, when, when, it, when it greets, or meets, someone that’s really walking in Wholeness—again, not perfection—but wholeness-

Shuster: Right.

Swill: Um, you know, ah, it’s like, that is so—you know it when you experience it—and I think that’s really the attraction that I have with so many, because—it’s like—I’m in love with women, and in love with men (Shuster agreeing in background)—and I’m not talking about a sexual thing there; I’m talking about just simply loving, and embracing. And when, when, so if someone’s trying to, you know,  just begin to walk in the Wholeness of who they are, it’s like automatically, they’re centered with the Universe at large, and, and the attraction—you know, the whole Laws of Attraction—the Secret—you know, we’ve heard that.

Shuster: Exactly.

Swill: It begins to come to you (Shuster: Right.) because you’re no longer fighting it. Your own rejection, is not repelling  (Shuster: Right.) what you’re trying to attract to you.

Shuster: Right. So, in every way, I mean, this could be because you come into Wholeness, you’re operating in your true gifts.

Shill: Mm, hmm.

Shuster: And so, therefore, it starts to attract, you know, a financial abundance because you’re operating in your true gifts. Or, you know, in your relationships, like you mentioned, attracting like-minded individuals. Your health—(Swill: Yes. Absolutely.Yes.)—is going to be better when you’re walking in Wholeness (Shill agreeing in the background), of course, because you’re operating from the Spirit; you’re operating from the Core, and what’s going to agree with you. So, when people become more Self-aware, and they start to attract abundance in these areas, because they’re operating, you know—I think feel, and I think you agree with me; it’s because they’re, um, operating from a higher, like, vibration, or frequency.

Shill: Absolutely. Yes.

Shuster: So, vibration, or frequency; operating from a higher vibration or frequency? How would you explain that; to people?

Swill: I would say, it’s what I would consid—like, break it down—you know;

Shuster: (laughing)

Swill: The Bible talks about 30—walking in a 30-fold, a 60-fold, a 100-fold.

Shuster: Uh-huh.

Swill: It’s like when you, each level, um, gets deeper, and deeper, and deeper. And when you’re walking in a higher frequency, or a higher level of consciousness, um—it’s like you just really begin to—to lay down the earth-like, natural things that norm—what the average person would stress out over every single day. And you really begin to walk in a confidence; just knowing.

Shuster: Yeah.

Swill: That if—and when I’m Whole it’s all—it’s all good—there is no good or bad, it’s all good.

Shuster: You hold your peace. (laughing)

Swill: God works all things together, He does.

Shuster: Right.

Swill: All things, not just good things; not just ba—you know, He works all things together; so, the Universe works all things together—the I Am does.

Shuster: Yeah.

Swill: Your higher level of Consciousness will work all things together; and so, it’s like you just begin to, um, dig deep. And where the petty things of life, um—I’m not takin’ away from the seriousness—and the trama; and, or anything people go through, because God—it is so real—personally, I don’t believe in a literal hell. I believe hell is lived out on this earth, and that’s where the purification process takes place.

Shuster: Right.

Swill: That’s my personal belief system; and um—

Shuster: Um-hmm; like I say Debye, you could rock my world, but you could never crack my foundation.

Swill: Hello. Thank ya. (both laughing)

Shuster: You know, and I think, again like, with vibration or frequency—when we talk about that—everything is Energy.

Swill: Yes.

Shuster: Everything is Energy, no matter, you know, what we believe in—faith-wise—we know everything is Energy. So when we’re giving out—and we talked about the Law of Attraction—which, hey, that’s in the Bible too. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he, hello.

Swill: Right, yeah.

Shuster: And I’m sure even before the Bible it—of course it existed

Swill: Absolutely.

Shuster: Because it’s just the Law of the Universe. And so, when someone’s operating from that higher vibration, or frequency, it’s about the Energy

Swill: Yeah.

Shuster: That you’re putting out there into the Universe. And I agree with you, you know, even when the worst—and the Universe will test you—and the Universe will send the same test over again if you don’t learn it the first time—

Swill: That’s exactly right, girl.

Shuster: So, it happens again. And, you know, and then you realize: “Hey, why am I reacting to this like this, because this already happened—let me not go around this mountain the same time. And this is how we learn and we become more Self-aware.

Swill: Yeah.

Shuster: And the energy we’re putting out there—something bad happens—you find the positive in it, guess what; you’re not gonna get more of the bad. But if you are putting out a negative signal—vibration, frequency, energy—more bad’s gonna happen, (Swill agreeing in background) So, it’s about the mindset and the energy.

Swill: Yeah. (30:53-39:04, Online source)

It’s all about you. Here’s the heart of the matter: Church In The Now is a megachurch within the heretical Word Faith movement, and “Bishop” Jim Swilley himself is friends with Word Faith royalty like “Bishop” Eddie Long, “prophet” Kim Clement, and Dr. Mark Chironna.

Since this acceptance of the deviant and sinful lifestyle of having sexual relations with another of the same sex i.e homosexuality as viable for the Christian, as well as this universalism, and this warped and toxic theology of New Spirituality, has exactly nothing to do with the Christian faith, are they going to speak out against this?

And do you realize that Word Faith Pastrix Rockin Love Goddess Guru Deb Swill is starting to sound just like “evolutionary evangelist” Michael Dowd in that we need to be in Wholeness with the Universe/God?

Don’t change that webpage; as I’ve said before, we’re now hearing Seducing Spirits Sounding The Same.

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