Apprising Ministries is an online apologetics and discernment labor in the Lord apprising you concerning 1 Peter 4:17 judgments Jesus is sending upon His church visible allowing apostasy to spread throughout mainstream evangelicalism.

One earlier judgment was the Church Growth Movement (CGM) vomited out of Fuller Theological Seminary, itself a judgment from God, that’s now so perverted it sponsors the radio podcasts of apostate universalist Emerging Church “pastor” Doug Pagitt.

Not only that but FTS has even employed Pagitt’s equally apostate “theologian in residence” Dr. Tony Jones, and I showed you Tony Jones Argues For Open Marriage And Polyamory;  i.e. arguing in favor of sexual immorality.

I’m warning you to brace for a tsunami of apostasy likely to hit first when the aggressive pro-gay agenda launches a full-on assault upon evangelicalism because they know its leaders are way too timid to stand up to them. In addition, its Emergent Church ally has softened up evanjellyfish’s younger sectors.

 They did so through opening them up to corrupt Counter Reformation Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM), which blew up the pillar of sola Scriptura, and through relentlessly bombarding Young Adult and Youth ministries with pro-gay propaganda.

Without a doubt a key player in the CGM was Bill Hybels. We have a bit of a preview of the coming homosexual onslaught in a post yesterday over at Gay Christian Movement Watch called Willow Creek unfolding kinder, gentler apostasy, which begins:

Since the massive –but impotent– religious giant Willow Creek Church announced in late June that it was severing ties with Exodus International over issues with homosexuality, the smell of gradual decay continues to rise from its headquarters at 67 East Algonquin Road in South Barrington, IL. And if the church is spiritually decaying, its a sure sign that its leadership has alreadydecayed.

According to 1 Tim 4 widespread apostasy will significantly mark the latter years of the church — The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

The “latter days” are not coming, they are here. (Online source)

Absolutely; GCMW then continues:

Two recent developments in the story shed light on the new brand of apostasy Willow Creek is unfolding and why the world wants churches to sell out completely.

Today, Exodus President Alan Chamber released a statement revealing that Willow Creek no longer believed that people could change from homosexuality.

“Willow Creek was one of our first Exodus Church Association partners. They have had an incredible outreach for two decades to people dealing with same-sex attractions. In 2009 an inquest of sorts was embarked upon, led by one of their elders to find out what they were offering to people affected by unwanted homosexuality.

The inquest culminated in a meeting between members of the Exodus staff, the elder in question and the staff person overseeing their recovery ministries. At that meeting they shockingly declared that they didn’t want to help people overcome because that wasn’t possible. They simply wanted to tell people that abstinence was the only option and then provide them with comfortable place to abstain.”

Chambers said Willow Creek’s decision “failed to convey the heart and truth of Christ.” Chambers is correct. When a church fails to tell the whole truth about homosexuality (like it should do for all sin) it intentionally subverts the message of the cross. (Online source)

This is precisely what’s happening and what evangelicals like Bill Hybels don’t seem to see is more younger professing Christians than they realize, Biblically illiterate because of men lie Hybels, have already gone over to the pro-gay lobby.

That’s why I recently covered Miley Cyrus And Gay Marriage, which I took flak for doing. Let me explain something; I don’t personally consider Cyrus and Heidi Montag to be genuine Christians.

However, 1) they themselves do profess to be, 2) many people do consider them such, and 3) this is a good example of the pro-gay evangelical witness among celebrities.

Returning more specifically to Hybels and WCCC the writer for Gay Christian Movement Watch addresses the second development:

the second situation involved a cancelled appearance at Willow Creek by Starbucks founder and CEO Howard Shultz.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Shultz cancelled but stopped short of saying it was because of the church past belief that altering a person’s “sexual orientation” is possible…

UPDATE 08/12

Hybel’s addresses the controversy by insisting that his church is not “antigay”. He offers a sounder explanation of WC’s beliefs than his press secretary, but does not repudiate the remarks. (Online source)

You can see for yourself in the video below Hybels does a pretty good tapdance right around them. 

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