Well, not exactly; but we have sure do reason for concern here. As you’ll see in the Apprising Ministries video clip below, we really are not that far off at all in a case like Eric Dykstra And The Crossing Church.

I’ve already told you before about a deadly blight rapidly growing now within the camp of contemporary evangelicalism. This would be the new breed Seeker Driven/attractional prophet-führer.

The prophet-führer (PF), they’re not pastors in any Biblical sense of the word, uses occultic “vision-casting.” It all starts as the PF ardently studies the holy writings of myriad like-minded PFs before him.

As he (and she’s are nearing the norm) is then filled with very lofty dreams of megachurch church-planting stardom, the PF begins to meditate upon his hero’s works until finally the delusion doth arrive.

The PF receives his extra-biblical “vision,” allegedly from God, as to just how he is going to help make God’s dream come true. After that the PF is ready to go and select his hand-chosen yes men disciples.

Afterward, they accompany PF before his followers congregation where PF lays down the law casts said vision before this flock. Then they are do whatever it takes to make his delusion of grandeur come to pass.

If you’re inclined to think I overstate, watch that clip below from I Love My Church by Eric Dykstra. Just don’t be surprised if the original at that link suddenly disappears. That’s why I have a copy of it on file here at AM.

The part which you’ll see comes as PF Erik Dykstra, along with his pastrix wife and two under fuhrers, exegete what’s known as The Code of the Crossing Church. Pastor and pastrix Dykstra come highly recommended:


Note the praise for “Pastors Eric & Kelly” from SBC megapastor Ed Young, Jr, a Major General in the Seeker Driven camp. In the clip below we look at 2. We are united under the visionary with CC pastor Jason Keech.

Keech makes it clear that: “the visionary here [at Cc] is Eric. The Crossing is the vision God gave to Eric, and we will aggressively defend that vision.” Right; and earlier Dykstra had made the claim that CC isn’t a cult.

That’s pretty cult-like. Keech tells us Eric Dykstra had a personal direct revelation from God. How would we be able to challenge anything Dykstra claims in that regard? That would mean we’re at odds with God Himself.

And Dykstra’s disciples will “aggressively defend” him if we did try and challenge that vision. This is a spiritual recipe for disaster for that congregation despite the later caveat that if we don’t like it, we are free to leave.

You’re about to see now that our choice is clearly to swear allegiance to the divine vision of prophet-führer Eric Dykstra a la Jesuits to the Pope or we must leave:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

In closing this, for now, take a look at the startling similarity of the controlling spirit of PF Eric Dykstra and the blind obedience Jesuits offer to the antichrist Pope in Rome as I showed you in Who Is Ignatuis Of Loyola?

The following is from the online edition of Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatuis, 337 through 370, from the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Oregon Province:


Let the following Rules be observed.

First Rule 
. The first: All judgment laid aside, we ought to have our mind ready and prompt to obey, in all, the true Spouse of Christ our Lord, which is our holy Mother the Church Hierarchical.

Second Rule 
. The second: To praise confession to a Priest, and the reception of the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar once in the year, and much more each month, and much better from week to week, with the conditions required and due.

Third Rule 
. The third: To praise the hearing of Mass often, likewise hymns, psalms, and long prayers, in the church and out of it; likewise the hours set at the time fixed for each Divine Office and for all prayer and all Canonical Hours.

Thirteenth Rule 
. To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it, believing that between Christ our Lord, the Bridegroom, and the Church, His Bride, there is the same Spirit which governs and directs us for the salvation of our souls. Because by the same Spirit and our Lord Who gave the ten Commandments, our holy Mother the Church is directed and governed. (source)

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