Above adaptation by Grant Swart with appreciation to Tommy Robbins ((http://testallthings.com/)) used with permission

Man Made Preachers today are licensed and ordained by “the church”; Heaven Sent men of old were ordained and sent by God.

Man Made Preachers today go forth armed with degrees and credentials; Heaven Sent men of old went forth anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Man made Preachers today are questioned by committees and hired to preach what the church believes; Heaven Sent men of old came preaching “Thus saith the Lord”.

Man Made Preachers today give themselves to programs, visitation, and church business; Heaven Sent men of old gave themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word.

Man Made Preachers today preach and men are persuaded to move their membership; Heaven Sent men of old preached and, “they were pricked in their hearts and cried, Men and brethren, what shall we do?”

Man Made Preachers today pray while the organ plays softly; Elijah prayed and the fire of God fell.

Man Made Preachers today are afraid that they will offend someone; Paul was afraid that he wouldn’t. If there is no offence, the cross has not been preached.

Of course, not all preachers today are Man Made Preachers. In the same way that Jesus tasked Peter (John 21: 15-17), God still appoints preachers among us who truly are called and Divinely equipped to feed and tend His sheep and His lambs.

We are ultimately thankful for those who unselfishly and truly serve our Lord and help guard His flock. However, it is the imperative of every Christian to continually measure all preachers and every message they preach against the Scriptures and by means of prayerful study of His Word (1 Th 5:21).

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