Working along the Internet front of this war against error, as professing Christendom continues begging for the approval of the world, it often feels here at Apprising Ministries like I’m walking through a spiritual cesspool.

It’s difficult watching compromise like today’s Ravi Zacharias: Word Faith Preacher Joyce Meyer “Such A Great Bible Teacher” God is Using and then taking friendly fire as people try and bend over backward to excuse it.

From past experience I’ve little doubt they will. It’s also quite likely his RZIM, if it says anything at all, would say something along the lines of: Just because Ravi was on her show does not mean he endorses all she teaches.

Also, they’d probably tells us Zacharias isn’t that familiar with Joyce Meyer. However, it’s clear that he praised her as a great teacher of Scripture and told Meyer about “great things” God was doing through people like her.

The fact is, if Zacharias wasn’t familiar with Joyce Meyer then he shouldn’t have done so. He’s really without any excuse here. He also said it was nice to finally meet her, which gives the impression that he’s wanted to meet her.

Three years ago, when Ravi Zacharias called Henri Nouwen a great “Christan saint,” I showed you email from RZIM Speaking Team/Associate Writer Margaret Manning defending Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism. ((see RAVI ZACHARIAS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES EMBRACING CONTEMPLATIVE SPIRITUALITY/MYSTICISM (PT. 2). Zacharias has since amended his statement: RAVI ZACHARIAS CLARIFIES CALLING HENRI NOUWEN GREAT SAINT))

Such is the current state of the mainstream evangelical community; and it’s not only the United States losing it’s way, e.g.  ‘Jesus was gay’! Church sparks outrage with claim son of God ‘should come out’ by Eddie Wrenn.

He writes concerning the picture at the top of this page, “Reverend claims controversial billboard is mean to ‘lift’ humanity of Jesus.” Yeah, the Incarnation of Christ; that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it.

Wrenn now continues:

It is the season of glad tidings and forgiveness. But many Christians living in Auckland, New Zealand, are struggling to find goodwill in their hearts for the latest in a series of controversial billboards coming out from the Church of St Matthew in the City.

‘It’s Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out’, the sign proclaims, with an image of baby Jesus as a toddler in a manger, surrounded by a rainbow halo. The billboard was put up by the Reverend Glynn Cardy,… (source)

Reverend Glynn Cardy is Vicar of St Matthew-in-the-City (SMC):

The Venerable Glynn Cardy came to St Matthew-in-the-City in 2004 after many years as Vicar of St Andrew’s, Epsom. (source)

One only needs to look at the front page of the SMC website for the truth to come emerging and we find it’s a spiritual blackhole of so-called Progressive Christianity, which is neither progressive or Christian:


An eye for the world is more like it. SMC is a pro-homosexual sin outfit and Wrenn tells us this isn’t the first time they’ve put up a titillating billboard:

Last year the church erected one showing the Virgin Mary looking shocked at the results of a pregnancy test. However it did not last long, after an angry protestor tore it down.

But Cardy did not mind, especially as the image had already gone viral, seen by millions of people. He said: ‘In the internet age though the image will be out there forever. They can do what they want to it.’ (source)

Indeed they can, like put the image in question right on the front page of their church website as SMC has:


As Wrenn goes on in his report we see just how low some professing Christians have become in begging for the approval of the world and, in this case, those practicing the sinful sexual immorality of homosexuality:

On this year’s billboard, Rev Cardy said that, as homosexuality was not a word until the 1800s, any mention of it in the Bible or other documents would have mistranslations. (source)

In this Cardy sounds exactly like the mysterious Rev. J Pearson of Я U Ready 4 The Queen James Bible? And no doubt SMC is proud of their billboard as they tweeted:


Wrenn then goes on to share with us another supposed minister of the Gospel and his tired old pro-homosexual rhetoric:

Fellow Reverend Clay Nelson said the billboard tries to humanise Jesus by getting people to think about the challenges he would have had growing up. He added: “Some scholars have tried to make the case that he might have been gay.”

“But it is all conjecture. Maybe gay, maybe not. Does it matter? There is almost nothing in the record of his teachings about sexuality”… (source)

“Maybe gay, maybe not. Does it matter?” Yes, “Rev.” Nelson, it does. His next argument about there being little in the teachings of Jesus about sexuality is easily defeated. I’ll demonstrate for you:

The Bible is God’s Word; it teaches that Jesus is God in human flesh; therefore, when God speaks in Scripture, Jesus speaks.

God has given mankind the gift of sexual relations, but only within the confines of His marriage covenant. As I shared in Miley Cyrus And Gay Marriage, when the Creator stood upon His planet He defined marriage for us:

But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh.’ “ (Mark 10:6-8)

This forever does away with any actual support in the Bible for “gay marriage.” The reason being that, according to God Himself, marriage is only to be between a male (man) and a female (wife); there’s just no way around it.

Since God’s design for marriage is a male to a female, all sexual relations between members of the same sex, i.e. homosexuality, will always be the sin of sexual immorality. And now I’ll leave you with the following question.

Ask yourself, what do you think would happen if instead that billboard said:

It’s Ramadan. Time For Muhammad To Come Out…

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