Apprising Ministries is an online apologetics and discernment labor in the Lord apprising you concerning 1 Peter 4:17 judgments Jesus is sending upon His church visible allowing apostasy to spread throughout the mainstream of evangelicalism.

I’m warning you to brace for a tsunami of apostasy likely to hit first when the aggressive pro-homosexual lobby launches a full-on assault upon evangelicalism because they know its leaders are way too timid to stand up to them.

In addition, its Emergent Church ally has softened up evanjellyfish’s younger sectors, which they did through infecting them with corrupt Counter Reformation Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM).

By using CSM to blow up the pillar of sola Scriptura, it opened the door for EC leaders to then begin relentlessly bombarding Young Adult and Youth ministries with pro-homosexual propaganda.

That’s why I recently covered Miley Cyrus And Gay Marriage, which I took flak for doing. Let me explain something; I don’t personally consider Cyrus and Heidi Montag to be genuine Christians.

However, 1) they themselves do profess to be, 2) many people do consider them such, and 3) this is a good example of the pro-gay evangelical witness among celebrities.

It’s also a vivid picture of where much of the younger sectors of evangelicalism already stands. For example, we’ll consider the Emerging Church of apostate universalist “pastor” Doug Pagitt.

You’ll see in Doug Pagitt And Homosexual Sin that his Solomon’s Porch, where equally heretical Dr. Tony Jones is the progressive “theologian in residence,” indeed Solomon’s Porch Affirms Homosexual Sin.

The neo-liberal cult of Emergence Christianity operating within the Emerging Church is aggressively seeking to make the deviant lifestyle of unrepentant homosexuality acceptable for even the evangelical Christian.

With this in mind, let me show you that now even the ultra-conservative non-Christian cult of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) is on the edge of the homosexual debate detonating within it.

Yesterday the Salt Lake City Tribune informs us that a Gay Mormon named to key local LDS leadership post in San Francisco:

When members of San Francisco’s LDS Bay Ward want to meet with the bishop, they’ll call Mitch Mayne. When they want to schedule a wedding or a reunion at the Mormon meetinghouse, they’ll turn to Mayne. When the bishop convenes a ward council, Mayne will be there.

On Sunday, Mayne was installed in a highly visible role as the bishop’s “executive secretary,” assisting the local LDS leader in virtually every task.

Mayne is openly gay — a fact that has created a buzz up and down the Mormon Internet world. (Online source

Over at Religion Dispatches Joanna Brooks, who “grew up in a conservative Mormon home,” tells us in Openly Gay Mormon Appointed to LDS Church Leadership Position:

news came across the Mormon grapevine: an openly gay Mormon man named Mitch Mayne had been asked (or “called,” in Mormon parlance) to serve as a leader in an LDS congregation in San Francisco.

Before receiving his call to serve in San Francisco, Mayne had been attending an LDS congregation in Oakland, where Mormons have been especially active in efforts to repair damage to interfaith and LDS-LGBT relations since the LDS Church’s heavy involvement in California’s 2008 Proposition 8 campaign.

Mayne was also in a committed, monogamous relationship with his male partner. About a year ago, Mayne decided to end his relationship, for reasons not related to religion. It was, he said, the hardest thing he ever did: harder, even, than burying his parents.

Mayne felt he needed time to heal, and he chose to take a break from relationships altogether. Several months later, Bishop Don Fletcher of the San Francisco Bay Ward asked him to serve as ward executive secretary, a leadership position that serves with the ward lay-pastoral leadership (or “bishopric,” in Mormon terms) to coordinate congregational administrative and pastoral functions and to participate in congregational executive-level decision-making as well. (Online source)

Now we get to one of the main reasons I bring this to your attention. We’re told Mayne was “attending an LDS congregation” and “was also in a committed, monogamous relationship with his male partner.”

Mayne himself adds:

 (Online source)

You had better begin thinking about how you’re going to deal with things like this because the homosexual hurricane is headed for your own local evangelical church. SLC Tribune also informs us:

He is not the first self-identified gay member to hold a key leadership position within the LDS Church’s all-volunteer clergy and staffing. A Seattle ward (congregation), for example, reportedly had a gay counselor to the bishop and in Oakland, Calif., a gay man is on the stake’s high council and is a temple worker.

But Mayne may be the first local LDS leader to announce his orientation over the pulpit. He also was chosen specifically to help build bridges between the Bay Area’s Mormon and gay communities, a gap that was widened by the LDS Church’s overt support of Proposition 8, defining marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. (Online source)

This shows the pro-homosexual lobby has penetrated the LDS Church already; and further, with Mitch Mayne we have an unrepentant homosexual man who’s helping to attack the marriage covenant.

I want you to be aware that as I monitor Intel from the evil pro-homosexual lobby, even those ostensibly conservative evangelicals ala Andrew Marin will become involved in that attack to support the LGBT community.

You should know, it isn’t only the Emerging Church leaders who’re aiding and abetting enemy forces with their pro-homosexual penetration of the mainstream of the church visible, and they’re not going away.

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