Earlier in Jacksonville Berean Baptist “Peeping Pastor” Secretly Videotaped Girls Changing leading online apologetics and discernment work Apprising Ministries told you about Greg Neal, co-pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fleming Island, FL. along with his dad Dr. Tom Neal.

I also told you that these kinds of sad stories like Florida Megachurch Prosperity Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead and The Pastor And The Honey-Soaked Naked Girls really aren’t new. However, as spiritual darkness grows during this time of God’s judgments, things like will be revealed by the Lord with increasing rapidity.

Briefly, in case you hadn’t seen the prior piece, WAWS FOX30 out of Jacksonville tells us yesterday in Pastor will not face charges of video voyeurism:

Bill Cochran was a member of Berean Baptist Church for 23 years, a deacon since 1994. But when he learned that his pastor, Greg Neal, may have secretly videotaped women changing clothes inside the church, he says he had to say something.

“Finally, I had enough information that I could no longer just sit there and listen to all the lies and the manipulation that was going on,” he said.

According to the reports, that video was found by a former church member in a old box of church basketball tapes. Police say it shows Neal set up the camera, hide it, then come back to get it after the women left. The video was turned over to police earlier this year, too late to charge Neal with a crime.

Assistant State Attorney James Colaw, “And while the evidence of his guilt of voyeurism is clear, it’s overwhelming, unfortunately the statute of limitations on the crime that existed in 2001 ran out after two years.” (Online source)

After they looked at the tape both the local Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney both concluded that Greg Neal is guilty. However, as I looked further into what has been confirmed in this sordid story, 1) a cover-up appears to be emerging, and 2) an outright denial of the charge as well.

But the Clay County Sheriff’s Dept. report says (click to enlarge):

Now a few minutes ago WJXT—News4Jax in Jacksonville is reporting that Pastor’s Voyeurism Video Released; it’s an edited version (see below), and further, Co-Pastors Of Fleming Island Church Did Not Cooperate With Investigation. News4Jax.com tells us:

Portions of a secretly recorded videotape of women changing clothes in the office at a Fleming Island church pastor were released Wednesday. 

This is the video that members of Berean Baptist Church were told for years did not exist. (Online source)

I showed you in my earlier piece that that “the tape was rumored to exist” for years before it was given to police in “April 2011.” Again we’re told:

While investigators said the tape does show Neal handling the camera before and after two women are seen undressing “in an area where they had a reasonable expectation of privacy,” the state’s ability to prosecute a case of video voyeurism expired one year after the offense. (Online source)

It seems that this “VHS tape was discovered in 2002″ by “church employee Brent Bartlett” in a group of “tapes of basketball games” that Bartlett insists “was given to him by Neal.” Then we find out that:

The report said Bartlett took the tape to Neal’s father and the senior pastor of the church, Tom Neal, and he was told “the matter would be dealt with in the appropriate manner.” Investigators were told that both Gregory Neal and Tom Neal denied to the victims and to church members that the videotape existed.

Both Neals refused several attempts to be interviewed by investigators or provide statements. They continue to be co-pastors of the church. (Online source)

If this is so, no wonder there were rumors about the existence of this homemade soft-core porn tape. News4Jax.com then informs us:

Wednesday, Channel 4 talked to Assistant Pastor David Wright, who said the church did not have a comment. He said he has not seen the video and was awaiting its release from investigators. 

In light of the allegations, Wright would not say what Greg Neal’s status was with the church, although Berean’s website list him as co-pastor. Channel 4 was told that Senior Pastor Tom Neal was unavailable. (Online source)

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