CYBERESCHATOLOGY (sī’bər-ěs’kə-tŏl’ə-jē):

(CYBER, [GK kubernetes. the helmsman of a boat, especially big warships]; fig. n. leader, controller, governor; of or pertaining to a systemic feedback mechanism; possibly related to CYBORG—n. 1960, machine-enhanced human being, anthropomorphic robot, metaphysical techno-human, computer-human); (ESCHATOLOGY—n. 1844, from Gk. eskhatos”last, furthest, remote” [from ex”out of”] + -logia “a speaking” [in a certain manner]. In theology, the study of the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, hell.) Related term: Cyborgeschatology.

1. The endtime belief in an imminent cataclysmic time period on earth in which humans possessing enhanced physical and/or superior spiritual capacity (mystically homo noeticus, homo universalis or new breed) will prevail against the evil forces of darkness (spiritual and/or techno-spiritual creatures) resulting in the creation (or re-creation) of paradise conditions on earth.

2. Theapocalyptic millenarian belief that the spiritual body of Christ on earth must overcome the devil and his spiritual forces of darkness via technologically and spiritually enhanced warfare, resulting in a superior man and revivified planet earth.

3. The utopian millenarian belief in an absolute reign of a religio-political world theonomic system, governed by spiritual elites, resulting in supernatural perfection that brings forth the second coming of Christ.

4. The belief in a cosmic paradigm shift, facilitated by psycho-spiritual-political methodologiesand technologies, which when applied to humankind en masse will culminate in a purified race and a perfected global collective, especially via the cleansing of all demonic, cancerous, evil, or environmental contaminants on earth.

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