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It all began when Dr. John Piper made the dubious decision to feature Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren, with his quite elastic orthodoxy and twistable multi-tranlation Play-Doh Bible, as a keynote speaker at the DG 2010 conference Think: The Life of the Mind & the Love of God.

You might remember that I told you e.g. in Decade of Destiny With Rick Warren that Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren uveiled his Plan for Decade of Destiny and Challenges the Men of Saddleback where we find:

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Interestingly enough this was also the day a book called Driven By Destiny: 12 Secrets to Unlock Your Future (DBD) was released; it was written by pastrix Dr. LaVerne Adams, a spiritually whacked Word Faith flake who also goes by the name:

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The foreword to the Divine Destiny Doctor’s book is done by none other than Rick Warren; and below, right from her Driven By Destiny website itself, is what Warren would write in his foreword to pastrix LaVerne Adams’ book:

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Next we note that Doctor of Destiny Adams tells us in that God brought into her life the mighty “prayer general” Dr. Cindy Trimm:

as a catalyst to move me into a realm of power and faith that delivered me into a [*cue Twilight Zone theme*] deeper dimension of my divine destiny… As an ambassadorial mouthpiece for God, Dr. Trimm’s dynamic style, cutting-edge prayer stategies, and kingdom technologies has profoundly aligned me to take dominion and prosper in every area of my life.

Because of her unique passion to see me empowered to reach my fullest potential my life is royally positioned as a resource that advances the establishment of the Kingdom of God.[1]

And not only that, but who knew; Dr. Cindy Trimm is also “an ambassadorial mouthpiece for God” with such “kingdom technologies” that our Divine Destiny Doctor pastrix Adams is now so fine-tunedly “aligned” she’s able “to take dominion and prosper.”

The mighty “prayer general” Dr. Trimm raves about pastrix Adams herself:

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Let me remind you that back on October 18 Chris Rosebrough, host of Fighting for the Faith on Pirate Christian Radio, did a program he called Why Would Rick Warren Endorse Dr. Laverne Adams? Earlier today in Chris Rosebrough, Rick Warren, And LaVerne Adams I placed within the actual segment where Rosebrough—whom Rick Warren dubbed a pirate who does nothing—provides Biblical commentary during his review of a sermon by pastrix Adams called God’s GPS. I echo his sentiments:

Dr. Laverne Adams, [is] the lady who Rick Warren sought out;…this is the woman who authored the book about your divine destiny that Rick Warren wrote the foreword to—you know, put his stamp of approval [on]…it comes back to my question: Why would Rick Warren write the foreword to this woman’s book? That’s an endorsement of her and her teaching. Why would Rick Warren—you see, this isn’t “guilt by association,” this is guilt by endorsement.

What is Rick Warren doing promoting this woman?… It’s not like I’m saying,  “Oh, what is Rick Warren doing associating with LaVerne Adams?” No, no, this is guilt by endorsement. Why is Rick Warren endorsing the teaching of Dr. LaVerne Adams?

Now by Warren endorsing the work of pastrix Adams we have every right to examine her teachings because they are being recommended by one of the most influential pastors in the entire visible church, who himself has recently been pronounced “doctrinal and sound” by one of the most respected names in evangelicalism, Dr. John Piper. In addition, it only makes sense that we should also make the time to look at the fruit of ministries which formed the Word Faith properity theology of Dr. Laverne Adams.

With this in mind then, I bring to your attention that just yesterday Dr. Cindy Trimm tweeted:

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The “decree” is classic Word Faith properity theology where the belief is that, just as God, their words have creative power; we see it from Trimm’s disciple pastrix LaVerne Adams as well:

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You’ll also hear this type of Word Faith teaching referred to as positive confession:

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It really ought to arrest our attention when we see that with LaVerne Adams and her mentor, the alleged “ambassadorial mouthpiece for God” Dr. Cindy Trimm, we’re now on the very same ground with one of the most notorious of Word Faith heretics, Kenneth Copeland. Keeping in mind here these so-called “laws of prosperity,” and words supposedly being “a creative force,” consider the following from Dr. Cindy Trimm in “What Have You Put Out in The Atmosphere?” over at the nafarious Word Faith website The ElijahList:

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Did you catch that; Dr. Destiny LaVerne Adams, who’s now endorsed by Rick Warren, teaches the same things in her DBD book that she learned from Dr. Cindy Trimm above; namely, that we can create our own destiny through our thoughts and words because they :

form the creative substance that molds and shapes the destiny of humanity. Each of us becomes the person we are, chooses the direction we take, and accomplishes everything we do based on these two primary elements.

Just as in every seed, there is life-giving power that resides in every spoken word. This principle illustrates how the spiritual law of incubation and manifestation works. Everything you see in the natural began as a spiritual seed—that is, as a thought.

