For many years Apprising Ministries—one of the few online venues who would tell you the truth straight up—has tracked the sad decline of Rob Bell, the rock star pastor of the Emerging Church.

You likely know that he’s resigned from Mars Hill Bible Church and turned it over to his good friend and fellow apostate Shane Hipps to pursue—among other things—producing secular television.

It figures to be exciting at MHBC as Bell is scheduled to be on hand tomorrow, December 18, likely to share more deception surrounding the Christian Universalism (CU) of his Love Mythology.

CU is the eventual resting place of everyone who persists in the anti-Christian practice of corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM) and its crown jewel, a form of meditation in an altered state of consciousness commonly known as Contemplative/Centering Prayer (CCP), which was adapted from pagan religions and then flowered in the monastic traditions of apostate Roman Catholicism.

What needs to be understood in this regard is that Bell believes the same things as Hipps and is just as heavily involved with CSM/CCP as Hipps; the difference is, Hipps is much clearer in deliniating his heresy. In other words, Bell has a gift of cleverly disguising his false teaching in postmodern fog; Hipps not so much. Now, since Hipps came to MHBC I’ve been talking with numerous sources there. who contacted me.

As you may know, at first there was quite a bit of unrest as Hipps came onboard and I also know people who left that fellowship. Remember now, this all happened at MRBC not too long before Rob Bell dropped his book openly advancing his Love Wins mythology, in which he (at best) argues for CU. You can see for yourself in Rob Bell And Christian Universalism that he’s hinted at it for years.

So sources were telling me during that earlier time “there is a large (and growing) number of us” becoming disenchanted with the direction of MHBC. Indeed much of the unpleasant discord was actually traced back to the ”arrival” of Shane Hipps, which “didn’t sit well with a large group of us.” As I said, Hipps is much more open with his theology than Bell.

It seems that during a leadership meeting with MHBC staff Hipps would even share a “passage from Baha’u’llah,” founder of the non-Christian cult of the Bahá’í Faith. According to my source, involved with lower level leadership, apparently Hipps said the passage was part of the “inspiration for” his Wind In The Sail sermon; you can read a transcript of it in my 2009 post Shane Hipps Exposed.

The following gives you the general idea of what Hipps may have drawn from:

it is useful to think of God’s Will and man’s will as working in combination with one another. This relationship is easily visualized by thinking about a sail boat. The wind is like the Will of God. It moves the boat and blows in whatever direction it will. Without the wind, there is no movement at all… And of course, in this analogy, the sailor is like the mind and heart of man which decides which way to turn the rudder. All these forces work together to determine the journey of the boat, which is the soul. (Online source)

The source tells me that they personally were fine with MHBC being sympathetic in their celebrating spiritual diversity; however, just how diverse MHBC seems to be is rather eye-opening as this apparently even includes using the “Quran” and “The Pāli Tipitaka.” The latter involves:

a universal, scientific method towards purifying the mind. It is the practical essence of the teachings of the Buddha, who taught Dhamma – the Universal Law of Nature. (Online source)

My source also told me that “we’ve done a group Lectio Divina” using the Gnostic “Gospel of Thomas.” However, they did go on to say that the aforementioned sermon by Shane Hipps “struck a sour note.” Unfortunately, it seems they took some spiritual Pepto and got over it. Fast forward to today. Seems Shane Hipps now appears to be interested in making a new friend.

You may recall a couple of years ago in Emerging Church To TransFORM Outlaw Preachers I told you about the Emerging Church website TransFORM, a networking group created by Steve Knight of Emergent Village. You should also know that most all of the familiar names in the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church existential rebellion against the authority of God’s Word are to be found within.

If you want to understand how far the evil pro-homosexual agenda has penetrated eveangelicalism then it’s very important for you to realize that the EC has long ago embraced a bunch self-described, largely gay-affirming, Outlaw Preachers (OP). In Meet Outlaw Preachers I focused your attention upon this rather rapscallion bunch of largely biblically illiterate, *cough* “preachers” who’ve come slithering up all around “pastor” Jay Bakker.

OPs include such EC luminaries as Queermergent’s Adele Sakler and self-described “Queer Affirming” ELCA pastrix Nadia Bolz-Weber, who was pushed forward when she was featured at the EC apostasia-palooza Christianity 21 put on by heretical theologian Tony Jones along with his equally heretical quasi-universalist “pastor” Doug Pagitt.

The pro-homosexual agenda may now be slithering toward MHBC as earlier today pastrix Bolz-Weber tweeted to Shane Hipps:

(Online source)

To which Shane Hipps would reply:

(Online source)

After they both appear at Big Tent Christianity—Phoenix don’t be too surprised to see pastrix Bolz-Weber preaching this Big Tent Postmodern Liberal Christianity from the pulpit at MHBC. More indication that this fellowship has long ago left anything resembling evangelicalism for the spiritual dead sea of universalism.

We have no reason to doubt what we’ve been hearing about Shane Hipps and MHBC; especially when we consider the last post from Hipps personal blog below where he offers “comfort.” Not from God’s Word; no, but from an unbelieving Sufi mystic by the name of Jalal al-Din Rumi (1207-1273):

(Online source)

Seriously pastor Hipps; you’re teaching pastor at one the more influential evangelical churches in the world and to offer comfort for people who are weary and grief-filled you actually felt you needed to turn to a pagan idolator who denied Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Well, Jesus did tell us:

The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.
(Luke 6:45)

It is written — “Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?” (Amos 3:3) Answer: No, they do not.

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