Apprising Ministries has been telling you that spiritual darkness continues to fall; and, as it does, much of professing Christendom is sinking into silly superstitions and sappy sentimentality.

This kind of foolishness you’re about to see was once reserved for apostate Roman Catholic parishes; but not anymore. It seems that now we’re being told that a Baptist church reports image of Christ.

Jeff Brumley, assistant editor of Associated Baptist Press, informs us that:

Reports of bleeding religious statues and spiritual images on water towers are usually associated with Catholic and Pentecostal churches. But now you can add some South Carolina Baptists to the mix.

Care Baptist Church in Spartanburg recently alerted local media to the appearance of Christ’s image on a wooden door in the sanctuary. The image includes the face of Jesus, with others reporting also glimpsing the Savior’s flowing robes. (source)

In Care Baptist congregation sees Jesus in their door Dustin Wyatt writes:

The congregation of Care Baptist Church in Spartanburg say they can see Jesus watching them as they worship in their sanctuary. Really, they can.

An image, one they say looks like the face of Jesus, appears in the wood grain of one of the doors beside the pulpit, facing the pews Steve and Cindy Wyatt say they noticed the door and the image when they attended the church five years ago.

“One day I was sitting in my pew and I looked over, and I just kept looking because I was so amazed by it,” Steve Wyatt said. “You can see the face as clear as everything. And the praying hands, that’s kind of obvious.”

Cindy Wyatt said visitors in the past have come in and pointed to the door and immediately said “Look, it’s Moses,” But Cindy offers a correction: “No, it’s Jesus.” The small, 70-member church was constructed more than 30 years ago.

James Burnett, who has been a member from the beginning, said the door was shipped in with the “holy image” already in place. He said he was one of the first ones to notice Jesus. “It’s there, and most people can see it if you look at it.”

He doesn’t know how the image got on the door, or how that door wound up at the church, but he says that God put it here for a reason. (source)

Um, the god of this age maybe. Brumley then quotes Steve Wyatt a bit further:

“God wanted me to get this out so people would come see it,” church member Steve Wyatt told The Herald-Journal in Spartanburg in a story published today. “And if people come here to see the door, they might find God while they are here.” (source)

I dunno, I agree with CRN associate editor Erin Benziger, the image kind of looks like a bunny rabbit to me as well. Brumley then adds some rather interesting information:

The statement may sound odd coming from the member of a church that belongs to the South Carolina Baptist Convention. (source)

If you didn’t know, the South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. ((, accessed 12-29-12.)) Care Baptist Church (CBC) itself is with the Spartanberg County Baptist Network of the SCBC:


As this contemplative/charismania continues to spread we’d better be prepared for more of these kinds of superstitions. Finally, Jeff Bromley points out in his report that:

Baptist historian Bill Leonard said openness to the possibility of “the mysterious” as expressed in such sightings is not unheard of in Protestant churches.

“Fundamentalists tend to avoid this kind of image-oriented religious experience, in part because they are suspicious of the claims of Catholics over the years,” said Leonard, professor of Baptist studies and church history at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity. For some theological conservatives such claims also smack of Pentecostalism, Leonard said.

But the charismatic movement has paved the way for some traditional Protestants to believe the Holy Spirit may move in unconventional ways, Leonard said. The reported appearance of Christ’s image at Care Baptist Church may illustrate “the influx of various evangelical/charismatic influences in certain old line, traditional Baptist churches,” he said. (source)

I’m telling you, dangerous times spiritually lay ahead. For you see, the alleged image was first noticed about five years ago and only now are these Southern Baptists finding the climate is right to begin talking openly about it.

But hey, who knows, maybe next for CBC is SBC quasi-elder Beth Moore leading them on a pilgrimage to Lourdes:


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