Now that Rick Warren is endorsing this type of Kenneth Copelandesque Word Faith mumbo jumbo within mainstream evangelicalism, I say that we have very real reason for concern here. I echo Chris Rosebrough: What is Rick Warren doing promoting the superstitions of Dr. LaVerne Adams? In closing this, for now, below is a video clip of Cindy Trimm so you can see her in action; there’s also a transcription following. Get ready to witness an exhibition of arrogance, ala a female version of T.D. Jakes, the kind of which you’ll see nightly on that haven of heresy Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Again I paraphrase Dr. John Piper: I’m gonna need help to know why we should feel anything but bad about his decision to expose Rick Warren to the Reformed camp when he promotes these kinds of fools.

I’m gonna move to the right. The anointing is gonna shift economics in here. Your finances are gonna have a divine visitation from God. I’m talking about the hand of God getting ready to touch everybody.

I’m gonna move to the right; and a wave of the anointing is gonna hit everybody in here. The hand of God is gonna touch ya. How many of you believe that? How many of you receive that? Cuz a lot of people believe, they don’t wanna receive. Put your hands down, don’t grasp anybody.

You are gonna receive a double portion, you’re gonna receive what God has for you, and you’re gonna pick up your neighbor’s anointing. And I’m gonna prove it; Father, in the Name of Jesus now, Your people have given, they have given willingly. The portals of Heaven have been locked up and closed and constricted, for year after year over every individual’s life.

But I decree and declare now, that they are open, I open them prophetically right now, in the Name of Jesus. Now Father, whatever Heaven has been locked up, because of ignorance, because of withdrawing–Hallelujah–withholding, I decree and declare that the spicket is open. Now Father, like a tsunami, I decree and declare, that You are going to begin to move from my right and left.

I decree and declare, Father, that You would move from the front to the back. Father, as I move across the stage, I decree everyone–Hallelujah–that sees me as I move, will be slain; and you will birth, and you will birth–Father, they will pick up mantles in the realm of the Spirit. I decree and declare, right now, that as I move across the stage–Hallelujah–economics are gonna be shifted, finances are gonna be shifted.

I decree and declare, that the wealth of the wicked is no longer laid up for you; but the wealth of the wicked, is being released. I decree and declare, that winds of the Spirit are beginning to blow; and they’re blowing into your home. I decree and declare, that your sons and daughters–by virtue of the pack of your praise–you are going to birth them into the Kingdom.

You and your sons and daughter are gonna be birthed into the Kingdom, while they’re in prison, they’re gonna be birthed into prison, while they’re in crack houses. Your husbands are gonna come back, your ministries are gonna turn around! I decree and declare, supernatural anointing sweep; [shouting] Father, from my right, to my left! After I move, everybody open your eyes! Hear it is!

[praying in “tongues”] Now Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You that here is a shifting, a shifting that is going on in the Kingdom. We thank you that the spirit of Esther is upon each individual; every woman, that You are now transforming. [gradually becoming louder until shouting] You are posturing them, for the next move of God! I decree and declare, from the earth, mantles that have been dropped, they are being picked up! I decree and declare, double portions of the Elijah anointing is being birthed! Every prophet, that is assigned to this time–and this generation–I stir up, stir up, stir up; stir it up! I quicken! I quicken callings! I quicken ministries! I quicken churches! I quicken visions!

Everything that died, because of doubt, because of unbelief! I call you from the grave! I decree and declare–Hallelujah–[unintelligible] are being extended! I decree, the spirit of Jabez, falls upon the women! I decree and declare, that Your hand, is working in them; both to will, and to do, of Your good pleasure! I release, angels on assignment! I assign them, to your ministries, to your houses!

Everything, that this season should bring to you, I decree, every invisible barrier is now destroyed! I decree, you a trailblazer; a prophetic trailblazer, an apostolic trailblazer, a didactic trailblazer, an evangelistic trailblazer, a teaching trailblazer, a natural trailblazer, in the Name of Jesus!

I decree, new territories; new territories–glory–I decree, that the Kingdom, of Heaven, comes! It comes, with force; it comes, with a supernatural anointing! Supernatural God; activate, prophetic destinies, in the Name of Jesus! I close off, the gates, and the doors, to your soul! Eye gate, shut down, to the world; open up, and see the Kingdom! Ear gate, close yourself, and open up, to hear the frequency, of the Spirit! Nose gate, open up! Mouth gate, oh taste and see, the Lord is good!

I anoint, you from the crown, of your head, to the souls of your feet! I decree, channels open; doors open; gates open; in the Name of Jesus! He makes a way, for you! I decree, a shifting; in the Name of Jesus! [pauses, then begins praying in “tongues”] Somebody tell Him, “Yes!” I mean, yes from your heart.

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